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Hello everyone! I'm Kitty (can be called Kat). This is my journal. This thread will let you know about me and my interests, hobbies, others. If you have any questions, message me!
Thanks, Kat

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Date: 8/10/15
Welcome to my journal...
...I love to read and dance. So, I am a dancer, I dance ballet-hip-hop, jazz, and others. I started dancing at the age of 5 and I'm 15 now.
I grew up in Sydney. I love to read thriller, romance, mystery books.
I'll post soon!
Thanks for reading, Kat

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Date: 8/19/15
Hi. Sorry for late post... Been a bit busy lately. Um, I have to go my dance school in about an hour. So, I've planned to be on goodreads on until then. YAY!!!☺ So, Today I have to practice my dance solo assigned to me - THE RED SHOES! OMG. I love that solo. And then I have to go to pilates and stretch studio. Finally, I get to dance. First Pas De Deux (dance of two). Then, Later the real dancing. Ballet, Hp-hop, Jazz today. Later in evening Contemporary, Zumba, JFH, and Tap. Once a week in sundays we have Latin American for 1 hour. So, I think it's it.
Hope you enjoyed reading my diary/journal!
Bye-Bye, Kat

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Date: 8/20/15
Hellooo... Um, Where did I leave? Right, So I go to Sydney Dance Company. The other times when I'm free I like to just hang out with my friends, read a book, or come to any social media like goodreads, facebook, twitter and stuff. I usually like to read my book near a beach or go for a swim, because sydney is really good place for beaches and sight seeing places. Lately, I haven't been online lately. So, I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I can be in goodreads for 24/7 except I sleep.
Thanks for reading!!! - Kat
See ya

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Date: 8/22/15
Hiii. So, I'm up really late. It's 10: 40 PM here. I don't have dance classes tomorrow which means I get to be online in goodreads and I have a lot of plans with my friends. We are going to Luna Park, Beach, Opera House. I'm really looking forward for tomorrow. YAY!! I then may come to goodreads for a while. Later, Even though I don't have dance classes me and my friends will go to dance performances in Sydney Dance Company. It's free, Side Stage. I'm really excited for tomorrow. Plus it's gonna be a real busy day. I
'll still be in goodreads and other accounts.
x0xxx - Kat

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Date: 8/23/15
Hello. I was really busy today... Firstly, Me and my friends were hanging out. So, We first went to a trip to Opera House. Then, went to beach (swimming). Later, We were tired. So, ate something outside. Then, went to Luna Park. We had lots and lots of FUN! It was amazing. Then, we went home together. We watched TV, played games. Until, At about 3 PM we went to a tap dance performance. It was 15 minutes, After that. We went to ballet performance. Which was awesome!!! Later, we went to many more and did shopping. LOTS OF FUN! ☺
So, Thanks for reading.. Hope you enjoyed it

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Date: 8/24/15
Helloo... So, I'm doing nothing today. Just normal routine. And I have nothing to write. I think I'm gonna just be on scratch doing new games. I wanna be a scratcher. For now, I'm a new scratcher. So, That's it. I'll post more tomorrow, Hopefully. Bye-Bye

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Date: 8/26/14
Hi! So, I think I haven't mentioned this before. But, I like Art too. Ok, Well. Maybe I'm not really like super good at it. But, I'm more interested in like drawing and quilling stuff. Rolling strips of paper (can make bracelets and stuff). It's really cool. I even like to paint. I'm like bad at it. Not worst. But, Bad Yeah. If me, and my friends get bored and we've got nothing to do. We do friendship bracelets for each other (kaylah and me). I have a lot of friends. But, Two close friends: Kaylah Webster (Female) - is in my dance school. We go to classes together. Spend a lot of time together in weekdays and weekends. Sammy Reed (Male) - he is not my boy friend or anything. He is a really nice person. He wants to be a dancer. But, his dad is a doctor so, He wants him to be too. We (kaylah and sammy) spend a lot of time in weekends and weekdays together. Thanks, for reading

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I don't think I've mentioned this, But anyone is allowed to comment on my journal!

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Date: 8/28/15
Hello peeps! I said about my friends. Now, is my Boyfriend. I have a boyfriend, obviously. His name is Tanner Morsink. And if you've noticed I use his name for all my boy role plays. He is a Christian. He is smart, cute, awesome. Anyway, I like to spend a lot of time with him. He is in my Dance School. Don't please laugh at this: "Boys Dance Ballet too". It's not funny, I mean many people I've spoke to, says boys don't dance ballet and laugh. It's not very kind. And it is in my dislikes list, If I didn't mention that.
I'll post more tomorrow.
Kat ☺☻☺

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Date: 8/29/15
Hey all! I'm sorry for all the damage my hacker caused for all of your groups. I'm sorry. I didn't do it, Anyway. What's up? How's the group?

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Yes, It wasn't me who caused all the deleting stuff. I don't know, It was like someone controlling mine. And haley's group - live love read was deleted, and i don't know what happened. I left goodreads, because then she/he would damage this group too!

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Yep, I still don't know who it was. I mean, I don't have any of my own friends do that. I think it's probably someone on goodreads

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