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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) [ ƝAMƐ ] Charlotte Elizabeth de Paula of Liechtenstein
» alternate(s): Princess Charlotte
*(Charlotte = tiny and feminine)

[ AƓƐ ] 20
( birthday ) October 27

[ ƓƐƝƊƐR ] Female
( sexuality ) Heterosexual

» Corporeal Visage:

(view spoiler)
» Mask:

( physical description ) Weighing a mere ninety-seven pounds and standing at roughly five foot one, Charlotte is indeed tiny and very feminine. Surprisingly well-endowed despite her slim figure, she is shaped liked a doll with a full chest, long legs and pale, white skin. Her features are accentuated by carefully applied cosmetics to enhance her almost unrealistic appearance, and her jet black hair is always artfully done with expensive accessories. Her clothing is decadent, intricate and in keeping with her royal status—she is never seen in public unless she looks absolutely perfect.

[ ƤƐRSOƝALǀƬƳ ] Like the cool, still waters of a black pool, Charlotte's feathers cannot be ruffled--outwardly. Within her calm exterior, she is a tempest of emotions and a whirlwind of obsessive feelings. She lends an air of mysteriousness to her demeanour, though this façade has been in place for so long that the Princess is unsure how to discard the shell. She does not forgive or forget easily, and can be vengeful with retribution. Although she possesses a vindictive streak, Charlotte is also surprisingly loyal and faithful to those she deems friends and allies and will bravely fight for a cherished one--competitively so. She is possessive to a fault, but also terribly double-standard and while it is completely fine for her to flirt and engage amorously with more than one partner, it is not acceptable for you to do so. She will never show you that she is insulted or offended, however; she will contain her anger and plot for your demise, waiting for the perfect time to strike at your weakest spot. You will never see her payback coming; not only will it hurt, the punishment will be far worse than the crime you committed against her, and she will teach you never to cross her again. As manipulative as she can be when plotting your demise, Charlotte is equally as alluring when she wants you as an ally and/or friend. She will use her keen intuition to find out what you crave most and seduce you with the possibility of obtaining it with her. You will never feel more exhilarated when in the Princess's embrace, and will crave it when it is gone.
» strength(s): focused; brave; balanced; faithful; ambitious; intuitive.
» weakness(es): jealous; secretive; resentful; manipulative.
» like(s): Lawrence; most men; silk.
» dislike(ѕ): Cortez (she despises him and absolutely can't stand the sight of him); most women.

[ HǀSƬORƳ ] Though Liechtenstein is a very small country, its people boast a long line of successful rulers and predecessors. Not many know why the royal family managed to retain real control over their country when so many others have been pushed back to the role of figurehead. Rumors abound involving her betrothed's family and their close bond with the royal family, the rumour of Charlotte being promised to their son only adding fuel to the already burning fire. However, their secrets are theirs to keep, and will remain so for the unforeseeable future.
» place of birth: Principality of Liechtenstein
» social stratum/rank/position: princess; royalty.
» family/relation(s): Prince Cortez de Paula of Liechtenstein (cousin, first love); Lawrence Bradstreet (childhood friend, promised/intended).

[ OƬHƐR ] No one but Charlotte knows how hard she worked to secure her promised marriage with Lawrence (maybe as some sort of catharsis for her cousin); some may view this union as a step down for her, but the princess knows better, and truth be told, she prefers for people--especially women--to think of him as less than the catch he actually is.
» weapon(s): Poisons
» fighting skill(s): Slapping


[ ƝAMƐ ] Lawrence Godfrey Charles Bradstreet III

[ AƓƐ ] 22

» Corporeal Visage:

» Mask:

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Lyndsey | 212 comments [ ƝAMƐ ] Cortez Vexian de Paula Liechtenstein
» alternate(s): Crow; Vex; Tez (meant affectionately)

[ AƓƐ ] 21
( birthday ) January 13th

[ ƓƐƝƊƐR ] Male
( sexuality ) Hetrosexual

» Corporeal Visage:

» Mask:

( physical description ) Blood. It was in his blood; the ease, and strength, with which he held himself. From looking at the prince, you could not deny that he holds a quality about him bordering on captivating---if not dominant. His eyes, a glittering hue of bright chartreuse (green) and gold, are intensely brooding. Though his skin is a silky, pale ivory, it is thin. The veins in his hands, legs, feet and arms can be clearly seen. Pulsing gently with the beating of his heart. His hair, a dusty onyx brown, is generally tousled; but with an intentional feel rather than messy. Cortez, is all angles. His features, his body. Even his mannerisms, are crisp and clear cut.

[ ƤƐRSOƝALǀƬƳ ] Cortez is not easy to discern, or by that matter, easy to understand. He operates in a foreign way, eclectic by very nature. As a child, he was tormented by parts of his mind. By his 'demons'. As an adult, he learned to cage the beast within and use it to his benefit. It was in this cage he locked away most of what made him human, and feeling: hate, anger, sadness... and love. Love, for Charlotte. It was this emotion that brought him the most pain and anguish. His affections for her, while once so pure, became muddled in pain and anger as they grew older and were separated. Though the time since they'd been in love increased with every day, the very thought of her is enough to break the doors to his carefully contrapted prison and set free everything he holds back in double force. Her very nature breaks the lining of Cortez. With her in the room, he cannot simply be. His childhood fascination with her, grew into a consuming passion with time. Verging on obsession. Ironically, as crown prince, Cortez may have anything he pleases. However, that very title is the one thing that puts Charlotte forever out of reach. She is one person that is truly unattainable, even to a prince of demons.
» strength(s):
» weakness(es): Cortez can be prone to chilling outbursts. Responsibility has always been heavy on his shoulders, but as the crown prince he is accustomed to being doted upon by his parents and attenders. He is both the spoiled brat, and the practiced heir to the throne. Self control is not his strongest area.
» like(s):
» dislike(ѕ): Charlotte. This is an interesting one, considering his obsession with her. Love, intertwines deeply with hate in her case. She broke Cortez's heart, and for that he savagely wishes to do the same to her. He wants her, yet in the same breath wants to hurt her the way she destroyed him.

