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P3t3r Pan x Zombie (( Incest MxM RP ))

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Moe  | 2455 comments Hello :)

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So characters?

And do you mind if my character is Sucidal?

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Moe  | 2455 comments Yes and thats fine

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Okay can you post yours first though?

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Moe  | 2455 comments Okay how old do you want him and how detailed? And how close are they going to be to each other?

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Hmm, 15-19 maybe, and als I think they'd possibly be so close that your character has gained some feelings for his brother or something? Or the other way around?

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Moe  | 2455 comments Okay i think ill make him 17 and maybe they were close at somepoint and when he started to get feelings for him he pushed him away and they became distant?

Also what do you want me to all have in the character profile?

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Name, age, sexuality, crush, appearance, personality all of that, but mine will be a little more detailed, but all I'm expecting is a good character :)

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Moe  | 2455 comments ((Sorry about leaving. My phone died and then i have a thing on monday nights that i do))

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Moe  | 2455 comments 》Name《 Andrew 'Andy'

》Age《 17

》Sexuality《 Bisexual 'but mostly leans towards guys'

》Crush《 His brother


Andy changes depending on who he is around. Around his parents he is usually caring and helpful. He always likes to help them out with things. He gets awkward and distant around his brother ever since he devolved feelings for him. Then when he is around his friends he can act a bit careless and does what he wants. He hasnt really figured out which one is his true personality yet.

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Moe  | 2455 comments ?

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(( sorry, iPad has been acting up lately ))

Name: Dominik Santorski ( He has yet not changed his names for so many reasons )
Age: 15
Sexuality: Homosexual
Crush: His brother Andy
Appearance: I will post a picture later
Personality: Suicidal, Lost, Lonely, Depressed, Gentle, Sweet, Loving, Caring, Harsh, Dark, Emo

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Moe  | 2455 comments ((That's alright. Where shall we start?))

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Uh, I don't know.......

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Moe  | 2455 comments Hmm....

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Maybe Andrew could find Dominik being bullied and he steps in?

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Moe  | 2455 comments Yeah that would work. Could you start it?

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Dominik groans as a punch was thrown into his weak stomach, he slumped against the wall as he was repeatedly punched in the same spot, he would call for help, but couldn't.

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Moe  | 2455 comments ((They at school or where?))

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(( uh, yeah they're at school ))

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Moe  | 2455 comments ((Okay))

Andy was walking down the hallway with a couple of his friends when he saw the small crowd of people. He quickly ran over to see what was happening. When he saw his brother on the ground he quickly stepped in and shoved the guy away. "What do you think your doing?"

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" Oh look, the little boy needs his big bro to come in and save him," Says the dude who had been pushed away by Andrew, he snickered with his buddies.

Dominik groans in deep pain, he grasped his stomach tightly, he had some scrapes and bruises and his stuff littered the floor.

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Moe  | 2455 comments "You better leave him alone or I will personally make sure your pretty little face isnt so pretty anymore." He told him with a sneer. He glanced down at his brother and winced. He wished he would have been able to step in sooner.

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" Dude, stop, let's just get out of here, I would rather not get beat up by Andrew today," The first guys friend says as he pulled the first guy away. " Dude stop being such a wimp, but yeah okay, but still, I find it pretty weak that the strongest guy of our grade has to get rescued by his big brother," The first dude says.

Dominik blinked back the tears in his eyes, he gripped his stomach even harder as it began to hurt more, he tried to stand, but he failed and he just brought his knees to his chest. He didn't look up, he didn't even collect his things.

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Moe  | 2455 comments Andrew was seconds away from punching their faces in but restrained himself. He picked up all of his brothers stuff and set it in a pile. He stood back up and glared at the circle of people. "Go to class." He sneered at them before turning back to his brother. He sighed quoetly and bent down. "What am I going to do with you." He said. "come on. Lets get you to the nurse."

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" I don't want to go to the nurse Andrew, she'll call dad, and you know what dad did the last time this happened," Dominik murmured, he didn't get up, the scars on his wrists had opened up again and now they were bleeding.

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Moe  | 2455 comments "Then what do you want to do?" He asked him. "Im not just going to leave you here." He said and sat down on the ground in front of him. "Anything you want, I will happily help you out." He told him truthfully.He wpuld do anything for his brother.

