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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Hello:)

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Hi, sorry, Internet is going slow :)

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments So do we just repost all the posts here from pm or just continue?

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Oh, I think it would be easier to just continue. Maybe repost the profiles though?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Okay Hopefully my links work or I'll just describe the twins.

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Alright, I'll post mine in a minute

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Original Name: Nin Yilmaz
Main Alias: Christina "Tina" Young 
Appearance: She is on the tall side, but she's so thin that her limbs appear to have been stretched like taffy. Her black hair is long, thin, and straight but she almost always keeps it up in a bun. Her skin is the color of wet sand, with freckles sprinkled all over her body. Her dark eyes are always focused and alert.
Age: 22
Birth Place: United States
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Reason for Joining/History: Her parents immigrated to the states to search for better paying jobs through a visa, but when they got there they were only in marginally better shape than when they were in Thailand. After Nin was born their first year there, they both worked long hours to try and earn enough money to get a house to raise her in. When she was 10, her parents were deported and she was put into foster care. It was difficult for her to create any long-term relationships with any of her foster families, most she would rather forget. Graduating early at 16 from high school the top of her class, she decided to go to college to study sociology with the goal in mind to one day be able to afford to bring her parents back to the US. By the time she was 19 she was deep in debt and couldn't find a steady job. Desperate and nearly homeless, she started looking in places she never before would have dreamt of. Catching her at her lowest point, she got trapped into selling her body by a local pimp. Dealing with the abuse for a few months, and finishing undergraduate school, someone hired a hit man to take out her pimp. That was how she met Ansey. Although reluctant, he took her under his wing and trained her until she was able to start generating her own income. Once she had paid off her debts and had enough money put away for her parents, she quickly discovered that they had died some years back from fever. Now without any clear goal in mind, she just focuses on what she does best. 
Personality: She tries very hard to stay poised and in control whenever possible although there are times when she needs to lock herself away to unwind. One of her favorite places to frequent is the movie theatre, often making it an all day trip. Since she hasn't been in the game for very long, she is still learning the rules for those who kill for a living. She writes them down in code in a tiny notebook that she keeps on her at almost all times. She has grown to be paranoid and believes that the only person she could really trust is Ansey, but sometimes she doubts even him to be a friend. 

Original Name: Sean Callaghan 
Main Alias: Ansey Allen
Appearance: (going to edit these later) He has a mop of curly dark blonde hair that is in a perpetual state of unrule, which is kept under a construction helmet during his day job. His muddy green eyes are almost always slightly squinted, scrutinizing the world around him. He has a small chunk missing in his right calf from an explosion in the war, which is surrounded by a storm of tiny pink scars.
Age: 23
Birthplace: United States
Hometown: Boston, MA
Reason for Joining/History: Sean was born and raised in Boston by his two wealthy parents. He kept to himself in his younger years, fascinated by the strange and exciting places he read about in his books, but his personality blossomed by the time he reached high school. His grades were steady but as graduation date neared he began panicking over what comes after. With his high test scores and his swollen inheritance he could get into any university that he pleased, yet he didn't have a clue where to direct his ambition. He ended up enlisting after his father had recommended it, having been a seasoned veteran himself. Very quickly the military training beat down his ego as well as dramatically changing his sense of direction in his life. He spent three years in the military before he began serving as a mercenary. A couple weeks in his term, his base got bombed and he was pronounced MIA. After he had wondered back to the US, scarred mentally and physically, he discovered that his family and friends had all believed him to be dead. He thought that this was the best opportunity to start a new life. Unfortunately, he screwed that up as well. 
Personality: On the outside, especially to his clients, he likes to be a quiet yet charged. Someone who is calm but could go from zero to a hundred in a second, a threat if he needed to be. But privately he often suffers panic attacks whenever he thinks too long about his time over seas and he recently started smoking in an attempt to take the edge off