[ HǀSƬORƳ ] Cortez grew up coddled, and adored by his mother. Whatever he wanted, he got. When he was thirteen, his father took him on his first hunt. The experience was exhilarating, and it was discovered fairly quickly that the young prince had quite a gift for killing things. Though his mother protested the decision, his father decided that Cortez would become a regular attendee of the hunts. Things changed, however, when they met with a Cape Buffalo driven mad by disease and hunger. The wild animal, flailing and charging wildly, came upon the party unexpectedly. Scattering the horses, trampling a knight wildly fumbling for his bow, the beast charged straight for the young prince. Cortez, having been given a small knife was able to pull it from his belt just as the creature hurled into his horse. The force wrenched Cortez over the Buffalo's back, his leg still tangled in the harness of his horses foot grip. Unintentionally, as Cortez struggled to rid himself of the saddle and pull himself onto the violently shaking Buffalo, the knife became buried in the side of the beast. Once it became still, the attendants hurried over and pried the unconscious boy from the animals back. There was blood everywhere, and it was quickly discovered that it wasn't just the buffalo's. The wound inflicted by the incident would confine Cortez to the castle for the next five years. It was because of this, that he became acquainted with his cousin, Charlotte. She came during the transition of boyhood, to manhood. To Cortez, she was the most beautiful creature that had ever walked the earth. Eventually, their lives became a flush of kisses by moonlight, secret glances over the hands of anxious attenders, and laughter as they bounded hand in hand between fair goers, escaping the watchful eyes of their guardians. When the king caught wind of his son's affection of the girl, he quickly sent her away after arranging that their relationship would end. Cortez was sent to finishing school, where he would learn to rebuild the body that had become lax in his time spent recovering from his incident with the buffalo.
» place of birth: Principality of Liechtenstein
» social stratum/rank/position: royalty; prince; crown heir
» family/relation(s): TBA

» weapon(s):
» fighting skill(s):


[ ƝAMƐ ] Amanda Lockheart

[ AƓƐ ] 20

» Corporeal Visage:

[ OƬHƐR ] Her hair is actually a light blonde, not brown.

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) The Palace
Ages: 13 & 12

The news that the young prince had been injured during a hunting accident was of much concern to all of his family, and so it was with a heavy heart that Princess Charlotte de Paula, cousin to Prince Cortez de Paula, was sent from her home to the palace to keep the boy company as a playmate and friend. Royal children usually grew up together so that they could be schooled by the same tutors—only the best—but Charlotte had not been given the opportunity to live at the palace before now. The young prince was a coddled child, well protected by his mother, and had been secluded from anyone and everyone, even his own relatives. It made the young princess wonder why he was suddenly allowed to have playmates, just when he had reached an age when he might have been too old for them.

These were the thoughts running through her head when she arrived, and not given much time to freshen up, Charlotte nonetheless made her maids fret over her hair and dress so that she looked pretty. Appearance had always been important to the girl for as long as she could remember, and now that she was a young woman—her flowering had been over six months ago—it was important to look beautiful, especially for the heir to the throne. She was wearing a silk gown made of sea foam green with white seed pearls and gold embroidery, which made her pale skin seem paler still. Her jet black hair was coiled up and decorated with ribbons that matched her gown, and she had on a pair of gold shoes hidden from view by her layers of petticoats.

The taps of her small shoes were the only sounds that could be heard in the massive, empty halls of the private wing as the perfectly poised girl made her way to Prince Cortez’s private chambers. She waited for the servants to announce her presence and once she was granted permission to enter, Charlotte did, carrying her head high as her onyx black eyes remained lowered out of respect. “Your highness,” she murmured, dropping to a curtsey on the ground as her skirt rustled about her legs, her long, white neck extended out as she dipped her head forward. “News of your injury has reached my father’s ears, and he bade me come to you to keep you company while you recover, should your highness agree to have me as your friend.” She had not had long to gaze upon Cortez’s face, but a brief glance told her that he was comely lad, with features fit for a prince. She hoped she’d be given time to study his appearance later.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Thick liquid, cool to the touch, engulfed Cortez. It trickled down his face, bleed into his mouth, and filled his lungs. He couldn't breathe. Fire consumed him, as the liquid ignited the soft interior of his body. He writhed helplessly, completely submerged now. Unable to call out for help, or to escape the oozing pool which slowly cut into his skin. Pain was all he was aware of, pain... and the feeling, that someone was watching him.

Cortez blinked. Returning to himself abruptly. He lay perfectly still, his heart beating painfully hard. The room was dim, lit only by the soft glow of a few candles.
It took a moment for his eyes to adjust. Logically, since he'd been bedridden for the last few days, it would make no sense for his eyes to react to the lack of lighting. However, regardless of logic the dream seemed to command a larger portion of his being than his brain could control.
Sweat beaded his forehead, a result of the nightmare which was only now beginning to recede from his mind. His nurses fretted over him, attributing his physical symptoms to the massive gash in his stomach, which was slowly repairing itself. Little did they know, every night was like this for Cortez. He lived in two dimensions. Hell, and this space in between.

He shifted, the action sending a spike of pain up his torso. It was only then that the door opened, revealing a girl about his age. She moved across the room, pulling up beside his bed and curtsying. She murmured her respects, explained her reasons for being there, and then concluded with an offer of friendship.

"What is your name?" The words were barely audible, coming out crackly and tense. Clearing his throat, Cortez tried to relax. He was tense, not because of this girl, but because of the exhaustion remaining on behalf of his dream. "I didn't know I had a cousin..." He admitted, trying to push himself up further so he could look at her more properly. She was slim, with pale skin and lush dark hair. His earlier assumption about her age wasn't entirely correct, she appeared to be just slightly younger than himself.
He tried to give her a smile, but found that his lips weren't working properly. Maybe hell did that to a person. Made them incapable of emotion. "When did you get here?" He asked, the green of his eyes catching bits of light from the candles, shimmering in a wet pool of gold and chartreuse.

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) She heard him wince, a soft, strained sigh beneath his breath, making the princess cringe inwardly. Having never been exposed to violence in all of her twelve years made her inexperienced to deal with a victim of its trauma, but the young woman knew people, including royals, which guided her actions. Rising to her feet, she met his eyes with a brief flicker before replying, "My name is Charlotte, your highness. I am your cousin." His response surprised her if only for a brief moment, the reaction flitting across her features with the almost imperceptible arch of a dark brow before her expression returned to neutral. She supposed it was not his responsibility to know what relations he had, but the absence of that knowledge meant that he must have lived such a secluded life--more so than she had originally thought was the case. The revelation saddened her.

