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Hi! My name's Milli. I LOVE Twilight and Edward Cullen! My favorite book is Eclipse because it has the most Edward in it! I think Robert Pattinson acts like a crackhead in real life, though, sadley :( I like to read a lot and I love writing. And I also love Harry Potter! You guys should join the "Go Harry Potter and Twilight" group! It's awesome, like me!!! Tehehehe1

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Meredith Perrine (strongsinger618) | 3 comments Hi milli, its meredith.

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Swati  (readerforevergmailcom) | 3 comments Hey guys! Yep, I also think Go Harry Potter and Twilight's amazing..Wondering why? CUZ I MADE IT!! Anyway, I LOVE Harry Potter. As for Cedric...STALKARRR!

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I thought you liked Cedric?

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But anways, welcome, Swati!

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Caitlin Cierra (caitterbug) Hi, I'm Caitlin =)
I loveed the Twilight Saga and I lovee Edward Cullen.
I haven't read any of the Harry Potters but I've seen all the movies =)

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Thanks for joining, Caitlin!

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my name is miranda
and i loooooooove twilight!!!!!!!!
and i've read twilight, new moon, eclipse, but not breaking dawn because im not aloud!!! =[

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Hi, Miranda! Thanks for joining! What's your fav book in the series?

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i like eclipse the most =]

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whats yours?????

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I love Eclipse, too!! It has the most Edward ;)

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This is Swim Master and I'm 10 year old but I am aloud to read the series

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No one is on right now.

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Caitlin Cierra (caitterbug) Hi swim master =)

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I am cool

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Is anyone here?

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I love swimming and Edward But once I had a bad dream about him when I wuzn't reading the books.

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It wuz creepy

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hey my names Hannah i cant even say how much i luv twilight. I lUV EDWARD so im on team edward i really dont hate jacob i just dislike him alot. i first read the books in feburary 2008 and ive read them all 4 times each since then.my fav is breaking dawn i absolutly luv it my fav chracters r alice and emmett and rosalie and edward ok the whole cullen family!!

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Thanks for joining!

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Emma hey if you want to know about me go to my profile

ha i don't feel llike typing

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