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Because every good rp group has a McDonnalds *Sits with a frozen coke daring someone to challege*

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Phoenix walked in unnoticed using her powers to stay invisible. She nicked someone's order and sat at a table in the darkest corner with a frozen coke and sipped while looking around the room

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"Oh really dad?" she answered sarcastically with a smile

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"Money that I'm saving up" she replied "since mum won't buy me it"

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"I see nothing wrong with buying me a revolver" she retorted with a sip of frozen coke.

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Phoenix crossed her arms "I just feel like having one" she shrugged with a smirk

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"Awww" she pouted

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((Oh Yeah! XD ))

Phoenix patted her hair down and sipped her coke

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Phoenix roled her eyes "Stop it dad"

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"Stop it dad! You know I hate braids!" she said as she tried to pat them down

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Phoenix crossed her arms and turned to see a boy who was apparently crushing on her and immediately turned away. But not before he saw her and started waving in their direction.

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Phoenix looked back at him and waved. He was really cute, but a complete sissy. Definitely not her type. But she just wanted to se her dad's reaction.

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The boy looked day dreamily at Phoenix and then turned to her father. All traces of his previous expression disappeared as he looked to him, the Phoenix, and back again noticing the resemblance and turning away.

Phoenix crossed her arms and gave her dad a huffed look "What was that for? He's just a classmate"

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Phoenix rolled her eyes "She probably would've thrown him to the end of the earth. Like when she spanked uncle Iggy for not doing his chores"

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((oh yeah XD))

Phoenix snorts and lets out a small laugh "Not likely. He's dumber than a doorknob"

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She leant back in her chair "He might as well be"

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"So......I found a new cheat code for GTA" she told Fang quietly so no one on the neighbouring tables would hear

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"I'll show you when we get home..." she replied eyeing the people on the other table who were looking at them since they heard 'cheat code'

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((Sorry had exams >.<))

Phoenix looked at him "You're meant to he disapproving not going along" she teased.

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Phoenix looked at him "Don' you dare touch my GTA console dad" she warned

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Phoenix glared at him "If you do I'll get mom to flog you" she warned, even though it usually resulted in her getting flogged.

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Phoenix crossed her arms and looked away with a fry in her mouth. Dad could really be annoying sometimes

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