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alessia (classick) | 36 comments Well, maybe the King decides that if Caspian is to leave and venture into the human world, he must have one of his older brothers accompany him? And since Edian is basically useless lounging around the kingdom doing absolutely nothing besides ruining all possibilities of marriage, the King decides to send Edian to accompany Caspian.

And your idea works. Edian's twenty-one. He should be married by now, if I'm not wrong about the Merfolk's traditions. And yet, he isn't. Caspian can tease him about that. And Edian will tease Caspian for his great interest in the human world, as you said.

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alessia (classick) | 36 comments @froot yeah, that will be best. I apologize for getting ahead of myself ^^"
Hmmm well, I guess he'll be interested in human weaponry. Maybe he "hires" Caspian to buy back some human swords for him to admire. (Because I don't think they work as well underwater.)

@sarah any ideas for Corynne and Edian?

@kelly well, compared to the other siblings I've seen so far, your princess is the closest to Edian in terms of age. He's four years older than Corynne and Caspian, while only two older than her, so maybe he tries to stick with her more than the others? Her feelings don't have to be mutual, of course, since she is as much younger than him as she is older than the other two.

@denver any ideas? I've got a feeling Nahla wouldn't take liking to Edian's incredibly late and still not here marriage. (Well, he's of marriageable age, so I guess it's only proper for a prince to find a lady to marry soon?) He's much too lazy for a prince, too. I don't know if there will be any bias coming from their parents since Edian's a potential heir while Nahla isn't. But if there is, well, Nahla has all the right to feel upset about it because by far she's a better royal than he is.

@ravenclaw I've mentioned it a couple times now - Edian's of marriageable age, but he still isn't married. That may be a problem for the Queen and the King. While on the other hand it may not. I guess it's up to you to decide. Also, is the Queen the type to be biased (with her children, I mean)?

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 43 comments Yea Nahla would Definitely be bothered by him not following tradition. My thoughts for Nahla is having her be betrothed, but then she falls in love with a human, which sort of destroys her entire life concept.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 43 comments @Froot I'm thinking she'll be a couple years older than him and sort of the protective, disapproving type. If she found out about her trips to land, she would lose it. Until she falls in love with a human...then she's going to be this giant hypocrite. I feel like she will be the sort of sister who stops her siblings before they enter a room, smooths their hair and clothes, and makes sure theyre perfect at all times

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I'm just gonna put Cora here for referencing
(view spoiler)

@froot I just looked at Caspian's profile again, and I think he's more ready to be completely independent than Cora?? Idk, she's very explorative but at the same time super irresponsible too, so maybe she could tag along but occasionally pull him in another direction? That would probably make sense since her first trip above the surface wasn't exactly optimal.

@alessia to be honest, I think Cora would definitely be approving of his marriage/tradition neglecting, and at the same time views him as somewhat of a role model- but she stays out of his way a little 'cause he's older and she's not interested in him knowing about the trips to the human world?? idk

@denver can we have a sibling rivalry relationship with your princess? Cora really doesn't give two damns about what she looks like, or how messy her hair is and everything, and doesn't care about pomp or status- and she's also incredibly rude at times and has this button to switch her manners off and on, so maybe that could work, if you'd be willing to?

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alessia (classick) | 36 comments @denver a'ight. So Edian will pretty much just stay out of her way to avoid her scoldings. How old is she, by the way? If she's older, he might have been close to her before the others were born. If she's younger, then maybe he used to be protective over her but sooner or later they both grew out of it?

@sarah that works. He'll know Caspian is sneaking away into the human world - he does pay Caspian to. And maybe he's heard rumours that another one of his younger siblings is doing the same, but doesn't bother trying to figure out who? And I know they won't go around hanging around each other much, but whenever they do, Edian will be nice to her. He'll be honoured if he knew that she sees him almost as a role model, but he won't exactly approve of it. (Unless his parents are totally fine with one of their potential heirs breaking traditions and the rest of their children going around following suit.)

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 43 comments sarah ▸ ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴇᴛ ᴋɪʟʟᴇᴅ, ᴡᴀʟᴋ ɪᴛ ᴏғғ wrote: "I'm just gonna put Cora here for referencing

[spoilers removed]

        ⎡          corynne ⁌ cora ⁍ nyström      ⎤
        ⎣      M E R M A I D ; R O Y A L    ..."

that totally sounds good to me!!

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 188 comments Mod
@alessia that totally works for me- also, it makes sense he wouldn't approve it (because I highly doubt any sane rulers would be okay with their heirs neglecting the future of the kingdom, etc).

@denver great! :)

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@froot great!

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