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message 1: by Linnea (new)

Linnea (robotmaria) This shall be forever known as the day when Reawakened first appeared in a book haul video...

(Sorry if this is in the wrong folder, I posted it from my phone.)

message 2: by Elizabeth, Founder (new)

Elizabeth | 198 comments Mod
Soon followed by the first, and so far only, vlog review:

TL:DNW Reviewer lurves Tiger's Curse, but is disappointed by this book mainly because it is too similar. She found Lily "annoying", thought Amon's brothers were just parts of Kishan's personality sorted up into two people, Hassan is an expy of Kadam, etc. Strangely, she likes Amon because she "likes the way Houck writes male characters"(I would mercilously pick this apart but I was a dumb teen once with dumb teen feelings, and she did make some good points)

message 3: by Saiokuo (last edited Aug 27, 2015 07:14PM) (new)

Saiokuo | 58 comments I mean if you're read the Tiger's Curse series (or even just book 1) you've basically read Reawakened. Some of the details are changed (usually for the worse; loving family? what's that?) but it really is the exact same.

For a while I had hope that maybe Houck learned from her bad reviews because she got the driving distance from one place to another correct. But then I remembered everything else and my hope were dashed like reeds upon the sun warmed riverbank of the Nile. See, I can insert vaguely Egyptian sounding bullshit into random sentences too, Houck!

disclaimer: I have no idea if reeds grow on the Nile or what the riverbank looks like and in true Houck spirit I was too lazy to research. Baboons don't live in Egypt, Houck.

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