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Mason arrived at his room, he opened the door to his room.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Fenris followed him in, getting in his bed and curling up after pulling off his shoes. He pulled the blanket up to his shoulders, hoping that Mason would join him.

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Mason took off his shoes and then his hoodie and shirts, he was self conscience about his thin, thin body, he bit his lip hoping Fenris wouldn't really mind, he walked over to his bed and he got under the covers, his back faced Fenris.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He curled up against him, closing his eyes and attempting to fall alseep again. Fenris moved his burnt arm so that no pressure was being put on it, his chest against Mason's.

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Mason tried to fall asleep again, it was no use just yet.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Fenris held onto him tightly, sleeping peacefully now.

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Mason looked at the black wall of his room, he sighed and bit his lip, he never felt this way before, and he couldn't believe the way he felt about Fenris already.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He snuggled closer to him, shivering because of his lack of body fat. He attempted to use Mason for warmth, but he wasn't much better. Fenris shifted often in his sleep, clearly having bad dreams.

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Mason shifted and he turned around and he face a sleeping Fenris, he bit his lip as he watched Fenris.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He squirmed quite a bit, as if he were trying to get away from something or someone. Fenris whimpered in his sleep, holding onto Mason even tighter.

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Mason wrapped his arms around Fenris, he sighed as he tried to fall asleep.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Fenris calmed once his arms were around him, his cheek against Mason's chest.

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Mason began to snore quietly as he fell asleep.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Fenris woke up several hours later. He didn't pull away from him, however. He curled up against him even more, his leg moving between Mason's.

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Mason didn't wake up, he was still breathing, but he didn't awaken, it was the actual first time he ever got any sleep.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Fenris snuggled up close to him and closed his eyes, attempting to fall back to sleep.

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Mason shifted, he yawned in his sleep.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He fell asleep again, hand clasping his shoulder.

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Mason snuggled closer into Fernis, he was enjoying the fact that he had someone here with him.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) His burnt arm started to hurt, and he started to whimper in his sleep. Fenris moved even closer to him.

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Mason, in his sleep, pulled Fenris closer, they're bodies were pressed against one another.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He moved his legs, wrapping one around Mason's hip. Fenris whimpered a bit more, wishing he had something to make the pain go away.

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Mason awoken, he looked at Fenris, knowing that he could help him, he shifted and moved away from Fenris, he went over to the bathroom connected to his room and he searched for the ointment,

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He woke up when he felt that Mason was absent. Fenris sat up, a yawn escaping his lips.

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Mason came back, " I have something that might soothe the pain of the burn," Mason says as he too let out a yawn.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He nodded, unwrapping his arm. Fenris winced at the sight of it, quickly looking away.

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Mason grimaced, he came over, he sat down next to Fernis on the bed.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He held out his arm so that Mason could deal with it for him.

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Mason squirted some ointment onto his hand, he gently took Fenris's arm and he began to rub the ointment on the burn.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He whimpered, jerking his arm. Fenris moved it back into his hand, blinking away the tears.

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Mason looked at Fenris, he kept rubbing the ointment into the burn softly, and gently.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He closed his eyes, taking deep breaths. Fenris hated the aftermath of his burnings, but the feeling while doing it could be worth it sometimes.

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Mason finished rubbing the ointment into the burn, " It'll start to soothe the burn soon Fenris," Mason says softly.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) "Can you get me a new wrap for my arm?" He asked quietly, sniffling a bit.

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Mason nodded, " Of course my darling," Mason says softly, he got up and he went back to the bathroom, after a few minutes he came back with a whole new roll of gauze.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Fenris took it and wrapped up his arm, letting out a sigh. He lay back down, gazing up at the ceiling.

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Mason laid down next to him, he sight and bit his lip.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) "So, what do you want to do?" Fenris crossed his arms over his chest, a bit bored.

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Mason shrugged, " I'm still tired as hell, all I want to do is just sleep and dream of you," Mason replied.,

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He blushed, glancing over at him. "Well, that's sweet. But sleeping can be boring."

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" I haven't slept for four years Fenris," Mason replied, he glanced at Fenris.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) "Oh. " he looked down, not knowing how he should respond.

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" Ever since I did what I did, I haven't been able to sleep because of the nightmares and memories," Mason explained softly.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) "You were able to sleep today, though" Fenris pointed out, sitting up.

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" Because I finally had someone who could make me fall asleep," Mason answered.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Fenris nodded, moving so that he was next to him. He lay down, curling up against him.

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Mason put an arm around Fenris's shoulders, he smiled lightly and he closed his eyes,

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) He closed his eyes, falling asleep again. Fenris looked so innocent while he slept.

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Mason tried to fall back asleep, he was finally able to when he was beginning to think about Fenris.

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