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 ѕolanιne Keith sat in the corner cleaning his sword. His usually neat silver hair was still messed up from sparing earlier that day. As he was cleaning he noticed his blade was dulling. "Hm the blade needs to be sharpened." he said to himself

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 ѕolanιne Keith looked up saw it was the queen he stood up and bowed. "And how is that your majesty?" he asked politely putting his sword away.

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 ѕolanιne Keith looked at the queen. "Well I intended to keep that one dull." he said

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 ѕolanιne Keith took a step back "Your majesty I'm flattered, but you are the queen and I a mere guard." he said

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 ѕolanιne ((He knows his place which is that he's loyal to the king and he may have his head if anything did happen.)) "And your older than, your the Queen, and I'm not interested." he said and it was the truth he wasn't. He knew of other guards who would be more than happy to and it disgusted him. She was they're ruler not they're toy.

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 ѕolanιne Keith straighten up "Yes I am." he said his voice deadly calm, but he was slightly afraid of her reaction.

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 ѕolanιne Keith sighed he was given an order so he followed her. Keith could only imagine what was going to happen. And the most likely one was death.

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 ѕolanιne "Thank you your majesty." said Keith his facial expression calm, but his eyes showed only surprise.

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 ѕolanιne "Your majesty I'm sorry if I've offended you at all I suppose I should have said that earlier." Keith apologized.

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 ѕolanιne "If you are to ever forgive me. Perhaps we may grow to be friends." said Keith "You never know where fate will lead you your majesty."

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 ѕolanιne "You never know where fate will take you." Keith repeated "For one moment you could be an angel the next you could be falling into hell."

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 ѕolanιne "Your right Heaven is worse I should know." Keith said

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 ѕolanιne "Actually that's not what I meant when your an angel and you do good you can't feel anything. Your cold as ice and when you're well a demon you're set free." Keith said

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 ѕolanιne "True." he said

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 ѕolanιne ((XD well she's in for a very big one)) Keith put his hand on his sword hilt just to feel the leather grip. He walked over where there was a stone he picked it up tossed it into the air and caught it in his palm then placed it in his pocket. So that he may sharpen it later."Thank you again your majesty for showing me this room." he said

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 ѕolanιne ((They don't exist :p)) Sensing no was not a acceptable answer he sighed defeat "You may."

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 ѕolanιne (K night)

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 ѕolanιne (Do I have mod permission to create the thread?))

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 ѕolanιne Keith had no choice but to follow her.

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