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" I'm just gonna go clean myself off in the bathroom okay,," Dominik murmured, he stood up and he took his things, " Just stop helping me okay, I don't need to be rescued all the time," Dominik says softly, he didn't mean it, he always said it, but he didn't mean it.

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Moe  | 2455 comments Andrew frowned at what he had said. He stood up as well and shook his head. "Im giving you a ride home today whether you like it or not." He told him as he watched him walk away. He then walked off to his own classroom and shook his head.

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Dominik sighed, he slightly groans in pain, not to get Andrews attention, but because his stomach really hurt.

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Moe  | 2455 comments Andrew looked back at him and bit his lip. He reallu did want to help h but he didnt know what to do. He kinda felt like it was his fault he turned out like this. When he started to distance himself from him he could see him changing. He turned back around and went to class.

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Dominik walks away, he was the strongest guy in his grade, but today the two bullies caught him at the wrong time, he sighed as he entered the empty bathroom.

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Moe  | 2455 comments Andrew sat down in his seat and pulled out his notebook and a pen. He wasnt really paying attention to what was going on. He ws lost in thought about his brother. He bit his lip and doodled in his notebook.

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Dominik dug through the secret compartment inside his bag and he brought out the gauze and other first aids thing. He began to clean his wounds.

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Moe  | 2455 comments He started to think about what dominik would say if he told him the truth.About how he distanced himself away from him because of how much he liked him. He knew it was wrong, but what if.

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Dominik groans in pain as he puts rubbing alcohol on his wounds, he didn't care about the burning sensation.

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Moe  | 2455 comments Maybe he'lltell him on the way home. He smiled a little bit then realised he was being called on. He looked at the teacher and answered his question even though he got it qrong. He just shrugged and went back to doodling.

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Dominik wrapped up his wounds, he then moved on to the one on his stomach, he sighed and shook his head as he began to wash it up.

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Moe  | 2455 comments Andrew wished that school would be over already. He prefered beinghome and hanging with friends and what not unless he was in gym class.

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Dominik wrapped his stomach with the gauze from his backpack.

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(( Meep ))

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(( Reminder Peterpan!))

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Moe  | 2455 comments ((Ah! Sorry. I thought i replied. I guess it didnt post))

That had work time to do what ever, so he close his eyes and leaned his head on his desk. The one thing that went through his head was the sight of singing his brother hurt like that. He didn't ever want to see himhurt like that again.

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Dominik softly groans, he then saw his lady friend as she came into the boys bathroom, no one ever cared where she went, guys never even cared when she came in to see her friend, they basically just ignored her. Dominik sighed, he was ready to be scolded, but when no scolding came he smiled lightly at her.

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Moe  | 2455 comments Andrew jumped up when someone touched his shoulder. He looked up at some girl that was trying to flirt with him. He raised an eywbrow and shrugged her hand away. " if you dont mind I have a killer headache and your voice is only making it worse." He girl huffed and walked away from him.

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" Your brother is worried about you Dominik," she started as she came over to help him.
" He needs to learn that if I need help, I'll ask for it," Dominik muttered.
" Dominik, Andrew is really worried about you, I had to sneak out of our class just to come and find you," She said as she helped him, he allowed her to, he hated how she had classes with Andrew, while he was stuck alone in all of his classes.

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Moe  | 2455 comments Andrew stood up and told the teacher he was going to the bathroom, not knowing that Dominik was still in there. With a sigh he ran a hand through his hair and pushed the bathroom door open.

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Dominik tensed
" Oh come on you big baby, it's only Andrew," She says.
" Hey, it's not my fault that I get tensed in certain situations Jamie," Dominik muttered as he kept still for his friend, who continued to wrap the gauze around the wound on his stomach.
" I thought we got the tensing thing undercontrol days ago?" Jamie asked.
" Yeah, we didn't," Dominik muttered.

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Moe  | 2455 comments Andrew heard talking but wasn't really listening. Once he reached the sink area he looked yp and froze. "Um... " he said awkwardly, unsure of what to say. He bit his lip and looked down at his feet before looking back up at the two.

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