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message 1: by Sharon (last edited Aug 10, 2015 08:24PM) (new) - added it

Sharon Robards (sharonrobards) | 944 comments I just wanted to show you guys the cover of a new book, coming out sometime early next year. It was something I never expected to write, but the story took hold of my imagination.

Burnt by the Flame by Sharon Robards

The blurb isn’t up yet, but it’s set in the late 1600s in Germany and is the story of Sophia Dorothea of Celle, the wife of George I of England (the first of the Hanoverian Kings – from the House of Guelph) and mother of King George II.

I’ll update the thread when I can provide more information and some giveaways ;)

Jülie ☼♄  | 6272 comments Oooh sounds good Sharon, well done you!! Look forward to checking it out ;)

message 3: by Brenda, Aussie Authors Queen (new) - added it

Brenda | 69299 comments Mod
Wow! Congratulations Sharon! I can't wait to read it:) Well done!!

message 4: by Dale (new)

Dale Harcombe | 5836 comments Congratulations Sharon.

message 5: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn | 7944 comments Oooo! Nice cover Sharon and sounds like a great book too. Congratulations!

message 6: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne | 3148 comments I saw you add this Sharon and it looked like 'you'. It's a really nice cover!

Veronica ⭐️ | 2248 comments Love the title Sharon. A nice play on words.

message 8: by Sharon (last edited Aug 11, 2015 01:56PM) (new) - added it

Sharon Robards (sharonrobards) | 944 comments Thanks guy.

Hopefully it will be enjoyed.

It was a bit of an ambitious project and challenge and Veronica - the title is part of a larger quote in the book ;)

message 9: by Sharon (last edited Aug 24, 2015 02:59AM) (new) - added it

Sharon Robards (sharonrobards) | 944 comments I have a blurb put on the book's page:

Sophie-Dorothea’s father, George William, is a Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg in north central Europe and her mother a French noble woman. But Sophie-Dorothea is a bastard in the eyes of the law and the royal houses of Europe in the late 1600s. George William plans to make things right and raise his wife and daughter to their proper rank, but his every move is watched and reported back to the rival court of Hanover.

The treacherous and debauched Hanoverian court of George’s younger brother, Duke Ernest and his consort, Duchess Sophie, granddaughter of James I of England, is driven by ambition and greed. Duke Ernest wants George William’s territories to assist his own desire to rise up to the greatest powers in all of Europe. Duchess Sophie too attaches like sap on a tree to thwart any plans of George William’s to raise his wife and her bastard

But Sophie-Dorothea’s growing dowry attracts both European nobility and princes alike. Her rise strikes consternation in the heart of Duchess Sophie. The Hanoverians not only seek the coveted bonnet of an Electorate in the Holy Roman Empire but even the Crown of England.

Everyone’s plans and ambitions are set awry by an adventurous scamp, yearnings of the heart, and a jealous and vindictive courtesan.

message 10: by Brenda, Aussie Authors Queen (new) - added it

Brenda | 69299 comments Mod
Sounds fantastic Sharon!

message 11: by Sharon (new) - added it

Sharon Robards (sharonrobards) | 944 comments Thank you, Brenda. There is now a sample uploaded on the book page ;)

message 12: by Zoey (new) - added it

Zoey  (rozannen) | 1033 comments I love Historical Fiction based on Royalty. This sounds great :)

Jülie ☼♄  | 6272 comments Congratulations Sharon, you have been a busy girl! :)

message 14: by Dale (new)

Dale Harcombe | 5836 comments Well done Sharon.

message 15: by Sharon (new) - added it

Sharon Robards (sharonrobards) | 944 comments You're all sweet :)

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