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Name: Summer Heart
Age: 22
Personality: Summer is like her brother but not like him she's sweet and kind but is caught as mysterious and fierce. She doesn't take bull crap she likes the truth being lied too puts you on the bad side of her and she will never allow anyone back on the good list without hesitation. Unless they do something so well that impresses her and her friends that would be great for her. Though she's hard to impress it's rare someone has gotten close to impressing her. Once you get to know her you meet the girl that is really nice and protective even if she keeps secrets its for the only good.
History: Growing up with a twin brother got Summer in a bit of rivalry between herself and her brother. She doesn't even know who her real mother is she's only known the memory of a photograph. Growing up she became a straight A student in school even if she's always getting into trouble she's working as best as she can to become memorable. Her father works as one of the best lawyers in the world though Summer doesn't believe that he's the best nor does she think he's doing any good only evil. She doesn't get along with her brother at all they are always fighting but when they got to high school they stopped fighting and became closer and were so happy. Summer worked hard in school doing her best she got into College with high SAT and helped her brother get a high score too. She has been working to become a Forensic Scientist which has made her smile about everything right now. Though she's been having some trouble she doesn't have the best of friends and has seen things really destroying her.
Other: Twin Older Brother (By hour)


Name: Shane Heart
Age: 22
Personality: Shane is a rude person that gets into more trouble then ever before. He's harsh and cruel growing up he hated Summer for some reason until now they have gotten along in high school. He has a lot of friends and gets along with them he has dated but most of those dates have gone down into the worse decisions. Especially when his sister comforts him about it and he cannot fight it anymore in school he gets into fights but he's more of the kind person to the teachers. He has the protective side that makes him so happy and in college his experiences have gotten so much better.
History: He got a b grade in school and has gotten close to failing but his sister helped him pass his SAT with a great score landing them both into a good college. As he continued to work hard he hated his father even more he didn't get along with him at all and doesn't even remember his mother. It seemed like it was just him and his sister against the world even if they both have their differences he's doing his best. Everything has been great but slowly he is hating his father the most and it scares him that he could do something bad and put Shane and Summer in danger. Shane is working hard as a Photography Major working hard he's really happy to express his photography but it seems to surprise everyone that he's so rude but he takes photos.
Other: Twin Younger Sister (By hour)

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Are those descriptions okay?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Yeah they're fine:) I am working on my reply hopefully it'll be there by morning.

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Alright :) I think I'm gonna hit the hay

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Summer got up quickly when the ropes were untied she helped her brother up he wrapped and tied her hand to stop the bleeding. They stood up looking at Ansey nodding they were ready to fake their death's. They have no choice now and was ready to see how the results would be if their father believe's they are dead and beheaded. Shane stood up and waited with his sister his arm wrapped around her waist one last time he wasn't really afraid he was was just afraid of the results after when their father see's.

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Tina looked over as the assassin's lifeless body fell from the balcony, landing with a thump in a pile of debris. As Ansey walked over to make sure he was dead, she turned to them and crossed her arms. "Okay. Whenever we finish a job, we give the client a picture of the targets body and sometimes something that... once belonged to them. In this case he has made a specific request for your heads, but we can deal with that later. Right now we can stage a photo and notify your father so he can call his hounds off, give us a little time." She told them quietly, wary of anyone that might be listening. She gently touched the wound just above her ear and grimaced. "We could graze your scalps, it bleeds enough to be convincing. Afterwards we could take you somewhere to hide out, patch you up."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments "We have to make it more convincing a graze isn't going to be so good he knows we fight back. We will need more wounds to prove of us being dead." Shane said to them. Summer looked up nodding "It's a good idea. A bloody mess is always the best." Summer admitted they knew their father better then anyone else and the wounds of them and the graze with all the blood would prove to their father.

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((Sorry, didn't get a notification))

Tina nodded, thinking it over. If they cut and punched in the right places it would give them quick results. They would have to wound each other a little more as well. Or at least Ansey, since he was the only one who had to face their client anyway. "Are you willing to let us beat you then? Smearing blood all over you isn't going to be convincing either."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments "If it's the fastest way then yes go ahead." Summer answered really glad right now thinking of it. "It'll be the best way." Shane agreed listening to them wanting to just get this over with. "Let's just get it over with." He answered to them wanting to get this all done right now. It would be nice to hurry up and fake their deaths.

