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Re-reading books

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Wavels Having had an aversion to re-reading books over the years, I am quite surprised by how delightful reading a favorite book again can be. I started doing this about a year ago.
I am reading Lonesome Dove again about twenty five years after I initially read this great novel...it's even better than I remembered!
In fact, all of the books I have re-read have thus far exceeded my expectations.

Books I have read again:
Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
The Stand.
Nicholas Nickleby
Pale Gray for Guilt by J.D. MacDonald
And now I am halfway through Lonesome Dove, and my intense enjoyment thereof has compelled me to post this discussion topic

Rhonda I plan to re-read Confederacy of Dunces soon.

Wavels Thanks for mentioning Confederacy of Dunces, Rhonda...I think that it will make an excellent re-read, as I read it about 25 years ago...

Todd That's a good idea, re-reading this book. There are only a handful of books I've read for a second time, too, one of them being Lord of the Rings, same as you. Instead of The Stand, though, I'm thinking of re-reading Swan Song by McCammon -- just liked it better.

Others in which I've double-dipped: The Andromeda Strain, Wuthering Heights, and Neuromancer. All just as good the second time. Enjoy!

Mary For me, the re-read books have been The Razor's Edge, The Moon and Sixpence, Of Mice and Men, and Pride and Predjudice - and Lonesome Dove.

Beverly I reread A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and enjoyed it as much as I did fifty years ago.

Mary Oh, I re-read all of the time. Sometimes I have been known to finish a book and turn immediately back to page 1 and begin again. Books are like friends and I like to revisit them over and over. :0)

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