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message 1: by Ayala (last edited Aug 10, 2015 12:16AM) (new)

Ayala Deer (ayaladeer) | 10 comments Does anyone own/make fursuits on here?
Do you like fursuits. Or is it not your thing?
Who's your dream Fursuit Maker~

Also, mine was just completed by Kilcodo Costumes in July. Thought I'd share a pic of how she turned out :D

message 2: by Joey (new)

Joey (mostlyjoe) | 51 comments Okay, that suit is amazing!

message 3: by Altivo (new)

Altivo Overo | 42 comments Very nice. Kilcodo is a new name to me. I have two suits, a horse and a wolf, that I made myself. If you know a little sewing, the construction part isn't that hard. Design seems to be what holds more people up.

message 4: by Jody (new)

Jody (jodyspage) | 1 comments I'm going to be looking for someone to make mine (coyote, full suit) when I'm ready. Fursuits are the best part for me.

message 5: by Rickie (new)

Rickie (tigerwriter93) | 1 comments I currently don't own one, but I would love to get one...then I remember I'm a broke college student :(

Obviously, I would get one of my 'sona. I've found a couple makers I like: By Cats for Cats and Made Fur You; they both make some cute/awesome suits. However, there's one local maker I know of and one I've only heard of, though I haven't looked into either.

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