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Trevor Kibala "The Kite Runner" was an unforgettable and powerful book. I would recommend this book to anyone. Before reading this book it didn't really interest me, but now "The Kite Runner" is one of my favorite books I have read. It shows how guilt can lead to redemption. All of the characters play a good role in the plot to make the book interesting. After reading this I can't wait to read Khaled Hosseini's other book, "A Thousand Splendid Suns."

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JO I also loved this book! I listened to the audio version as that is how I make my commute to work tolerable and even enjoyable. This book has marked my soul and devastated me. It was beautifully written and so painful to read, yet it must be read and I would not undo it. It is one of those books that when you hear or see the title it all comes rushing back to you. But I have not yet had the courage to read his second book. Don't know if I am strong enough to handle it without falling apart and I know it is nothing compared to lives the people in the books have lead.

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Ron I loved it as well. Hosseini writes with a heart and a message. You're right about guilt and redemption. These are themes that cross boundaries and cultures, so I think his books are good for any reader. I have read his other books, and loved them each in a different way.

Evelyn Reyes Hi Ron, you are correct. I have read all of his books and they have forced me to realize how lucky we are. I love the way that he takes us into this world and we live through his words what the person is living. He is a great writer and I wish I could find books as this one regarding my country. Can not wait for the next book.

Jason Lilly I loved it, as well, but it sure did hurt to see it through to the ending. Beautiful book by a very talented writer, but I need to breathe before I read anything as gripping and upsetting as this book.

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Ana Toast Great audiobook, very thoughtful.

Rimmi one of the finest book i have ever read

Pushpendra Singh The Kite Runner was a moving experience for me. The author brought to life the horror that the Afghan people - mainly the Pashtuns - went through under the Taliban. Hair raising!
But his other book, 'A thousand brilliant suns' was much more grim - in the extreme.
How could Mariam endure such sadistic cruelty and how can any human being be capable of it? these questions continue to haunt me.
I haven't had the courage to read any more of the Author.

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