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message 1: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 137 comments Hey, I just wanted to open this discussion up, because I am having problems with where to start. In my world there are 4 kingdoms, and within these kingdoms there is a whole world in each one. As in different religions, government types, economies, etcetera. I'm having problems figuring out where to start. I've already written a universal myth, of how the people in every kingdom believed they were created. (This is in the post your writing tab,if you'd like to read it.) Any advice?

message 2: by Faith (new)

Faith (faithsendlessloveofbooks) | 401 comments When I heard about the four kingdoms, I thought about the four parts of Oz. Ha-ha.

Anyway, that world sounds great. Maybe you should start adding characters from each kingdom to help explain the world their in.

message 3: by Faith (new)

Faith (faithsendlessloveofbooks) | 401 comments Both, but we/you should do it one at a time.

message 4: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 137 comments Thanks guys! But I mean like where to start with building the religion, the culture, etcetera, within these kingdoms. I'm trying to create the world and culture before I create the plot and characters.

message 5: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 137 comments Any recommendations? I've been looking for something like that.

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