Seeing him attempt to rise from his reclined position, and noticing how it pained him, Charlotte closed the distance between them to help him. "Your highness mustn't strain himself," she urged, her small hands reaching out to help him. His skin was feverish, even through the soft nightgown he wore, and it made the princess worry, though she didn't dare look away from his face because she was nervous about seeing his wound, covered though it may be. "I only arrived about an hour ago," she answered his question, her hand coming up reflexively to feel his damp brow before she moved it away to grasp it with the other one in front of her. "Do you need anything, your highness?" she asked him, feeling the servants hovering nearby, but out of sight of the candlelight to give the illusion of privacy. Meeting his gaze, she noticed the Prince had beautiful eyes, despite their glossy look.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments He paused at her question, slightly bemused by the nature of it. He was accustomed to adults being overly attentive, not those of his own age. However, unexpectedly, the young girl treated him with the same patient care of his nurses. He'd met other children before, and knew them to be self-centered and restless. Charlotte, portrayed none of their demeanor. The knowledge was surprising. Maybe, this was the difference between royalty and the upper class. Nobility merely ran skin deep, whereas royalty was a trait that delved into the bone itself. "I'm fine," he assured her, brushing away her comments. He was curious now, curious as to who she was. Most of the girls he met with were blonde, with frizzy locks held loosely into place. Charlotte's own hair was darkly exotic. While though not uncommon, for some inexplicable reason, he found her unique; different from the other children he'd associated with over his life.
"I suppose I would have learned of you eventually." Cortez noted, his voice steady now that he'd had another moment to recover himself. "My tutors are intent on pre-laying my education from the dated times to current. I suppose that's because families change with the progression of time, and If I learned of you, I'd eventually have to return and learn the names of your spouse and children."

Despite Charlotte's urging, Cortez still shifted uneasily. He disliked being confined to rest in the darkness of his chambers. The murky light did nothing but play on his fears, and remind him of the nightmares which lay in wait for him. Charlotte was posing an interesting distraction from the thought, and he eagerly poured his concentration into her. She was something to ease the ache, slowly building in his frontal cortex.

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) "Probably, your highness," Charlotte agreed, remaining close by his side with a stillness most children did not possess. "I would have been present at your future coronation, I'm sure," she smiled, trying to take his mind off of his pain. He clearly did not want to dwell on it, and if he needed something, the princess was sure he would ask for it. "Though I am not married, or promised to anyone," she told Cortez, finding it amusing (and a little frightening) for him to think she might already have a husband and children of her own. She knew that an engagement could be announced at any moment, but her father seemed unhurried with giving away his daughter's hand, and Charlotte was fine with waiting, though she had no intention of becoming an old maid. She was destined for far more, perhaps even a union outside of Liechtenstein. Such thoughts flitted through her keen mind silently, though it was mere background noise, her focus trained on the prince.

"Does your highness enjoy his lectures?" she asked him. "Perhaps... we could study together," she suggested, hoping it wasn't too bold for her to say so. Her father had told his daughter that her job was to befriend him and make sure that the Prince would have entertainment to distract him from his injuries while he recovered, and the only way for her to become his playmate was to put aside propriety. It was why she had been chosen, an almost equal, as opposed to the many children who could have been selected from good families.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Cortez studied her, her feminine grace giving an air of propriety and refinery. He could see why her father had not yet acted. She would fetch for a high price in the world of men. Finding his thoughts drifting, Cortez returned his attention to the girl, wondering with idle curiosity what maids hovered at the edges of the room. He found himself glancing towards them, and recognized Beth. In hushed tones, she conversed with an unfamiliar maid, seeming oblivious to the two. He wondered what they were speaking about, and then decided it was likely nothing worth noting. "I very much enjoy my lectures," Cortez replied, his lips quirking upwards in a lopsided grin. "The world fascinates me, and if I must someday rule over a portion of it, I intend to know everything before that time... within practicality, of course." He added the last part as an after thought, thinking she would find it childish of him to profess a desire to know everything about such a massive planet, and its people. He was intelligent, but such an intelligence required to know the limits of the world was far beyond capacity. He knew that... and yet, wished he could be the exception.

Cortez perked up as she queried about studying together. He'd never had a studying companion, and the thought was tempting. Someone to share his fascination with. Someone to pass the long hours, sitting in the garden, pouring over thick volumes and scribbling on rolls of paper. "I don't see why not," he replied, trying not to betray his interest in her proposal. "Did you often study with others where you're from?" One drawback of being heir to the throne, was that it often limited his view of the normal world. He knew that he was required to do things differently than all of his family, and relatives. He knew that his duty would outshine them all one day. However, sometimes such a calling failed to take into account his human perfections. If he was to rule, he would need to know the fundamental lifestyle of his people first.

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) "Your highness is very wise," Charlotte told the prince, believing it when she said it, rather than voicing an empty compliment. Most little princes might not have realized that they did not know everything, and the fact that Cortez recognized his current limitations was impressive indeed. "It's a good thing that you enjoy learning, for it makes the task easier." If her cousin survived this injury, and continued to remain as humble as a royal could, she did not see how he could not become a great leader. The knowledge made her proud to share his blood. When he granted her request, she smiled again. Studying was not her favourite forte, but if the prince enjoyed it, it would be a way to see him partake in an activity that would distract him from his current state. "No, I was always tutored alone," she replied to his question, "though I've always wanted someone my age with me to keep me focused. I don't have any siblings, and Father never saw the need to find me a friend--until now," she told him boldly, her onyx stare holding his gaze with gentle self confidence. Having met Cortez now made Charlotte somewhat upset at their parents for keeping their children apart; royal children usually grew up together, and they had both been robbed of that joy. It hardly seemed fair. "I look forward to learning with you, your highness," the princess added sweetly, dropping her lashes demurely. But that would need to wait for a few weeks at least; for now he needed rest.

