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message 1: by Ramla Zareen (new)

Ramla Zareen Ahmad | 1173 comments Mod
Hello everyone, 

Hope all is well at your end :-)

You are all requested to please suggest a Young-Adult / New-Adult Romance book for us to read in the month of April, 2016 :-)

You have till 25th March, 2016 to nominate the book that you wish to (you can even suggest a book that is written by you...!)

...and on 26th March, 2016, the selected book will be announced here

...along with the link to the discussion thread where you can describe your reading experiences regarding that book...!

Please try not to make your comments too specific in the discussion but if you would like to mention certain revelatory facts about the story, then please use the spoiler feature.*

Looking forward to your participation :-)

Thanks ...and happy reading...! :-)

--Ramla Zareen

*spoiler feature: < spoiler>...< /spoiler>

There wouldn't be a space after the two front brackets, but I have put them there so that the formula shows up.  

message 2: by Odette (new)

Odette Brethouwer (odettebrethouwer) I want to read the New Adult series After, so I would like to nominate that!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi everyone, how about getting your April read now.
A new giveaway has started on Ardentes Libri website.
Hurry up! Go to the website http://novconfic.alanye.com/ and get your free book now
And please don't forget to give it a decent review and a like to the author Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Dai-Alanye-196...

Thank you

message 4: by Staphysagria (new)

Staphysagria My suggestion for Young adult/New Adult romance:
I absolutely love the "Lost in Oblivion" series by writer team Taryn Elliott and Cari quinn. What amazes me most is how they manage to write about a rock concert and actually make you feel (and imagine you can hear the music) the atmosphere as if you were standing in the sidelines. Book 1 is better to start than the prequel. So my suggestion is "Rocked" (Book 1) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott (and get you all hooked on the rest)

message 5: by Ramla Zareen (new)

Ramla Zareen Ahmad | 1173 comments Mod
Hello everyone, 

Hope all is well at your end :-)

Thanks for recommending books for our April group read ...and the selected book is:

After After (After, #1) by Anna Todd by Anna Todd

Discussion Thread:


Well, looking forward to interacting with you all in the discussion :-)

Thanks ...and happy reading! :-)

--Ramla Zareen

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