I’ll Run Till the Sun Goes Down: A Memoir About Depression and Discovering Art I’ll Run Till the Sun Goes Down discussion

Advance review of this wonderful book.

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Maura Satchell I was fortunate to have received an advance copy of this book to review. You can read it here: Maura Satchell's Goodreads Review

Synopsis of my review: It's a wonderful, heart-wrenching and powerful book from a truly courageous author.

message 2: by David (new)

David Sandum Thanks for your wonderful review Maura.
Love, David

Maura Satchell Thank you for having the courage to write this amazing book!

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Carol Amro You have been through so much, and grew. How I
enjoyed how you handled your difficult times, and rose above them
with your creativity which is extensive. I admire how
strong you are, and so sensitive to family and life and love.
Thank you for being you. You are most inspirational.
Thank you David smile emoticon This book should be made into a movie...
you are very animated in your descriptions of events in your life.

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David Sandum Thanks Carol for your kind and uplifting comment. Writing and publishing the book took 15 years, so hearing such feedback is truly rewarding. Best always, David

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