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Just fill out this template. These are main characters so to get one you have to be really active.
4-Rp Example (a paragraph)-

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1-Name: Ella
2-Character: Nudge
3-Activeness- uh, a lot, except when school starts. Then I'll be on anytime after 4:00
4-Rp Example:
Nudge was flying as fast as she could, wings aching. She had been doing this so long. How much longer would the chase last?
She swooped down low, trying in vain to through them off. Nudge saw a forest up ahead, hoping she would lose them there. She darted through the trees, and made a sharp turn, hearing a thunk as an Eraser hit a tree. She looked up, and saw Max above her. She sighed in relief, and bolted straight up. The second Eraser hit a tree too, and she grinned as she joined the rest of her flock.
(Hope this isn't too much...) ;)

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1-Name: Rin, GUMI, Mikasa
2-Character: Phoenix(Yes, when I researched a bit I found that Fang and Max had a daughter. FAX FOREVER!!!))
3-Activeness- 9-7 (Depending on when I'm asleep an at school)
4-Rp Example (a paragraph)-
Phoenix ran down the hill toward the cliff, full speed ahead. Her black hair streamed behind her and her brown eyes danced with joy. She jumped off and snapped open her wings and soared into the sky. The sunlight danced off the blue black of her wings. She laughed as he soared above the clouds. This was her place. Where no one saw her. Where she could be free. No judgement glares, no mum or dad. Just her and the clouds. She saw a shadow coming up from under the clouds. Phoenix immediately resumed her usual face. The one that reflected her father so well. The cool, calm, yet dangerous look. She looked to see her mother rise from the clouds. She sighed. I guess it was out of her fantasy and back to boring english class.

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Ha lol, I can imagine it

Max: *walks into lounge room* What are you two doing?
Fang and Phoenix: *Turn toward her with matching expressions and xbox consoles and reply in unison* Playing GTA

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LOL! That's awesome! XD

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Scarlett | 62 comments Mod
Totally. I think you guys will rock as father and daughter ps! XD

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1. Moonlit forest
2. Total
3. im always active! except when im busy but im on a lot

4. The wind rushed in Total's ears as he ran faster and faster away from the monsters, pretty soon his claws met rock as he skidded to a stop a cliff Total turned and lept as if his life depended on it which it did, he sprug out his wings and felt a roaring pain and wetness, Total turned his head as he plumpted down. That monster had eaten one of Total black wings. Pretty soon total made contact with water and he couldnt breath, it was like he was being dragged down he couldnt surface! help! oh someone please help! Total woke up with a jolt, he looked around making sure he was still at home in his dog bed safe he sighed and relaxed

Dramatic but is it good?

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eek! thanks!

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QUEEN | 1 comments 1- Queen
3-Always, you can ask Maggie!
4-Rp Example (a paragraph)-

"Thanks," She said with a slightly more unfriendly tone then before. So he still hasn't gotten over it has he? She wondered with slight disgust. People are people Miles, if only you understood that. She shook her head in disappointment.
Kylo walked among the scavengers, bagabonds and those whom he felt were beneath him. He wore a hood which hid his apperance from most of those who surrounded him. Why was he there? He just needed some time to think. About everything. His father, Snoke, Hux and more. Despite being physically on the planet, he felt as though his mind was elsewhere. A celestial body walking among skeletons.

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