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((SoRrY i DiDn'T rEpLy SoOnEr. I hAd To MoThErFuCkInG pIcK uP mY mOtHeRfUcKiNg SaGgItArIuS BrO. My CaPrIcOnUs AsS hAtEd EvErY SeCoNd Of It))

Yuno skipped down the street with a bag of candy in one hand and a blood covered axe in the other. She'd just assasinated someone else and had picked up her bounty. She smiled as she sucked on the lollipop in her mouth. Quite a few people turned to sate at the splatters of red 'paint' on her clothing, hair and face. She didn't notice and sat on a bench happily.

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((AnD kNoW iM rEaLlY iN a BiTcHy MoOd. I jUsT FoUnD tHe MoSt MoThErFuCkInG HoRrEnDoUs HoRrOsCoPe In FuCkInG hIsToRy
ItS tHe OpPoSiTe Of mOtHeRfUcKiNg Me))

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee walks down the street, looking at every human, resisting the urge to kill them all. His face covered with his blood(which is the color purple). He sits on the same bench as Yuno, not noticing her. he sighs and says to himself "That job was way to motherfucking easy"

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Yuno nodded "It's always like that, but it's worth the candy" she replied, offering him a purple candy with a smile

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee looks at her with a raised eyebrow "who the motherfuck are you? you don't feel like a motherfucking human"

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She frowned in thought and pulled on her lollipop in thought " name's Yuno.....I'm 15....I killed mummy and daddy...and I like red...and people call me a demon...". She looked up at him, still offering the candy "Does that answer you question?" she asked as she wiped blood from her cheek.

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee shrugs "close enough" he looks down her body checking for any sighs for anything strange about her "you say you're not human, and yet, you look like one. Why's that?" he asked leaning towards her a bit

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Yuno shrugged "I don't know. Grandma was a human. Now she's mince meat" she replied, still offering the purple candy.

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee sighs then sits back up, taking the candy "well, since you're not human, I guess your alright" he opened the wrapper and eats the candy

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Loki Prime | 152 comments ((hello?))

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Loki Prime | 152 comments ((MiKaSa?))

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((Sorry, I had school. I'm still at school. Just being naughty))

Yuno's mood immediately dropped at the word 'human'. She frowned "I hate humans" she said quietly and she crushed the lollipop inbeween her teeth and threw the stick on the ground

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee looks at her and smiles, leaning towards her a bit "in that case, we'll get along real well then"

((XD wow))

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((I AM the human embodiment of chaos, cuteness, innocence and dirty mindedness))

She smiled at him before squinting at his face "Why is your face purple?"

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Loki Prime | 152 comments ((XD lol, sure))

Gamzee wipes some of his blood off his face and licks it "that's my motherfucking blood"

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Yuno watched him wipe his blood at lick it "Does it taste nice?" she asked as she wiped the red from her face and looked at her bloodstained fingers "This isn't my blood"

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee looks at the blood on her face and and wipes some off, he licks it "human blood tastes good" he said wiping some more off her face

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Yuno laughed as he wiped the blood of her face "Stop! That tickles!" she giggled before gesturing toward her blood covered axe "there's more there"

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee takes her axe and licks the blood off of it and smiles, he hands the axe back to her "thanks"

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Yuno takes the axe and then wipes some of his blood and tastes it "Why does your blood taste like bubblegum?" she asked as she then licked her finger clean

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee shrugs "i don't motherfucking know" he looks her "what made you motherfucking talk to me in the first motherfucking place?"

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Yuno sighed and looked down the street "I have no friends. And I could smell blood on you"

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee leans towards her again and looks her in the eyes "since you're not motherfucking human, I will motherfucking be your friend" he smiles

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Yuno smiled brightly "Really?". No one came near her, let alone asked to be her friend.

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee nods and stands up, holding out his hand, waiting for her to take it "I will motherfucking be your friend, you can motherfucking count on me" he smiles again

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Yuno smiled happily and took it and picked up her axe with her other hand "Okay, motherfucker"

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee helped her up "so, what do you want to motherfucking do?" he asked letting go of her hand

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"Kill someone!!" she jumped

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee nods "ok, motherfucking who?" he asked he thought a bit, putting a finger on his chin

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Yuno looked around at the people before spotting a man who had called her a bitch earlier.

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee looks at the same man, he smiles evilly and walks towards the man, he grabs him by the throat and drags him into an alley

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Yuno's cute and adorable expression now had an edge of insanity to it. Her soft doe-eyes were know slightly redder and glazed and her grin was far too big and malicious. Just the thought of seeing this man's blood made her want to laugh. He had mocked her and now he was going to pay the price. She followed Gamzee into the alley.

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee throw the man further into the alley, Gamzee's blood poured out of the cuts on his face, honks could be heard coming from Gamzee, he lashes out and cuts the mans chest with his sharp nails

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Yuno let out a small laugh as she brought her awe down on the mans hand, his blood spattering over her already bloodied body. She laughed even more as the man screamed. Oh how she loved that sound. like music to her ears. She always made it a point to never chop their head off till they could scream no more.

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee chuckles and grabs the man by his ankle and picks him up, he then slams the man onto the ground. Loud cracks could be heard coming from the man. Gamzee was sure he broke most of the mans bones

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Yuno laughed, completely insane by this point. She knelt down next to the man and smiled as she put her hand over his mouth "Sshhh, we don't wan't anyone hearing you" she said in a sickly sweet voice with a finger pressed to her lips "Be a good boy and stay quiet, son of a bitch" she laughed before lopping his arm off. She laughed as more blood spattered everywhere.

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Loki Prime | 152 comments the honks coming from Gamzee's body got louder as he looks at the man "WELCOME TO THE DARK CARNIVAL, BROTHER" he said as he kneels down next to the man and tears his other hand off. Gamzee raises the mans hand over his head and opens his mouth, drinking the mans blood

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The man gasps and looks at Yuno "Bitch" he whispered before yno lopped his head off "Fucking humans" she said quietly

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee laughs psychoticlly "oh that was motherfucking amazing" he yawns then looks at her "hey, you got a place to stay, cause I am motherfucking tired" he stands up and stretches

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Yuno flicked the blood from her axe "I have a room in the demon castle" she replied before looking at him with a spat of blood on her face running from her lip across her cheek.

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee nods "then can I crash there for a while?" he said licking the blood off his hands

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She smiled "Sure"

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Loki Prime | 152 comments "alright, you lead the motherfucking way" he said standing behind her

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Yuno winked and mocked a salute "Aye Aye Motherfucker" she said before turning to lead the way

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Loki Prime | 152 comments Gamzee laughs at her silliness and follows behind her

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((Her room? Here's the link

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Loki Prime | 152 comments ((I posted))

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