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Suggest books for me > YA retellings of The Swiss Family Robinson, The Time Machine, or War and Peace

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I really enjoyed The Swiss Family Robinson when I was younger; War and Peace sounds kind of interesting, but too challenging; I've read two easy versions of The Time Machine and I own the full/unabridged version.

So do you have any recommendations for YA retellings of these? I'm not talking about Great Illustrated Classics. I mean books like Splintered. Basically, a book that's a darker and/or more modern twist. As long as it's NOT the same exact story with simpler language, it's fine. (Do books like that exist for these particular classics?)

Thanks! :)

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LauraW (lauralynnwalsh) | 374 comments I haven't read it, but I am wondering if The Martian would have a similar theme to The Swiss Family Robinson - survival in a remote place.

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I definitely want to read that one. :)

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