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message 1: by Blindzider, Moderator (new)

Blindzider | 3125 comments Mod
I'm curious if some of you have developed a preferred/favorite time period when reading superhero stories. It's my impression that most new readers prefer the decompressed storytelling of modern comics (2000's and up) and would go back as far as the 1990's, but find anything before that either too simple (art or story), or the writing "tells" you too much of what is going on and too verbose.

My theory is people only really like the 2 decades before they started reading comics. For example, I started reading in the 80's but will only go back to the 60's. Anything else before that is really hard for me to read (mainly the original DC stuff.) I do like modern stuff and really comes down to if it's a good story and entertains me.

So what about you? When did you start reading and how far back do you like to read?

message 2: by Relstuart, Mod+ (new)

Relstuart | 2810 comments Mod
I started reading super-hero comics in the early 90s (pre/young teen) when I found a re-print of Steranko Captain America at Wal-Mart. But, I was already a huge reader. I devoured and loved boys books from the nineteen teens to the 60s mainly. I had a couple serious bouts of reading everything I could on a subject (astronomy and then a year or so later, the American Civil War) but my main love was boys fiction. So my style that I enjoyed ranged from fairly simple to some fairly complex stuff.

The Golden Age stuff is often to simple for me to really love. The early Fantastic Four (easing into the Silver Age?)has some really good depth despite it's simplicity. I think many modern readers would chafe at how simple it is and how good the good guys are. Marvel was groundbreaking in giving their heroes real struggles and imperfections but frequently Silver Age heroes were nothing like the modern characters deeply riven with flaws, doubts, and sometimes even evil by the good guys (Say no to registration! Stand with Captain America!). As far as what I really enjoy reading, I have to look at my favorite runs to define that, Simonson Thor, Gruenwald's final Cap run, Steranko's Cap, Marvel GI Joe, Brubaker Cap/DD/Iron Fist, and Bendis DD/New Avengers. So I like 80s and early 90s with a big gap until we got to the more modern age.

message 3: by Cheese (new)

Cheese I would say that modern stuff is best, but there are some old gems like Lone wolf and cub and the Uncanny x-men that keep there age so i suppose i would base my reading on quality of the writing and recommendations. I don't often bias my opinion on the time period.

message 4: by boymeetscomics (new)

boymeetscomics | 79 comments I started reading comics in the early 80's.. so I will always have the 80's superheroes in my heart. Right now, I find myself reading more Image comics than Marvel or DC. I think Image is pumping out a lot of great non-superhero comics that are of more interests to me these days.

message 5: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Lleras | 13 comments like wich ones interest you the most these days from idw?

message 6: by Sage (new)

Sage (thaczero) | 96 comments Hmm... great question! I started reading in the early 80s and seriously collecting in the late 80s/early 90s. Mostly just Marvel at the time. I find it difficult to go very far back for Marvel material (exceptions being Spider-Man and X-Men). I read the Iron Man Omnibus (Michelinie Leyton) and while it was enjoyable, I really wasn't fond of the one-off issues. I expected Demon in the Bottle to be an epic story arc but it was like one or two issues max. Also found it tough watching Burt Reynolds run around playing Tony Stark.

I'm not sure why I can read the early X-Men/Spidey stuff. Maybe it's because I grew up reading those titles so there's a soft spot in my heart for them.

It seems that we've had a small renaissance over the past 15 years or so with comics. The material that is published now is light years ahead of what we had growing up. The art, the storylines, the characters. Far more depth and creativity than I ever thought possible. Image, IDW, and Dark Horse also putting out fantastic material to read when you get bored of Super Heroes.
I have so much to catch up on (not to mention all the DC I failed to read as a kid) that I find myself heavily favoring comics from the modern era.

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