Without asking, Charlotte stepped towards the nightstand by his large bed, and pouring some rose flavoured water into an empty cup, the princess brought it to her cousin for him to take a sip. "Your highness must be exhausted," she said softly to him even though she was the one who felt fatigued from her travels today. "Please rest, and if you allow me to, I would very much like to sup with you here tomorrow," she said to him, her dark eyes catching his shimmering ones as she gave him a small, encouraging smile.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Cortez inclined his head slightly in response, adjusting the sheets around him. He didn't completely agree. He had a vast expanse of knowledge to cover before he was ready to accept the word wise, his tutors indicated the fact nearly every day. However, she'd paid him a compliment so it'd be ill mannered of him to refute it.

She moved then, pouring him a chilled glass of water from the pitcher on his nightstand. Lifting the simple glass to his lips, she let him drink from it. Waiting patiently as he took his fill, and then taking it away with the breath of a smile on her lips. It was only then that he realized she must be fighting her own weariness as they spoke. "I'm weary," he admitted, without giving her the full reason for it. The nightmares were enough incentive for the boy to avoid letting exhaustion pull him into a state of unawareness. He continued, watching Charlotte as she set the glass back down onto the drawer. "After being bedridden for so long though, you are a pleasant interruption. I would very much enjoy seeing you again tomorrow," he assured her. Brushing away a strand of hair which had fallen across his face, Cortez settled back into the cluster of pillows cushioning his frame. "In the meantime, If you want for anything, simply speak with one of my maids. They are good women, and will help you in whatever way you need." Cortez smiled then, his eyes revealing a subtle warmth. "I'm sure they'll be delighted to finally have a girl to fawn over. I'm much to boring for their tastes."

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) "I am glad to be of service to your highness," Charlotte replied, placing the glass of water down on the nightstand as she watched Cortez shift his brown tresses away from his damp forehead. "I am glad that my presence brings you contentment; I will return tomorrow once you've had your rest," she assured him.

His next statement surprised her. He was the one who had been injured, and he was the crown prince of the Liechtenstein throne; it should not have been his concern that she was looked after, and yet he had just extended his household to her should she need anything. The gesture was surprisingly chivalrous, and Charlotte found herself hoping that she might marry a prince one day who would be equally as considerate of her wellbeing. "Thank you, your highness," the princess murmured as she dropped a curtesy for Cortez, her dark head falling foreword as she bowed her head. "Sleep well my prince," she added before she gave him one last small smile, making her way to the door, the soft clicking of her shoes coupled with the rustling of her skirts the only sounds that followed her exit.


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Lyndsey | 212 comments Cortez's fingers dipped into the water, gently plucking the Lilly away from its aquatic birthing place. Falling back, he held the dripping flower in his hands, smiling as he admired its beauty from up close. "This, my dear cousin, is what makes biology incredibly worth-while." He looked over at Charlotte, and held out the delicate flower for her to take.

The two sat at the bank of a pond, where Cortez had been carried by the grounds keeper under the attentive watch of his nanny. Hours earlier, half way though a lesson in biology, Cortez had stated that if he would be forced to endure another session of schooling in the dim lighting of his chambers, he would hang himself by nightfall. The tantrum had been enough incentive for his nurses to grudgingly allow him a visit to his previous favorites on the castle grounds.

Though Charlotte had been a welcome distraction over the past few weeks, Cortez's condition was visibly deteriorating. Dark circles were beginning to show prominently underneath his eyes, and the wound marring his stomach was rumored to be becoming infected.

Umbrellas had been set up beside the pond's bank, along with a heavy padding of blankets and pillows. In the harsh light of the sun, it was even more apparent how pasty the prince's complexion had become. His cheeks appearing gaunt, even though he was fed plenty.

Cortez sat at the water's edge, bare feet swirling around in the cool water. He looked visibly content, layers of strain rolling off him as he bathed in the soft presence of nature once again. He was unusually quiet though. Pain throbbed at his stomach, and he felt a tinge of regret at having placed so much strain on the wound. However, he said nothing of it---knowing that as soon as he mentioned a notion of pain, he would be whisked off to his quarters once more.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) “Do you mean the beauty of life, or beauty itself, your highness?” Charlotte asked in response as she leaned forward gently where she sat on the thick blanket that had been placed on the emerald green grass of the palace’s gardens. Extending her small hand, she wrapped her lily white fingers around the stem of the same name and accepted it from Cortez, giving him a small smile. In the sunlight, the prince looked even worse than she had originally imagined him to be, and it pained Charlotte, she realized, to see him in such poor condition. By all accounts, he should have been recovering, but it seemed like he was actually deteriorating. She had heard the rumors of his wound having festered, but having never seen it herself (for which she was very grateful), she had no idea if this factoid was merely idle gossip or in fact the truth. Her father had written to her during her absence to tell her that it was her duty to do everything within her power to speed along the Prince’s recovery, and a part of her young mind wondered if her presence in the palace was more of a hindrance than help.

Cortez enjoyed his lectures—with his cousin present—and no matter how tired he seemed, he always wanted them to take place. Charlotte was not so conceited as to think that her presence was the only reason he enjoyed his lectures, but she was not so modest as to assume that she did not affect his decision. Though they had only been acquainted for a few weeks, the princess knew that her cousin had taken a liking to her, and that their friendship was growing quickly. She too, was becoming quite fond of him, and the thought of him passing away from his wound make her want to cry. What if he never healed? What if he simply kept getting worse? What if…? Her thoughts trailed off as she lowered her dark eyes to study the flower he had given her now held between her fingers: it was beautiful. Lost in her own sudden silence, she failed to notice if Cortez had answered her question as she twirled the stem between thumb and forefinger absentmindedly, noticing how the greens of the plant matched her own dress today. Was there anything she could do to help his recovery?

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Cortez looked to Charlotte, a grin assuming his features. His eyes held a twinkle in them, as he replied tenderly. "Life is not always something beautiful. It can be harsh, tragic, even unfair. For this reason, it is this small creation, rising up from all the darkness of this world, that is what makes it incredible. Stunning. Beautiful." He held her gaze for a moment, and then paused. Beautiful?... The smile faded from his lips, and for a moment he did nothing but stare at Charlotte. He felt something, tugging at him. His nurses said he would soon be undergoing the dramatic 'change', the strange transformation that all boys went through in order to become men. Was this what was happening to him? His eyes trailed down her face, and lingered on her lips.
Suddenly aware of what he was doing, embarrassed, Cortez looked away, clearing his throat awkwardly. "Charlotte, you needn't always address me as your highness when we are not amongst company." He looked up, staring fixedly at a frog which swam beneath the surface of the pond. "You can call me Cortez. It's no use having a name if no one uses it." Still feeling weird, Cortez picked up a stone and tossed it gently into the water. "You could call me Tez, too. If you wanted."

