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message 1: by Vic (new)

Vic | 4 comments Hi All,

Please forgive me if this is already here - I can't believe it wouldn't be, but I looked through the list here and did a search of the discussions, and it didn't come up, so, as I just got the 10th Anniversary edition yesterday I NEEDED to share how excited I am by not only the fresh look of the book that has been my constant kitchen companion since 2006 but the fresh take on some of my old favorite recipes as well!

My original copy of VWAV is literally falling apart, not to mention food stained, dog-eared and generally in a very sorry state, so when I saw that there was a new edition I knew I had to have it, if for no other reason than to smarten up my cookbook shelf, but paging through it constantly over the last day I am so, so glad I updated.

What is great about this version? The pictures hit me first - oh my they are droolworthy and much more plentiful than in the original book, followed by some savvy substitutions and updates to recipes; they have grown with Isa and one can only hope, improved with age. Gone are superfluous ingredients lists "just because" and coconut oil replaces the "vegan margarine" of yore.

I am excited to crack this open in the kitchen and try out some of the new recipe additions; I trust no other vegan cook like I trust my Isa!

message 2: by Tracy (new)

Tracy (tracyvoels) Of course, I just bought the original version at a used bookstore LOL!

Bernadette (mzzb) | 8 comments My original is very well used, and this is a book I recommend highly to new vegans. Other than the coconut oil sub for vegan margarine, please expand on the other changes. What are the superfluous just because lists mentioned, Vic? Thanks.

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