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Tina was a little surprised that they woukd be so eager to take a beating, but she knew that it was a beter alternative to being dead. Besides, they had to hurry. "Ansey, did you get all that?" Tina called, looking over as he walked back from the body. "Yes," he answered, his eyes still watching the balcony. "Good," she said as she swung at Shane, her fist crun crunching into his nose. She held back a smile, her head wound still stinging from earlier. Her partner raised his eyebrows at her, but he came to stand in front of Summer. "Any special place you want it?" he asked, twirling his knife.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Shane was prepared when she broke his nose it was bleeding really dark red blood. He turned to her looking at her ready for anything else she can do. "Nice punch." He said to her it was a good one. He was ready to see what she could do. Summer turned to Ansey shrugging. "Just make it look gore so my father would really think I was fighting back." she admitted anything crazy would work. She just wanted to get this over with and was sure Ansey would do a good job.

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"Thanks," Tina flexed her hand again, knowing that by the time she was done her knuckles would be pretty beat up as well. She threw another hard one at his cheekbone and slashed her knife across his chest, not going too deep. Ansey gave Summer a nod before slicing a shallow cut over her throat and above her eyebrow, making it look like she hadn't let herself get close enough to go any deeper. He let it bleed for a moment before he hit her it that same eye, then at her exposed collarbone.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Shane flinched groaning it was working really well he was turning into a beaten up person that looks like he's dying. She didn't fight back letting her continue. "If you have to go a bit deep then go ahead." He said to her not wanting her to take it easy on him. Summer nodded watching him letting him beat her up she smelled the blood it wasn't too bad. "You don't have to take it easy on me." She said to Ansey.

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Ansey paused mid-swing before slowly shaking his head, his fist slamming onto her wounded arm and then into her gut. "I'll do what's necessary." Tina nodded in agreement, grunting out the word "same" as she flipped him onto the ground. While he planned the imaginary fight between him and Summer, giving her the wounds that he would in a life and death struggle, she just kept Shane's photograph in mind. They both went on like that for the next couple of minutes until they were satisfied. Nothing they gave them would take over a mobths or so to heal, but they sure did look like a bloody mess by the time they were done. They turned to each other, panting and standing over the twins, before Ansey broke eye contact to retrieve the camera in the alley. As he left, Tina picked up her gun and asked, almost apolgetic, "Are you ready?"

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Summer nodded holding in the pain when he hit her hard by the time they were done she was laying on the ground feeling glad that it worked out well. Shane laid next to his sister and looking up at Ansey and Tiny. "Ready." They agreed they had to get started on this right now. Shane looked up at them ready when they were.

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"When you two wake up, we will have a long talk aboutvwhat to do wity your heads. Until then we will take great care of you." Tina whispered as Ansey climbed back in, kneeling down to aim her gun. She flinched a little as the bullets tore through the thin skin of their scalps, blood quickly pooling underneath them. She quickly stepped away from Summer and Shane, the Polaroid camera going off seconds after their eyes fell closed.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Summer nodded hearing Tina they laid back waiting for it when they were shot. They closed their eyes immediately blood pooling over them it would help the pictures really well. Shane held his sisters hand after they were shot it made it look like they died fighting and protecting each other. To show their father that they're still very strong even if they're dead. When the pictures were done the kids did their best to relax after they were done and examined.

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Looking at them now, covered in cuts and bruises, they really did look dead. Having been the one to make them look like that, he felt bad for causing them so much pain. But it was what was recquired. He shook out the pictures and tucked them in his pocket, turning to call Mr. Heart but he first felt a hand on his shoulder. Pain flashed behind his eyes as he felt her fist swing efficiently into his nose, mouth, and stomach. He stumbled back as Tina wiped his blood off her hand. "Best to make it sound like you just got the crap beaten out of you now rather than later," she said with a smile and walked away before he could say anything. Ansey clutched his bleeding nose and snatched the phone off the receiver, glaring at her as he dialed his clients number.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Summer and Shane looked like Death itself had just collected them when Ansey called their father he answered immediately. "Are they dead?" He asked looking at a dart board that had his daughter and son's picture on it with darts in their heads. He wanted to see their heads he would collect them like trophies. "My daughter must have given you a beating?" He suggested hearing how Ansey's voice was.