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) When he spoke, Charlotte did hear, and she looked up to meet his chartreuse gaze, surprised by the depth in his words. It was clear that he would make a good Prince when the time came—and the time would come. She was here to help him recover, and help him she would in whatever way she could. She gave him a soft smile, and when he said nothing more, the princess opened her mouth to speak. Only, nothing came out. He was staring at her with such an intensity, that at first she thought he might have been experiencing a wave of nausea—she knew it might have been too soon for him to leave his quarters. But as his eyes trailed down her face—and rested on her parted lips—she knew she had misdiagnosed him. Cortez was looking at her; the way that boys (and some young men) had done so in the past. Even before she flowered, Charlotte knew that she attracted the attention of men, but she had never thought about what might happen if her cousin found her pretty in that way as well. The idea… didn’t appall her, as it should have… shouldn’t it? There was no denying that Cortez was a beautiful boy—even with the tired, dark circles under his eyes, she could see that his cheekbones were well chiseled, his nose regal, his lips full. He was objectively good looking. But was she being objective?

She didn’t look away; she kept her mesmerizing onyx gaze on his face, though her cheeks flushed slightly with embarrassment. They reddened when he looked down and coughed. His words made her smile, though she tried her best to hide it. Waiting a few heartbeats until she was sure she could speak without her voice sounding funny, the princess replied, “No, there isn’t, is there…? Tez,” using the nickname he had given her permission to say. Wanting to make him feel comfortable, the princess thought it best to speed past the moment of awkwardness that he was clearly feeling, and so she asked him, “Are lilies your favorite flower, Cortez?” as she scrambled within her mind for the best way to discuss his injury without upsetting him.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments As the name fell from Charlotte's mouth, gentle to his ears, Cortez turned away to hide a small smile. His cheeks still burned, however, as a result of the simple gesture of Charlotte using his name, she somehow restored some of their previous ease.

Settling back into the soft pillows, he answered her question. "Not particularly," he admitted, glancing at her from time to time. "Though, they do compliment your skin so. You should arrange to have your maids braid them into your hair," with a teasing grin, he added, "you'll have all the boys in the kingdom after you at that point." Though, he added internally: Not that you already don't... He sighed, reaching up to finger his stomach. Subconsciously, he sought to comfort the constant ache. "My favorite flower would have to be the japanese sakura flower. It's ancient, and somehow wise in its beauty. It reminds me of a kindly being, wrapped up in the petals clinging to the wispy branches of its tree." Questioningly, he looked to Charlotte. "And what of you my lady? What flower most draws your attentions?" The moment from before still lingered in his mind, but he was able to suppress the urge to look at her this time.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Now that she knew he wanted her to weave them into her hair, of course she would make sure to do so even if the idea wasn’t particularly appealing to her. The thought of placing dying flowers into her dark tresses seemed almost peasant like in its endeavour, but Charlotte smiled anyway. “My Prince is too kind,” she murmured as she lifted the lily towards her face to tuck the stem behind her ear, hoping he appreciated the gesture. Did that bother him that all the boys would look at her? It seemed like it might, but why had he said it then? As a diversion tactic, perhaps? From how he might feel? Again, the thought should have bothered her, but it didn’t seem to. “The sakura flower is beautiful,” the princess agreed, calling to mind the purity of its pinkness, and wondering if the palace held any of those trees. Perhaps she could arrange to bring some—for when he was better. For now, her concentration was needed elsewhere. “I’ve always admired the lotus flower,” she replied, sliding a glance in his direction as she noted the way that he rested his hand on his wound. “Especially the purple ones; I’ve read that they represent mysticism in the religion of Buddhism, which is mysterious in and of itself.” When his gaze met hers, it locked, and Charlotte found herself unable to look away. His eyes really were beautiful….

Without thinking too much of it, Charlotte reached out and took his hand in her own small ones, and giving his fingers a small squeeze, she sighed as she lowered her lashes, and whispered, “Your highness, I am worried about your wellbeing, and I think… I think it would be best for us to return inside so that you can rest in your bed. The strain on your wound… moving around… it cannot help with the healing process,” she reasoned, raising her dark eyes then to give him an imploring look. The lily that rested against her cheekbone was growing stronger in scent, and with her free hand, she removed it from behind her ear to place it between Cortez’s fingers. “Like the lily, you must rise stronger and from the darkness,” she told him with a gentle smile, hoping he’d listen to her. She knew how stubborn and headstrong he could be, but hopefully he’d see that being bedridden for the time being would be for his own good.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments At Charlotte's suggestion, something dark fell across Cortez's features. He shifted away from her, the movement slight, but easily discernible from his friendly manner of only moments before. "I am not a child, my lady." He said the words callously, almost angrily. Whereas before, my lady came across tender and delicate, this time it felt tinged in steel and frost.
Somewhere inside himself, Cortez knew he was reacting like a wounded animal gnashing its teeth at a well-intending recipient. However, he couldn't suppress the wave of anxiety that filled him at the prospect of returning to his chambers. The dreams. Oh, how the very thought filled him with terror.

