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Dhsparkman A friend once showed me this book long ago for just a few short minutes, suggesting that I read it. My brief glimpse into it only convinced me that my friend was right. No boyhood tales of childhood here! Twain had moved quite a bit in other directions by the time he wrote this. Definitely I will ask for this for my birthday. I have long meant to read it.

Roxanne haaaaa I love this book... what a fitting punishment for Lucifer to have to live amongst us HAAA I wonder what it was like to talk with Twain...if his mind arced with ideas so you couldn't keep up, or did it hone in on one idea until he'd fully developed it.

Sheila Swindell This book is definitely not for the Bible belters! Loved it myself.

Walter He called everyone's BS. Also, he convinced me a snake is better than an English Earl.

Pudd'nhead Wilson Mark Twain is in my opinion the greatest writer that ever lived. I highly recommend you read anything written by him.

Renee E The movie one should watch after reading Letters from the Earth is The Invention of Lying.

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God is not evil, he does not exist.

Renee E Sheila wrote: "This book is definitely not for the Bible belters! Loved it myself."

Oh, I live in the Bible belt (where they belt you with their Bibles so you're off guard when they rip you off) and believe me, Bible Belters are the very ones who SHOULD read it! :D

Although most of it would be over their heads.

I've thoroughly enjoyed recommending "The Invention of Lying" to them as I've waited for my turn at the Redbox. *evil laugh*

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