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Journal Entry 8/9/15

Hola, I am Cerelia! I am an 18 year old Spanish "beauty", who lives in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires.
I am a "bookworm" as you Americans call it. I devour YA books.
My English is no bueno, not very great.
My very dear friend is named Ana, and she speak so many language it is hard to keep up. I speak 2 language, Spanish and English.
If you speak Spanish, do message me in the language, I do enjoy talking in the language.
Survival Skill With Cerelia: Who, me? I'm just a pussy cat. :)

That is all for today. Write more tomorrow.


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Journal Entry 8/10/15

I remember, when I was young, I used to have this tightly knit group of friends. We had known each other since preschool. It was a lot of fun. But, then, the "middle school" hit us in faces.
Trouble started in group because there were some likings starting to grow.
I remember one year, two of my friends in group liked same boy in group who had no idea. They each ask me to find out who he like. I agree. Worst and best descision of my 18 years.
I finally got courage to ask him one winter day in an elevator. I won't get into how I asked him, but long journal short, he said he like ME.
Boy was that hard to explain to friends. They eventually accept though and I am still date that boy today. :)
We aren't as close as we used to be, college really tore us apart. But we keep contact sometimes.
That is all for today. Any comments or questions, message me. Write more tomorrow.


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Journal Entry 8/11/15

Boyfriend's birthday is in dos days. I have perfect gift for him. He love sport called football. I give him football. Sign, Feliz cumpleaños, amor Cerelia. (Happy Birthday, Love Cerelia.)
I hope he like. He say, he like anything from me, but you supposed to say that to girlfriend.
Today I run into creepy man at store. He check me out. Lucky he didn't follow me out of store. I glad.
Sorry for English.
That is all for today. Any comments or questions, message me. Write more tomorrow.

(P.S. Happy 108 members)

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Journal Entry 8/12/15

7 day from now is abuela's (grandma's) death date. Very sad day. Not looking foward.
One day left till boyfriend's birthday. He is very excited. Turning 19. I wish my birthday was sooner.
Friend Ana and I spent day shop. Bought one thing. Figures.
That is all for today. Any comments or questions, message me. Write more tomorrow.


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