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Here is the new outline for the maids

Years in the dagger society:
Appearance (please include a link):
Strongest skill:
Weakest skill:
Who they work for:

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Name: Autumn
Bithday: April 11
Age: 16
Years in the dagger socitey: 3
Mom: Burned
Dad: killed by inquisitors
Sister: killed by inquisitors
Appearance: Red orange hair and tons of freckles. Spring green eyes. http://www.thinknice.com/girls-with-f...
Personality: She doesnt like to talk a lot. Kind, friendly. She always follows her orders and is like a friend to some she serves. She gives really good advice.
History: she was hired to work with the young eletes about a year ago and has been happy working for them. She had to watch her mothers burning because her mother was accused of dark magic. She watched her mother scream as the flames surronded her body and she has been quiet and shy ever since losing her mother. Her sister and father were murdered by the inquisitors because they attacked the inquisitors after there mother/wife was burned.
Who they work for: Anthony
Strongest skills: Cooking,baking
Weakest skill: Shy, quiet
Crush: none
Other: none

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Sorry just a few things we don't need codenames for the maids please use the updated outline, do you think you can find a link to a picture maybe or if you cant message me and I .an find you one. Can you put some more stuff about her past, maybe some stuff about her family? Summer isn't an Elite

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First Name: Anastasia (Origin/Usage English, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish Pronunciation a-nə-STAY-zhə Meaning Resurrection)
Middle Name: Diana (Origin/Usage English, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian Pronunciation die-AN-ə Meaning Divine woman)
Last Name: Romanov (Meaning & History Means "son of ROMAN".)
Years in the dagger society:5
Mum {Killed by the inquisitors}
Dad {Killed by the inquisitors}
Brother {Killed by the inquisitors]
Appearance (please include a link): https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
Personality: Anastasia can be depressed and dark but it usually only happens when she is alone. She loves her job and loves the Elites she works for. She is always looking on the bright side and is very wise.
History:Anastasia's childhood was filled with books and laughter. She spent most of her time on her mothers lap listening to her mother read her favorite stories aloud. When Anastasia was 12 a swarm of inquisitors came to their home in the middle of the night. They wanted to enlist her older brother into the inquisition her father fought and her mother took Anastasia and her brother into hiding. A week later the inquisitors caught up with them. The inquisitors shot their mother and then killed her brother. Thranduil saved her and kept her at the society as a kitchen maid but now since they rebuilt the rooms she works for three Elites.
Strongest skills: Sewing, smart, and funny.
Weakest skill: Gets sick a lot
Who they work for:(TBA)
Other: has a cat named Antonia (calls her Anti)https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

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awesome! APPROVED

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