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Ansey spit some blood onto the floor and tilted his head back. "Yes, they put up quite the fight but we got them. My partner is cleaning up the mess as we speak," he wheezed, turning to Tina and pointing to the first aid kit. She nodded and knelt down beside the twins, beginning to bandage their wounds. "I know we initially agreed that your apartment would be the drop spot for your pictures and souvenirs, but now that that's changed... do you still want their heads taken there or did you have somewhere a little more safe in mind? And is there any special way you want them prepared?"

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments "Excellent..." His tone was full of relief and excitement that his children were finally dead. "I have a better place in mind to meet. It's underground and it'll be a good place. You'll get your payment with your partner the night after you will recieve it during a mask ball I'm hosting the hotel will have the money for you." He explained. "Yes I want them cleaned up and I want them to be cold so I can touch them and feel their real flesh." He explained viciously.

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Ansey shivered, wondering how someone could actually get off at the sight of their children's corpses. Then again, he himself had been the one to agree to murdering and beheading them for money. So he couldn't really point fingers, no matter how generous the sum. "When are you planning on having this ball, sir, and where?" he asked calmly, gripping the phone a little too tight. The thought of bringing the twins there in person putting him a bit on edge, and for good reason. If Mr. Heart found out that they were indeed alive, they would all be dead in seconds and this all would have been for nothing. They would have to be clever about this to survive. "Also, if you don't mind me asking, do you want their bodies intact when they come to you?"

Tina looked up when he mentioned a ball, knowing full well that that was not part of the deal. She tried to get him to meet her eyes, to give her some kind of sign about what was going on, but he seemed to be entirely focused on their conversation. Biting her lip, she carefully stopped the bleeding on their heads before moving to Summers hand.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments "You will get the invitation and the time," He promised that they would get it soon and no one else would miss that. "It's a big masquerade I do hope you can come and enjoy it," He said to him listening. "No you can have them already butchered before sending them to me," he said to Ansey he wasn't going to do that dirty work he was just glad to know his son and daughter were dead now. He felt the relief he wasn't ever this relieved until now. He had love, for his family but not anymore never again.

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"Alright, I'll be seeing you at the masquerade. They'll be ready for you," Ansey told him politely before hanging up the phone. "We need to get out of here!" He jumped into action by going around the building and scooping up any fallen weapons, shoving them in his pack. "Take them to the apartment, I'll take care of that," Tina said, taking the pack from him and began going around to dismantle the tripwires. He stopped and went over to Summer, taking her unto his arms. As he started carrying her to their hideout, he worried over how they were going to pull this whole thing off.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Sumer was still unconscious, but Shane was waking up he went after Ansey to the car, but he was having a harder time in fighting some of the pain he didn't ask questions because he could tell it was a tense time to do that. Summer didn't notice who was holding her she relaxed in whosever's arms it was and tried to sleep some more even if her body hurt." "Is everything okay so far?" Shane asked Ansey following him making sure no one was following them.

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Ansey eased Summer into the car, gently laying her on the seat before helping her brother in as well. He didn't think about how just moments before he was beating the both of them within an inch of their life. He was about to close their door when he heard his question, making him pause. "He thinks you're dead, for now at least so that should give us a little time..." he bit at his lip. "He's planning on throwing some kind of masquerade ball and he wants us to bring your bodies there. So, it's going to be a bit difficult to pull that off. But right now you two need your rest, we'll talk about it more in the morning." He shut the door all the way and turned to lean against it, standing guard until Tina had finished wiping the place.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Summer continued to sleep her hand wrapped she was so scared of her dad and what he could do. She was glad they made a deal with Ansey and Tina it was the only way to survive and it was the best thing right now. Shane got in with some help sitting back his body hurt so bad. He listened to the answer and nodded. "Hey whatever happens can you promise me you'll take care of my sister?" He asked him curiously. He might not survive this and Summer will need love to pull her through and he could see a bond between Ansey and Summer.

