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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη The camp has a little forest in it, leading into a large, open cave with a small waterfall. The warriors den are next to the forest and so is the apprentices, while the leaders is in the middle and everything else in inside, its also a little sandy.
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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Darkstar padded into the camp, the little kit in his jaws and Hawkfeather by his side. Just around that time, Moondust, Lightningforst, Hawkfrost and Goldendawn with Echostorm came padding into the camp. "Father, Father!" Moondust said, running up to him but stopping hi her tracks when she was the kit.

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((Where is Forest? O.o))

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((sorry im back0)

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((Ok! :D))

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HawkFeather quietly watched, "i better get food for the kit" he thought and looked at Darkstar

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Moon woke up, and looked around the camp with wide eyes. There were many cats, and they were looking at her.

Echostorm limped over to the kit and sniffed her. "Where did you find the kit?" She asked, forgetting about the fox.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "In the woods." Darkstar mumbled through the kits fur. "She really needs some food." He mumbled, then looked over to Hawkfreather, and asked if she could get some. Placing the kit down infront of him, Moondust withthe help of Hawkfrost told him about the fox, and asked more questions about the kit. He then explained the he would take her in.

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HawkFeather nodded and dissapered into the forest to get the kit some food, "poor kit, so thin" he thought

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Moon looked around, scared for her life. She shook, afraid of all of the strange cats. "P-please don't h-hurt me..." She said, trying not to shake.

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((sorry sorry!! im back!!))

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Darkstar looked down at here from where he was. "Where not going to hurt you, little one. Mind telling us your name?" He asked. While the four cats sat down.

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HawkFeather came back carring a mouse in his mouth, "a mouse for the little one" he thought walking over and dropped in at there paws

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"M-my name's Moon." She said, looking at the mouse. Her stomach grumbled, and she yearned to eat the mouse. So hungry.... She thought, her stomach grumbling.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "Thats a nice name." Moondust said to her.
"Eat the mouse, Hawkfeather got it for you." Darkstar said, settling down behind here where he already was.

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((back sorry))

HawkFeather sat down watching and nodded politely not saying anything as he was selected mute.

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Moon padded up to the mouse and sniffed it. Smells fine to me.... She thought before taking a bite. She licked her lips, silently rejoicing that she was eating again. She took a few more bites before she yawned.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "I'm going to call a Clan meeting." Darkstar said. "To tell everyone about Moon, and this fox you had said to battled. Echostorm, please go see the med cat for some help, your leg dosent look to good." He explained, looking down at Moon. "Moon, this is DuskClan. One of the four clans that have claimed this land. You will be staying with us and be under our care from now on, and I shall be looking after you, my name is Darkstar, leader of this Clan. I will explain more in later." Darkstar went on, before walking some way and leaping up on a large rock along with Moondust behind him. "All cats that are old enough to get there own pray, please gather here at the tall rock." His voice echoed without the camp. As Lightingfrost, Hawkfrost and Goldendawn, the cats that where in the fox battle sat down and Swiftleaf, a sleepy female came from the warriors den, and asked what was going on to the other cats.

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Hawkfeather got up and sat underneath the tall rock quietly. "Moon..." he thought wordering what was gonna happen

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Echostorm dipped her head and headed towards the medicine cat den. She passed Thunderstrike, who had just come from taking a nap. He looked at Moonkit, question in his eyes. Are we really going to take in another mouth to feed? He thought, taking his place beneath the Tall Rock.

Moon looked around at all of the cats. She was going to live with all of them? Surely this many cats could not live together. She looked at Darkstar, her big green eyes looking into his.

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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "There are two things that I would like to bring your minds to." He said, looking away from Moon and into the rest of the cats. "One, there is a fox roaming the lands of the forests. Moondust, Goldendawn, Echostorm, Lightningfrost and Hawkfrost have seen and battled it, and I would like you all to stay on your gard. No apprentice should go out alone now without a warrior until we have got rid of the fox." Darkstar took a little breather before carrying on. "The second thing I would like to inform you all about it a new little kit that will be staying with us. Myself and Hawkfeather found her in the South forest, and has told her name to us. Her name is Moon, and I will be taking care of her. I would like you all to be easy on her, and we all now that the clan is facing hard times, and we could always use with one more warrior." Darkstar looked around, suddenly thinking of the gathering. "Also, I have chosen the cats for the gathering. I know it's a little before it, but I would like to say the cats that will be going." Darkstar began to list cats who would come, and others who would stay and gard the camp.

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Hawkfeather listened carefully for his name, he shuffled his paws listening, "a fox?" he thought hoping it wasn't to close to there clan

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Thunderstrike shook his head. Another warrior? Please. She'll just use us to get food and shelter, then she'll probably run home to her mother. He thought, looking at the kit with harsh eyes.

