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This is the second book I was prescribed to read from Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh because of my anger issues due to becoming ill with a blood borne pathogen. It is interesting to read about his psychological advice; he uses western psychology integrated within Buddhist philosophy to help heal suffering, anger and pain. The Buddhist philosophy acknowledges anger and mindfulness as organic substances not separate from each other, therefore, they are non-dualistic. In the western psychological affront, anger and mindfulness are separate entities and possess a dualistic yin and yang ideal.

He talks about two steps toward finding homeostasis: to develop insight and understanding toward non-duality and inter-being, you attain a consciousness of awareness of your body through mental formulations. Through the development of mental formations you're able to understand the two zones within that anger possesses and mindfulness interact between these two zones of energy.

The most important center in the body is the heart chakra where you're able to concentrate the energy learned through the two energy zones, and apply the heart sutra toward becoming a whole integrated person through love of oneself.

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Vastu Alchemy: The Law of 4 Interactions

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