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message 1: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne Agroi was walking down the street the slight breeze moving his crimson hair. He looked around and saw no one well at least no humans which slightly disappointed Agroi humans are quite last name fascinating he always would wonder what was going on in their simple mortal minds that were so easily tampered with.

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 ѕolanιne Agroi turned "Agroi but everyone calls me Argo."

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Mei happened to be within earshot of the two demons' conversation. She quietly sat and listened as she counted her money from the day's job. The girl was quite confusing. Mei would never tell a random stranger her name, for starters. And I Mei was that random stranger, then she never would have replied "Giving away personal details like cheap cigarettes huh" she mumbled and hope it was quiet enough for them not to hear.

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"All I need to know is a person's name to be able to curse them" she said in a quiet and blunt tone as she turned to look at the odd pair "and learn to control you anger management issues" she said in an even blunter tone, her voice edged with an eerie mystery and cold.

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Mei looked back to her money, having heard all of Bella's thoughts "And don't act as if I don't know yours. Quite the opposite actually" she replied coldly.

message 6: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne "Don't fight your both demons get over it!" snapped Agroi ((sorry I haven't been on))

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Mei look plainly at the Agroi "There's a difference between fighting and making a point. A difference only people with common sense can identify"

message 8: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne Agroi growled at her his eyes narrowed "Maybe I give it out because we're all demons if we were humans it would be different." he said

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Mei nodded "Correct. We're meant to have even more common sense than humans. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case" she said coldly loooking at the two of them

message 10: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne Agroi narrowed his eyes hand twitching eager to fight, but he kept his cool. "Your right I shouldn't have told her that." he said

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Em looked at him before packing up her stay and slipping her amulet over her head. It glowed green from the souls of the many foolish people who had made a contract with her. As she touched it, anyone within 10 metres of her would have been overcome with a chill and dark aura. The amulet simply enhanced her already deathly self.

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 ѕolanιne Agroi back away slightly wings opening a tiny bit he tensed ready to fight or fly.

message 13: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne Agroi walked backwards until he stood next to Bella. "Hopefully avoiding a fight or a curse." he said

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Mei, even despite being shorter than the two of them, seemed to look down on them "If you act like that around me then I have no reason not to curse you". A black shadow snaked inbetween their legs and materialized next to Mei's leg as a white cat with emerald green eyes. She purred and looked at the odd pair in front them.

message 15: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne Agroi usually liked cats but the cat was kinda scaring him he knew it would pick up his fear scent so he calmed down "Your right." he said "You have no reason not to."

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The cat, Marshmallow, Meowed and materialised around Mei's shoulders. Her emerald eyes bore into Bella and Agori's. As if to see into their souls.
Mei softly caresses her tail and regarded the two with a look.

message 17: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne Agroi stared straight back at the cat his deep blue eyes watchful.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Marshmallow made the cat equivalent of a smirk and looked at Mei "Awww...look who's being a tsundere again"

Mei glared at Marshmallow "Shut up"

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

Mei looked to them "If you haven't noticed, my cat talks" she said, making quotation marks in the air as she said 'cat'.

Marshmallow purred as she looked at the two with a slight wise and mischievous look.

message 20: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne "I noticed it's quite interesting." said Agroi

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