Moon looked around, and could feel the cats looking at her. She saw a brown tabby with a white stomach looking at her, and she shrank under his gaze.

((I think I'm going to make Thunderstrike be her mentor.... >:)))

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη ((I was gonner make Darkstar her mentor, but ok :P))

"And Hawkfeather~" He finsihed of the list of cats who would be comming. "The rest of the cats will be staying here, and they will get a chance to come to the next gathering and be swapped with other cats so everyone gets a chance." Darkstar ended the topic. "There is one last think, and as this gathering is dragging on, I will make it short. Moon." He said, looking back at the little kit. "Do you wish to change your name to Moonkit, and have a warrior name when you are old enough, or would you like to stay with your name as just Moon?" He asked her.

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hawkfeather dipped his head and listened watching Darkstar and Moon, "i get to go..i needed to stretch my paws" he thought

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Moon looked up at him. "U-um, yes..." She said quietly, looking at the ground.

Thunderstrike looked at Moon. I bet she's not going to last a moon. He thought, narrowing his eyes.

((Hmm.... Who to choose, who to choose...))

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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη ((how about Moonclaw? Moonpelt? Moonshine? Moonriver? Moonwater? Mooneye? Moonheart? Moonfire? Moonsong? Moonwhisper? Moonflame? Moonripple? Moonstorm? Moontail? Moonstream? Moonfeather? Moonflight? Moondance? Moonrain? Moonpool? Moonjump? Moonsway? Moonlook? Moonadder? Moonstrike? Moonlightning? Moonberry? Moonpounce? Moonfang? Moonmist? Moonspirit? Moonshadow? Moonwish? Moonfleck? Moonblossom? Moonwind? Moonrock? Moonice? Moon-nose? Moondream? Moonflank? Moonspiral? Moonscar? Moonspot? Moonlong? Moonspeak?))

"Very well, your name from now on shall be Moonkit, until your are 6 moons old. This clan meeting is over." He said, jumping down the tall rock with Moondust.

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((OMG AHHH! Probably Moonshine or Moonshadow.))

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Hawkfeather got up and shook his fur, he sniffed the air, "huh?" he thought confused smelling something

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((you forgot Moon-Moon))

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "Come with me, Daughter." He told Moondust. "I need you to talk with Moonkit and me." He said. "Moon." Darkstar called her cover, his warming blue eyes soon found her. He looked around to see that Hawkfeather had...seen or smelt something, oh my did he have to be mute he thought, as she stood there for a few seconds before turning his gaze back to his daughter and Moonkit.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη ((its Willowshines go.))

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((Oh sorry))

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Moonkit slowly walked over to Darkstar, wondering who the other cat was. She looked up at Darkstar, her eyes still wide with fear. She had gotten use to him, but it was strange being around so many cats.

Thunderstrike continued to look at Moonkit until she walked up to Darkstar, and walked away towards the camp exit. What is this clan coming to?

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "This is my daughter, Moonkit. Her name is Moondust. I would like to talk to you about a few things. Follow me." Darkstar said, walking to his den.
"Hi!" Moondust said, smiling at Moonkit.

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hawkfeather kept sniffing, "smells familure" he thought, Hawkfeather turned around a realized he wasn't in camp anymore, "huh? where am I?" he thought looking around, he sniffed "what is that smell?" he thought.

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Moonkit followed Darkstar, looking at Moondust. "Hi." She said in a quiet voice. She use to be energetic and crazy, but since she saw her mother being slaughtered she hadn't been the same.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Looking once around the camp, Darkstar saw that Hawkfeather was standing there, he was just in his own world, Darkstar thought as he entered his den.

((shall I post first?
and also, Forest, do you want one of my cats to stay out here with Hawkfeather so you can carry on posting?))

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hawkfeather looked confused

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Moonkit followed them, a worried look on her face. This day couldn't possibly get worse... She thought as she entered Darkstar's Den.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη While the three cats entered the leaders den, Swiftleaf stayed outside, and saw Haekfeather just standing there. she went up to him, and asked him what was wrong.

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hawkfeather turned and tipped his head being mute he wouldn't answer

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "Ugh, never mind." She said, shaking her head. "Hmmm, you ok?" She asked, knowing he would be able to answer with a nod or a shake of his head.

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Hawkfeather shrugged and sniffed the air again, "what Is that smell" he thought

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Standing next to Hawkfeather, Swiftleaf sat down.

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Hawkfeather turned and and tipped his head so confused

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη ((Idk what to post, take my turn))

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Hawkfeather opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed it, '"remember HawkFeather you must never talk" he thought and sighed

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