He looked away from her, trying to suppress the sudden sadness which threatened to overcome him. Why did his dreams feel more real to him than this very moment? He was sinking. Sinking into the darkness clawing its way into his head. Fear made him venomous. "However, I no longer wish to see you. So, I will oblige your wish." Raising his voice, Cortez called for his servants to approach. "Please, escort Lady de Paula to her room. See to it, that I am brought to mine as well." Cortez firmly averted his gaze from Charlotte, unable to bare the sight of her hurt expression. She didn't understand. She only cared. Now he was punishing her for it.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) She could read it on his face the instant he became upset, and she had never been more regretful in her young life than she was now. His tone and physical reaction made her cringe inwardly, though the princess forced herself to keep her own feelings hidden behind a neutral expression. It wouldn't do to tell him that she knew he was not a child, so she simply made no response. Were he anyone else but the crowned prince of Liechtenstein, Charlotte might have told him that he shouldn't act like one, but even then, she had never been one to confront someone about the way they were misbehaving. Her ways were always far more subtle. It did indeed hurt when he told her he no longer wished to see her, but she took it in stride. He was angry--maybe slightly embarrassed (which she hadn't meant to make him feel)--and she was a reminder of a mistake he might have made and was now regretting. But it did still hurt. "Of course, your highness," Charlotte murmured as she stood, smoothing out her skirt to keep it from unintentionally exposing her legs in an unladylike fashion. "Rest well, Prince Cortez," the princess bowed, keeping her lashes lowered demurely, afraid to meet his eyes. His tone was harsh enough.

As she walked away, she couldn't help but think if she'd made the right decision.


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Lyndsey | 212 comments The Palace
Three months later

Today the prince walked. For the first time since his injury, he was able to stand with some assistance, and hobble across the room. The triumphant feat meant an end to his permanent residence in his quarters, and movement to other areas such as the library and gardens. Though he still had a long road to traverse before full recovery, the ability to walk put an end to the worst of his situation.

It'd been three months since Cortez had told off Charlotte by the pond. The next day, he'd acted as though nothing had happened. Briskly attending to his studies, he'd treated her with the same open friendliness of before---however, it was strained. He could tell he'd hurt her, and that she was now unsure of their relationship. He didn't know how to bridge that gap, and wondered if he even should.

Over time though, the incident was forgotten. Charlotte seemed more at ease around Cortez once again, and as for the prince himself, his spirits were lifted by his ability to move about once more.

The two sat in the lounge now, comfortably seated in the soft cousins of their chairs. They'd just finished a history lecture, and were now being served lunch---which was comprised of a light soup, sauteed vegetables, and rosemary seasoned bread.
Off to the side of the room, sat a large piano. A large window occupied most of the wall behind it, the light radiating from the glass panes causing the glossy piano wood to shimmer under its touch.

"Do you play, cousin?" Cortez asked, looking over at the piano for a moment. Though he'd been taught in the instrument, it was clear he'd never been gifted.
The tinkle of his spoon against the china bowl brought his attention back to his food, and then to Charlotte. He wondered if she was enjoying it.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) After almost four months of being bedridden, the prince had walked. Charlotte had not been present when he regained his steps, but she had heard the great news the moment she had made an appearance in his quarters for their scheduled scholastics. He had been so overjoyed with his accomplishment that the princess had smiled brightly (an expression that did not grace her usual calm face often), unable to keep the expression off her visage. He was making progress, and he was now fully on the road to recovery. He would not only live, he would thrive. It was almost hard to concentrate on their lecture that immediately followed the good news for every time Charlotte felt eyes on her, she’d glance up to see Cortez grinning across the table. His happiness was contagious and it made her joyful for him.

Now, whilst enjoying their light lunch, the princess glanced up from the birdlike sip of her soup, making sure to swallow before she replied, “Yes, I do. I sing as well,” she added. “Father likes it when I play for him, though I have yet to play for anyone else,” she admitted. “So I can’t be sure if I am actually gifted or if it’s only a parent’s love that says so,” she gave him a small smile before lowering her thick, sooty lashes against her pale white cheeks. “If your highness wishes,” (it had been a just over three months since the last time she’d called him Cortez), “I can play you a song when we’re finished eating,” she offered, a flutter of nerves suddenly blossoming in the pit of her stomach as she experienced a moment of self-doubt at her musical talents. There was something about the prince that made her want to please him, which proved to be a somewhat difficult feat at times. He was, as she was quickly learning, openly volatile, an emotional reaction so different from her own, the heat to her cold. But it meant that his positive reactions were that much more satisfactory for her and no doubt others; in fact, she was quite sure that the differences between them was what silently drew her to him.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments A brief flicker of eagerness shone through the princes's eyes, and he smiled. Pushing away his bowl, he motioned for an attendee to fetch it. "Of course cousin," rising with only slight difficulty, Cortez moved across the room and lifted the piano's fall board. It revealed a keyboard of pearly white keys, polished to perfection despite their lack of use. "I'd be honored to hear you play, my lady." He grinned encouragingly at her, extending his hand for her to take. "I love music, though I've never been gifted with it myself." Leading her to the piano, he let her seat herself comfortably before standing beside her. "Is there any music book you'd like brought, or have you memorized the music?"

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) His reaction was exactly what she had been anticipating, and when he smiled at her with genuine mirth, Charlotte felt her heart flutter inside her corseted chest. How was it that her cousin made her feel things no other young men had ever done so before? It seemed unnatural, immoral, and yet....

When he made his way to the piano, the princess watched him with a cautious expression. She did not want to rush to his aid, but if anything were to happen to him.... He seemed to be doing well on his own however, and once he had reached his destination, Charlotte stepped away from the table to follow him. She gave him a small smile as he offered her his hand, and accepting it, she slipped her cool digits into his warm palm. "Your highness is too modest," she told Cortez when he admitted to his musical inadequacies. "As for me, I can read music if you'd like to hear me play a particular piece, but if you want, I can play a song that my father has told me is his favourite." Without waiting for him to reply, the royal girl moved to sit herself down, but not before she gave his hand the slightest squeeze, so small that he might not have felt it. Smoothing down her skirts, the princess sat down on the cushioned bench before hovering her fingers above the polished, white keys. She thought for a second, and then dipping her chin in silent confirmation, the princess began to play.

Her nerves fluttered briefly in her ribcage as she wondered if the prince would like the music, but once the song took over, she became consumed by it, lost in concentration.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments She was beautiful, no. Radiant. As her fingers danced across the keys of the grand piano, he found himself distracted by her. Charlotte was everything he wanted. Delicate, creative, regal, supportive, and beautiful. She wasn't soft and frilly like the other girls he'd been introduced to over the past few weeks. With their blond curls and plastered smiles. She was sharp in contrast, exotic in a way his own blood found inviting. He knew his parents were consorting amongst themselves how best to marry him off, and yet they had no idea that Cortez had already found the woman he would marry. Bones, he'd watch the whole kingdom burn just to know she was his.

