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Zeedny this day is a new day, because with qur an every day as new day!

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Sarfraz Hussain Qur’an is the world of God and for all times to come. Its knowledge in every era, therefore, is only in the best interest of all humans in general and the Muslims in particular. The intellectual capacity pertaining to Qur’an must also translate in to a system suiting the needs of every era so that the humans can live in peace and harmony with their selves and the surroundings as per the desire of their Creator. In so doing they would earn the favours and the blessings of Allah Almighty not only in this world but also in the life hereafter.
To get the best results from its reading one must go on reading it again and again and simultaneously making efforts to lead life as learnt from the Qur'an. This process would open evernew avenues of life that is nothing but good to self and the others.
This Book is NOT to be judged from the scenario of the life of its present day followers BUT from the stand-point of its TEACHINGS.

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