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Ansey's thoughts were interrupted as he spoke and he bent down to hear him a little better. Registering the weight of the favor that he was asking of him, his eyes wandered over to Summer. At the moment he couldn't guarantee anyone's safety, but that didn't mean he wouldn't try. Protecting them means protecting himself of course. Hopefully by the end of this they will all walk away with their freedom still intact, their bank accounts full, and be relieved of the weight on their shoulders. "I want to keep all of you protected... but yes, I'll take care of your sister if anything happens," He nodded, straightening. "But you must try to live for her as well." He turned just in time to see Tina come out of the building, casually flinging gasoline all over it's walls. Seeing what she was about to do, he hurried over to the driver's seat and started the car. He was just leaning over to open her door when she set the building alight, throwing the container through a broken window. As the flames ate at the old wood, she tossed the pack on the floor of the car and calmly slid into her seat. "Don't expect me to clean up your messes every time," she grumbled, shuddering at the memory of having to drag the bodies of the fallen assassins into the building. She only got a grunt in reply as he peeled out of the neighborhood and she twisted around to look at the twins. "Are you two doing all right?"

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Shane listened nodding he was just thinking ahead just in case. But he was sure it wouldn't work too well he wasn't that good at staying alive. He might not manage to protect Summer and keep himself alive too." He looked down falling asleep again slowly. Summer continued to sleep when Tina asked about if they were alright they were already asleep. But Shane was already waking up again he wasn't as weak as his sister. But he could tell she was getting better then before now.

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"Don't bother them," he muttered, deciding to focus his stress on her. She looked at them a little longer, her eyes tracing the bruises decorating Shane's skin, before turning back to face forward. She couldn't imagine what having a father like theirs must be like. She just hoped that they could keep their promise and come out of this safely. Ansey tore out of New York and stopped at a tiny hotel somewhere near the border of Pennsylvania some hours later. They paid the tired desk lady in cash and quietly hustled the twins to their room for the night. Tina offered Shane her arm to lean on while Ansey went around to pick up Summer.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Shane rested during the ride when they got to the motel he managed to get up with her help going with her inside. Summer relaxed into his arms still sleeping the whole time there was a lot more damage then just what the assassins did to her. "Is she okay?" He asked wondering if his sister is okay. She was asleep for a long time and she shouldn't be like that especially not right now. He was able to stay up with Tina's help he felt bad when he tried to hurt her earlier. But he had no choice at all then but he won't do that again now.

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He kicked the door closed once everyone was inside and laid Summer down in one of the two beds, careful not to jostle her. "I think she'll be fine. A little beat up and... traumatized, but fine." Ansey leaned down and tugged the blankets over her, reminded of doing the same with his own sister when he still lived at home. Seeing his anxiety, Tina lightly patted Shane's shoulder and gestured towards the bed. "You should rest now while you can. We'll wake you both up in the morning and figure this all out..." She said, trying to convince him to lay down. "You've been through too much to be useful, it'll be better to look at this with a clear head."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Summer laid down she continued to sleep it was so nice to rest and not freak out right now. Shane listened walking with them he nodded. "Okay." He laid on the same bed as his sister she relaxed into his arms without any hesitation. He was careful to not hurt her in any way he remembered not to hurt her arm they hadn't given it proper treatment, but he was sure Summer wouldn't want him to touch it right now.