Music swelled through Crotez. Slowly, he reached out and touched her neck. His lips parted as the warm touch of her skin sent shivers through him. "Charlotte..." he whispered, his voice thick and husky. Pulling himself away from the spell Charlotte wove with her melody, he continued a little more firmly. "I have something to show you, in the gardens."

In the short time he'd known Charlotte, she'd had completely captivated him. As he looked at her, he realized with a sudden flare of undefined emotion, that who he had been was changing. He knew that if Charlotte was taken from him now, he would never again be the same.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) As her musical piece came to an end, Charlotte suddenly heard Cortez's voice close to the back of her head. His breath stirred the wisps of curls close to her ears, and when he placed his hand on her neck, she felt her heartbeat rise in her throat. His touch was like molten fire on her skin, sending both heat and a shiver through her tiny body. What was wrong with her? Was she... in love with him? Was this love? Don't be silly, Lotte, the princess scolded herself inwardly as she lifted her thick sooty lashes when the prince spoke again. What do you want to show me? she wanted to ask, but the words would not come out. "Of course, my prince," she replied demurely instead, thanking her lucky stars that her voice sounded calm and collected.

Rising from the bench, Charlotte met her cousin's eyes beneath the fringe of her dark lashes, her abyssal black eyes holding unspoken secrets. As they walked away from the piano, the princess stayed close to Cortez, though she was careful not to touch him. Not because she didn't want to; she just didn't trust her reaction to such close contact again.

Was it so wrong to feel for him this way? A few hundred years ago royalty married their cousins all the time, but Liechtenstein saw itself as advanced and frowned on such backwards acts. Plus there was the fact that both her and Cortez could be used to make powerful unions with potential allies. There was no way their parents would squander such opportunities. "What would you like to show me, your highness?" Charlotte finally asked sweetly as they stepped out into the warm sunshine. She was not wearing a shawl so she could feel the rays through her silk dress. She was wearing royal blue today with silver embroidery and black lace. It complimented her magnolia white skin wonderfully.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Cortez smiled at Charlotte, leading her across the room. "It's a surprise, you will like it." Letting her enter first, he then trailed after her, allowing the door to swing softly shut behind them. Their chaperons were left behind for the time being, likely amusing themselves with picking up after their meal. Seeing that Charlotte was headed towards the royal gardens, Cortez stopped her. "Actually, we're going this way." He motioned towards a corridor on the right, smiling as he saw her confusion. "You'll see," he assured her.

Taking a few turns down the west wing of the palace, they arrived at the entrance. It was made of iron bars, and sculpted glass roses. Turning the knob of the door, Cortez stepped inside, holding it open for Charlotte. The ground within was a carpet of budding flowers. Shades of purple, crimson, azure, and lavender glittered in the soft moonlight raining from the glass dome overhead. At the center of the greenhouse lay a pond. Hundreds of blossoming lotus flowers floated idly in the pool, reflecting pieces of the moonlight off their pale petals.

Cortez turned to Charlotte, he grinned at her, watching for her reaction. "It's a gift, for you, Charlotte." He looked over at the water, the perfume of the lotus flowers filling his senses. "I had them brought from across the world, for your garden. I figured that if I knew of one thing that would bring you happiness, I had to bring it to you." He looked at her then, the smile of earlier fading now. Cortez stared at her, unable to take his eyes off of her. Slowly, he reached out, and took her hand. Moving forward with her until they stood closer to the pond.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) "But, you said..." Charlotte trailed off, a quizzical look passing over her face as she regarded him. His smile and words of assurance returned the small, upward quirk to her lips and as she followed him, she almost asked him what mischief he was up to. The growing excitement in him made him seem... alive, the sickly pallor that had covered his skin for months practically gone. It made her heart swell to see him recovering so well.

When they stopped in front of the gate, the princess couldn't help but admire the beautiful carving of the iron, thinking to herself that the work reminded her of herself. The roses were of such wonderful craftsmanship that were they not translucent, she would have thought they were real. She stepped into the room when Cortez opened it for her, and could not keep the expression of wonder off her face.

For a moment, Charlotte was breathless. She had never seen a more beautiful garden in her life, and she didn't think she ever would. She heard the prince speak to her, and she couldn't believe her ears. He had done this? For her? After the way he had spoken to her that day in the garden, the princess had thought that her cousin had not cared for her as much as she would have liked. When he held out his hand to take hers, she willingly accepted it, closing her cool, pale fingers around around his warm skin. "My prince, I don't know what to say," the young royal admitted as she kept her head tilted up to drink in her surroundings, her onyx eyes sparkling in the low light. "How did you get the moon to shine while the sun is still out?" she enquired, though she did not see him giving up his secrets so willingly. Something told her her cousin liked being in control.

They paused by the lake, and Charlotte glanced down at the lotuses floating around in the gentle current. "I love it, thank you so much, Cortez," the princess whispered, using his Christian name for the first time since "the incident." She gave his hand a squeeze, this time the movement hard enough for him to certainly feel it. She was grateful her raven curls hid her face from his gaze for she knew she was blushing. For a girl who was always so under control of her emotions, it felt foreign for her to feel them showing.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Cortez gently squeezed Charlotte's hand as her fingers wrapped themselves around his. He felt the pulse of life beneath her fingers, beating in tandem with his own. "I had some of my advisers arrange it with the help of our royal engineers and technicians. The Lotus flower grows better by the dim light of the moon, and so I made sure that this would perpetually be the most ideal setting for them." He looked to her, once more caught in the beauty of her.

"I love it, thank you so much, Cortez," Charlotte whispered.

Without thinking, Cortez rose a finger to her lips, tenderly hushing her. "You needn't thank me..." he breathed, his heart hammering in his chest. "It was for you." Then he leaned in then, and he kissed her. Her lips were soft, like the plumage of a swan, or the caress of a velvet rose. She tasted of dreams by starlight, of sweet chocolate and berries. Realizing himself, Cortez abruptly pulled back. "I-I... I apologize, I..." He trailed off, searching her face for any hint of panic or surprise. A sharp tint of longing painted his heart... his lungs... his eyes. He could barely keep himself from reaching out for her once more, and taking her back into his arms. A deep pressure within, called out savagely to Cortez, demanding for him to act without thinking. However, he couldn't... he was not a beast. "Charlotte," Cortez whispered. "I know this goes against everything we were taught as children, but..." he paused, unsure of what her reaction to his words would be. "I love you, Charlotte. Not in the way relatives should, but in the way a man loves a woman." At this, he reached out to her, touching the side of her cheek. With a sigh, he finished, "you are more beautiful than this garden could ever be, dear cousin."

