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Who read The House at Sugar Beach?
Allie Bullock Allie Aug 10, 2015 06:15AM
So, what did you all think? I'm mesmerized by the interesting history behind this story. What I found most engaging was the familiar voice of those who have deep roots in American soil. I love how proud the family was of their heritage. It's like when my ancestors migrated to America and how they must've felt about their homeland. My favorite part of this story was when Helene and Eunice would go off into their girl world and express their views about the world, boys, etc. and how the parents through thick and thin had these kids' backs. The upending is quite disturbing and the continued unrest in Liberia is heartbreaking. This book drew me in from page one. I'm almost at the finish line now and I sense that I'll have to reach for the kleenex some more.

i did! i really enjoyed it. you can google the house and it will show you a few pics. pretty interesting.

I read it several years ago and still think about it. Her story will stay with you.

I read this book after I finished writing my book, THE DUNG BEETLES OF LIBERIA: A NOVEL BASED ON TRUE EVENTS. Helene Cooper's "The House at Sugar Beach" takes place about 5 years after my hero is in Liberia. The Americo-Liberians were in charge of society and government and the indigenous people had nothing. Cooper gives an honest, if not somewhat embarrassed account of the situation (she IS Americo-Liberian) whereas my hero is a young American who arrives without any idea of the culture he is going to have to live in. The two books are fascinating side by side. They both tell a truth from entirely opposite points of view!

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