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D.H. Montgomery | 2 comments "Karma Dead Ahead" Synopsis: Two graduate students in a university paranormal research lab become accidental detectives as they go searching for a woman who fails to return from her Caribbean vacation. They get help from a group of psychics known as the “Gang of Four” and a modern, hi-tech witch. The psychics reveal that a karmic debt from two hundred years ago has put the woman on a path to danger. After some brilliant deductions and twists and turns, the two detectives come face to face with a deranged killer and his intended latest victim. Just as karma set off the chain of events in the beginning, it also determines the dramatic outcome.

This book is G/GP, but there are some allusions to kinky sex and some (unusual) violence during the climax. There's also a decent amount of humor and satirical elements.

Looking for reviews on Amazon and GoodReads, anything else a plus. Available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle (you don't need a Kindle to read a Kindle book, just take 30 seconds to download the app -- google "Kindle App for PC" -- and read it on any computer. You can also read it on an iPad or iPhone. Will gift you the book (only 99 cents during the review period), so the review is Verified.

More info about the book at:

More about the author and the unusual backstory behind the creation of the book:


-- D.H. Montgomery

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Madelon (madelonw) I am a little backed up with books to review right now, but I am a firm believer in reviews not necessarily all hitting the web at the same time. In other words, there is no such thing as a timely review. It just be the one-off that generates a sale. If you are good with this, I read on Kindle, so mobi is my format of choice.

My email is

I look forward to the opportunity to read and review your book.

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