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They both let out a breath of relief when the twins finally fell asleep, immediately getting to work. She sent Ansey out to send the pictures to Mr. Heart, and to get first aide supplies, food, and clothes. While he was out she looked up how to treat some of the twins' wounds before letting herself take a quick shower, anxious to clean the blood off of her. When he came back she was laying down between the sheet of the unoccupied bed with a towel wrapped around her wet hair. He set the grocery bags on the counter, trying to be as quiet as possible. Ansey then took off his shoes and coat before joining Tina in bed, too tired to worry about modesty. He was asleep the second his head hit the pillow.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments They had slept the whole time Summer was up first in the early morning managing to take a shower and do medical attention on her arm with the bullet that was still lodged in her arm. She bit into her glove that she had in her other hand earlier hard and got the bullet out she tried to be quiet as she cleaned up the wound checking for infection and sewing it up. She checked on her brother seeing he just needed to sleep she sewed up the wound on her hand after making sure the bullet was gone. She made sure her other wounds were okay she still felt slightly dizzy, but she ignored it sitting down as her brother was sleeping.

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((Sorry, thought that I posted))

He was the first to wake up, hearing her move around the room. He eased open his eyes and found that he was facing Tina, a little too close for comfort. Remembering his broken nose, he brought up his hand to touch it and pain radiated over his entire face. Grimacing, he turned over and immediately saw Summer sitting on the bed. Awake and maybe a little dizzy, but that was to be expected. "Good morning," he whispered, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and glancing at the alarm clock. It was almost eight thirty and they had to get to working soon, but it could wait for the moment. "How are you feeling?" He asked, his eyes going to her arm. "Do you need any help with that?"

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments Summer looked up when he woke up she was stitching up the last of her wound on her arm when he asked. "I'm okay," She whispered hearing his question. "Sure." She couldn't reach the rest of it and didn't want to mess up on her wounds. She wasn't even sure if it's infected but was praying that it was okay and nothing was wrong with it. "Do you need some help with your nose?" She asked curiously she could tell it was hurting him and she could help him out with it.

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"No, it's just a nose... but thanks." Ansey gave her a small smile as he got on his knees in her of her, taking the needle from her. He looked over the wound as he efficiently sewed the rest of it up, realizing that she had had to take out the bullet herself. It amazed him how much she could endure, impressed him even, but he kind of felt bad that they hadn't thought to take it out the night before. After it was closed her tied it off, cut the thread, and wrapped it in gauze and bandages. He then gently took her injured hand and cleaned the wound before closing it, remaining silent. As he was bandaging it, he asked, "Anything else, maybe want some painkillers?"

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments She nodded when he was done she relaxed more because she hasn't unstuffy end since she got the bullet out of her arm. "Some pain killers would be nice." She usually didn't like to take them but this was s good reason to do it. She sighed her arm was stinging she glanced at her brother. He was suffering more emotionally then physically it made her feel bad. She rubbed his back gently as he slept. "Poor thing. He's not used to this kind of stuff." She said softly even if her brother was slightly older it was seen that he was having a harder time.

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Ansey got up and grabbed the bottle of ibuprofen out of the grocery bag and handed it over to her, after taking a couple. At her words he looked at her brother, biting his lip before turning away to turn on the coffee maker. "He's going to have to." As the machine started dripping fresh coffee into the pitcher, he pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket an stuck one between his lips. After cracking open a window he lit it and took a long drag. "...And you are? Used to this stuff, that is," he asked tentatively, leaning against the far wall.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 3803 comments "It's harder to adapt to this kind of stuff." She admitted listening to him she drank some water after taking some of the aspirin. "Yes, I am." She admitted she looked up at him not minding that he was smoking. "Since my job helps me fit into these kinds of situations." She looked down. "I'm just not entirely used to these situations of fighting the violence." she admitted tempted to have a smoke but she stopped for a long time.

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He remembered from her file that she was a forensic student. It would help a lot to have an expert on their side for this kind of task, but they would still have to fool a renowned lawyer to pull it off. "Well,  for now on you can leave most of the fighting up to me and Christina. Then..." he took a last drag before putting it out on the ashtray, saving most of it for later. "You two can go back to your lives soon enough." Ansey made it his goal to allow these kids to return to their normal lives, if that was still possible what with the experiences that they've had. He and his partner were already in too far to ever leave this. If not assassination then something else, he'd accepted that a long time ago.

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