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message 1: by Irving (new)

Irving Safdieh Ally is eye opening and timely. MK Oren’s ambassadorial perspective offers unique and much needed insight into the Obama administrations thought processes behind the Iran Nuclear Deal, its mixed responses to the Arab spring as well as its near obsession to cement peace between Israelis and Palestinians at any cost. Many claim that Ally serves to erode the US-Israeli alliance - I disagree. I feel that MK Oren was even handed in his critique and praise of the Obama administration; reinforcing that there are ups and downs in any alliance, especially one as far reaching as the US-Israel partnership. I especially enjoyed Ally’s glimpse into Prime Minister Netanyahu. In describing their relationship, MK Oren reminds us that while facing a constant barrage of existential, diplomatic & economic pressures an Israeli Prime Minister is the loneliest leader of them all.

message 2: by thewanderingjew (last edited Aug 12, 2015 06:04PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

thewanderingjew I think that some who claim that Ally serves to erode the US-ISraeli alliance are either in denial, or they are not being totally realistic or honest about the cause of the "erosion", or they have not read the book.
Some are probably just giving their knee jerk reaction to it by spouting the party line.
I have read about 3/4's of it so far, and I have learned a great deal. The book opens a window for the reader to see the truth between the lines and behind the scenes, but only if they are willing to read it with an open and honest mind, not one that is biased with political party ideology.

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