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) It was clear he'd be a good Prince when the time came, Charlotte thought to herself yet again as Cortez explained how he had managed to pull off such a feat of engineering. Liechtenstein boasted a number of well educated scientists and engineers; though it was a small country, it prided itself in its education, and it showed. She was blown away with how much work it must have been for her cousin to go through just for her. Having grown up in the lap of luxury and as a person of importance, the princess knew her self worth. But she also knew her place, and it was well below the crown prince's; therefore, the fact that he went through the barest bit of effort for her was more than she would have ever expected.

His finger on her lips was warm and inviting, and her heartbeat quickened. She glanced up from the pond, and before she knew it, his mouth was on hers, stealing a kiss.

Was this happening? Was she dreaming? All of it? Charlotte kissed him back without really realizing what she was doing, and even though she had been kissed before, it had never been like this. His lips were a perfect fit for hers, his breath warm and... and then he was pulling back and she found herself following his movement, her neck stretching slightly until she remembered her manners and froze, blinking rapidly to compose herself. His apology made her want to reach out and take his hand, but she dared not for it wasn't proper.

But then he spoke. Everything he said was what she had been thinking as well, and before she could stop herself, Charlotte reached out to take his hand in her own and stepped towards him. "I love you too, Tez," she told him, her dark eyes meeting his chartreuse ones as she gazed at him with an intensity that wasn't usually seen in an adolescent's young face. For she did. She realized that now. "I love you," she repeated with conviction. His words brought a flush to her pale cheeks. He thought she was beautiful. That knowledge made her heart soar.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Cortez stared at Charlotte, then stepped forward. Slipping his arms around her waist, he pulled her against his body, removing all space between them. His hand cupped her neck, and without a word he kissed her once more. He melted into the feel of her, forgetting who he was and what they were. All that mattered was Charlotte, her heart against his chest, her breath rising in his throat. He pulled away slightly and murmured, "I will make you my queen, Lotte. I'm the prince, and heir to the throne. When my father is gone, there will be no one left to stop me." He looked at her, intensity shining through the murky haze they were under. Despite the nativity of his words, he truly believed what he was saying. Or rather, sought to convince not only Charlotte, but himself. Such thoughts though, were discouraged from finding place in his mind for the time being. In his youthfulness, he cared only for the moment, and lacked the depth of thinking further into their situation. Not only were they breaking rules embedded deep in their royal history, but they were violating principles that went beyond mortal law. Relations simply could not intimately reside together, the children of these arrangements bore testimony to that.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) She wasn't quite sure what she had been expecting when she declared her love, but Cortez's reaction to her words exceeded her hopes. Charlotte felt his arms encircle her corseted waist, and when he pulled her close, she willingly closed the distance between them. As far as kisses went, theirs was as hesitant as it was passionate, at least on her part. Having little to no experience made her more reserved than her nature might have been, but the princess was a perfectionist, and until she knew if she were doing something right, she'd be cautious. Her hands rose to clasp his arms, her small fingers closing around the material of his chemise. She could feel the heat of his skin through his expensive clothing, the warmth warming her digits. Her heart palpitated in her chest, what little air she had in her lungs running out from overstimulation.

It was all very romantic, and for the first time in her young life, Charlotte thought that she might swoon. Having never really been prone to flights of fancy, despite possessing an overly idealistic point of view, the princess thought that this might have been the closest she'd ever come to living a fairytale. The crown prince was in love with her and wanted to marry her when he could have any young woman in the kingdom and outside of it. If it were all a dream, she hoped she'd never wake up.

Boldly, her arms traveled up until they encircled his neck, and gazing up at him through the fringe of her thick, black lashes, Charlotte replied with a breathless whisper, "I would be honored to be your queen, my prince."

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Her words were enough to hush his pounding heart, and the nervous flutter of his consciousness. If they were to break the facts of reality, they would do so together. With her arms around him, he gazed hungrily into her eyes. Everything she was, was his. Freely given, and for Cortez to take. He wanted it too. He wanted her, Charlotte, forever. He took her hand in his, and slid another to the small of her back. Slowly, he led her in a slow dance across the moon lit garden. Even without music, the moment was magical. Suspended in time, and frozen in fever.

Time passed, and soon their time had run out. Servants would gossip if they weren't in their rooms. Gently, Cortez pulled away and brushed a lock of hair from Charlotte's face. "Meet me here, tomorrow night?"

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) It was all a dream.

Or at the very least it felt like one, and she wasn't sure she wanted to wake if reality proved to be different. The warmth from his body seeped through their clothing and touched her skin, heating her to her core.

Charlotte felt her gaze glued to Cortez's, her onyx orbs unable to pull away from his unnerving ones. His gaze bore into hers, and found its way into her soul. She was his. Now and forever more.

His voice broke the spell, but the princess registered its urgency and unsung warning. "Of course, your majesty," she murmured, her hand following the trail of his finger down her cheek. "Nine o'clock," she whispered.

She began to pull away--with heavy reluctance--but not before she caught his gaze once more. She held it for several long seconds. Then, she dropped her lashes and fled, her skirts rustling in the silence.

Tomorrow night would not come soon enough.


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Lyndsey | 212 comments ((Should we now have the break in with the King? He arranged something where Charlotte thought Cortez was with someone else, and she thought she'd been played and that he wasn't serious in his intentions?))

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) ((Yeah, so I can end the scene?))

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Lyndsey | 212 comments ((Sure thing!))

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) ((Okay, do you want to start the new one, or should I? Who's playing the king?))

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Lyndsey | 212 comments ((Uhm, let's see... I can start the new one if you have no qualms about it, and would you like to play the king? I will invent a guard or nurse maid to aid the agenda ^^))

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) ((Okay!))

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