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Click here to pre-order! And if you HAVE pre-ordered, tell us about it!




Bernadette Long | 47 comments Done! I just pre-ordered my copy.

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Bernadette wrote: "Done! I just pre-ordered my copy." Thanks, Bernadette! A pre-holiday treat!

Lola  | 1001 comments What did we do before Amazon? Living where I do and not driving they make life so much easier for me.

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Lola wrote: "What did we do before Amazon? Living where I do and not driving they make life so much easier for me."

Personally, I spent a lot less money on books! LOL. This morning, I went to award a prize from one of my recent blog tours. While I was there, I ordered a novella by a new favorite author...I think I've ordered 8 books in the last two weeks (some pre-orders).

But I agree. As much as I love a good bookstore, and always will, Amazon makes it so easy and it's so dependable, it's perfect for those of us that live far away from the city. And for hard-to-find items (I recently tracked down a facial cleanser they stopped carrying here in town) -- it's indispensable.

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Kay (kkfar) | 502 comments I Love Amazon. You are so correct Lola, what did we do before Amazon. And Paula, you are correct that they are very dependable and it is so easy to return something. They are awesome!

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Emily March (emilymarchbooks) | 113 comments Mod
Thank you all for pre-ordering!

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