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Rebekah Campion-Chilton | 3 comments Hi,
So I am looking for some avid readers who would be interested to give me some feedback on the first chapter of my book I am working on. I started it when I was twelve/thirteen and have only just come back to it at 18. It is supposed to be the start of a paranormal romance but I don't know whether or not to classify it as mature or YA. Any feedback is really appreciated! :)

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Rebekah Campion-Chilton | 3 comments Harriet Elder, Harry for short, is a stubborn twenty-two year old who has recently graduated from university with a degree in journalism. On being given her first assignment, she is sent off to the town of Zoma which has been known as a ghost town for centuries. When she arrives though, the town isn’t as empty as everyone has been made out to believe.

Jude Bishop, a one thousand five hundred and something odd year old vampire…who also just happens to be the leader of his clan…and not to mention he just happens to be the babysitter of a whole army of zombies. On Harriet’s arrival to Zoma he watches her from the shadows, intrigued by what he sees and follows her into a graveyard. Could she be the prophecy?

Little did either of them know that an event surrounding that night to do with the town’s secret would bind them both on a journey to find where they truly belonged…

I am also currently working on the blurb and as this is only the first chapter, it is subject to change.

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Rebekah Campion-Chilton | 3 comments Sorry to keep spamming this feed, but here is the link to the story:

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