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message 1: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Troske | 55 comments Willow,

My completed novel, Supernaturals - The Rising, a YA piece with some light sci-fi, could use some extra eyes. If you like Percy Jackson, X-men, or superheroes of any kind and works of similar nature/style, I believe you'll enjoy this book.

Here's a quick summary...

Ethan is just an ordinary teenage boy—infatuated with sports music and, of course, girls. Or so he thinks. Heading home on a rainy night from an amateur guitar gig, he finds his life turned completely upside down—literally. His car spins and flips out of control after what he believes to be a small animal jumps out in front of him. The horrific accident is only the beginning of a series of mysterious and seemingly unrelated events that will change his life forever.

After awaking in the hospital, and following an encounter with an enigmatic doctor, Ethan discovers that something that occurred during the wreck allows him to hear others' thoughts, and even more perplexing, move objects with his mind. While trying to wrap his head around this mystery, he realizes he’s not the only one, that there are others out there like him; those with special powers. Not long after learning of this new world, Ethan’s ever increasing lack of control places those around him at serious risk. In order to protect those he loves, he makes the difficult decision to leave and join with a group of other so called Supernaturals to learn how to master his abilities. Shortly after he is recruited, Ethan is sent on a mission to kidnap who he believes to be the enemy leader in a well concealed Supernaturals war. But the further he becomes embedded in this new world, the more he discovers things are not quite what they seem and doesn't know who can be trusted.

In this first installment of the Supernaturals series, Ethan discovers that super powers aren’t always so super, and is faced with difficult decisions that will not only affect his own life, but which may determine the life or death of his newfound companions and mentor.

Let me know if you'd be interested.

message 2: by Tevis (new)

Tevis Shkodra (tevisshkodra) | 6 comments Hello Willow,

At the moment, i currently have a dystopian novel on the brink of being finished. Despite not having completed the work as of yet, i have only 3 chapters remaining. It is at the moment untitled, and by the end will stand around 50,000 words. It is slightly political, talking about the poor and rich classes, the inequality gap, and capitalism as a viable system. Perhaps you may like to know more.

The novel discusses a dystopian work in which technology has reached the point where reading is useless. It is taboo. Literature, and the information it holds is simply--for a small fee of course--downloaded into the recipients brain. This technology, having been commercialized for a century, has led to several social changes.

Firstly, as can be with today's world, the inequality gap has reached, and continued to reach extremes. The rich climbed to new heights of wealth, and the poor descended even further into poverty. The rich however, despite their entitlements, and inheritance, have now--through the use of this technology--also cornered the market on intelligence, seeing as they are the only ones able to afford this new service. The poor, who have very little work opportunities, cannot afford such services, and therefore don't even waste the time to read, because, to them, it will not get them anywhere in life. Reading will not change the class system in place, and it will not get them a job, or a better life. The standard of living has fallen.

Of course this is simply a scenario, and within this scenario is a story that links the two very different worlds. I am a previously published author of a dystopian novella, and would be very honoured if you would like to take a look at some chapters, and give me your honest opinion.

Thank you,


message 3: by Alexia (last edited Sep 04, 2015 10:21AM) (new)

Alexia D. | 16 comments Hi Willow!

Thank you for caring about the creative process! How kind. I would be honored for you to provide feedback on my 88k Sci-Fi, Fantasy novel. I understand you have a favorite genre, however I am looking for general feedback this time around rather than genre expertise per se.

Here's a blurb/overview:

A natural gift for reading? Of course! A means of induction into a millennia-old society of thinker-readers? Lealla Holliday never would have guessed...
The year twenty thirty-three is part of the beginning of the end of independent thought. Thanks to a covert organization seeking to monopolize introspection and reflective thinking, people are beginning to read less and follow the status quo more. Their aim? To eliminate all materials that get minds working productively. All of this is destined to be challenged when Lealla Holliday ventures into the new Library in town. She learns that she is needed alongside other avid readers that are specially-equipped to use their literacy to create a tangible field of energy that can power a vast network. But is she willing to do die for it?

Brutal publishing world-quality feedback doesn't scare me. In fact, it fuels me!
- solid plot/presentation?
- characters real and three-dimensional?
- characters relatable?
- any holes in plot?
- anything about story that falls flat/is anti-climactic?

So far I have made 2 rounds of edits, but recognize the value of connecting with brilliant people.

Would you be willing to give it a go? Let's collaborate!
I can be reached at

message 4: by Alexia (new)

Alexia D. | 16 comments That's alright. Thank you Willow!

message 5: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Wall (goodreadscomnathanwall) | 46 comments Willow, what genre do you read? You kind of have people grasping at straws.

message 6: by C.L. (new)

C.L. (cindy_mccourt) | 10 comments Hi Willow,
Kota's Escape is a 69K word Suspense/Intrigue Romance, emphasis on intrigue.

Featured in this story is an undercover FBI agent with Native American heritage, Homeland Security, ex-CIA operatives, and Local LEOs. Of course, the story has some bad guys. There's a murder, a chase scene, a kidnapping, and more. Add to this some family drama for the lead female character and you get intrigue, suspense, and a little romance.

I will confess, I have not had it copy edited so the occasional missing letter or word might be present.

I just need to know if the story keeps you turning the pages. If the complex evidence trail is dealt with clearly. Do I stretch any legal procedures to be too unbelievable? Is the brewing relationship something one can imagine?


message 7: by Marianne (new)

Marianne Perry | 5 comments Wanted to say I'm learning much from these discussions. I've yet to ask for a beta reader but will do so when finished the third draft of my current book. Currently writing draft two. Much appreciated and will continue following discussions. Thank you.

message 8: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Michael Hello,

I'm trying to find a few beta readers to read my novel and provide feedback so I can proceed with a thorough revision. The book was originally published last year and has hit three Amazon best seller lists. It has had a profession edit so hopefull it won't be too rough to read. It is a young adult paranormal fantasy with a touch of romance. The manuscript is roughly 85,000 words.


TC Michael

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