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Someone called me by my name! That makes me really happy!


[Name:] Yuno Gasai
[Nickname:] Y
[Blood Type:] O
[Star Sign:] Capricorn
[Date of Birth:] January 18
[Theme Song:] The screaming of her victims?
[Age:] 15

You guys are fun to play with! You even paint the floor with my favourite colour!


[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Bisexual
[Relationship Status:] Humans are the worst kind of toasters, one minute they're hot and the next they're cold, and there's no more crunch to their toast.
[Crush:] Honestly?
[Race:] Japanese
[Species:] Demon
[Placement:] Ummm...psychopathic assassin I guess

You really need to shut up. You humans are all like toasters; defective. Your toast isn't even crunchy

(view spoiler)

[Hair:] A light shade of pink
[Eyes:] pink
[Weight:] 45kg
[Height:] 165cm
[Scent:] No one actually gets to even touch her and make it out alive, let alone smell her
[Scarring or Markings:] none
[Clothing Style:] Black and blood

I think I'm insane. Completely and utterly mad and cluttered beyond repair

[Demon Form:]
(view spoiler)
[Color of Hair/Fur/Feathers/Etc.:] Still pink, however usually ends up bloodstained by the time she's done. Her eyes go from her usual soft doe-eyed pink to an insane glowing red with a glaze of insanity.
[Height/Length:] Still the same
[Weight/Build:] Still the same, petite, curvaceous and innocent as ever
[Unique Artifact:] A bunny tattoo on the small of her back
[Clothing Style:] Still the same, except with more blood.



Yuno appears to be a sweet and innocent young girl, just wanting love and affection. Hardly anyone came near her due to her excessive enthusiasm and possessiveness (and I mean ties-up-friend-in-house-so-that-she-doesn't-leave possessive) towards her friends. She writhed in loneliness and sadness. To the point that she went completely insane. She keeps her true self masked with her innocence and cute appearance. Anyone who has attempted to read her mind or even pry her mental block open, they usually go insane and either commit suicide or ask her to kill them. She is known to use abnormal phrases of speech , such as referring to humans as 'toasters'. However, if you get to know her better, and aren't fazed by her psychopathic bitch behaviour, then she is an extremely kind and loving person. However be aware that you won't be leaving her side any time soon. If you're still confused as to how she functions, click the links below for a better idea*
*Disclaimer: None of the above footage is mine. The animations are extremely graphic therefore please do not view unless you are of or over 13 years of age.


[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
-Completely insane
-Psycho bitch
-Desperate for company
-loves blood
-Gets pissed off easily (Just a note: Do not piss her off if you value your life)

+Her looks
+Assassinations, but she does need to learn how to be more clean ((She asked to be paid in candy, not money))

Everyone hates me. No one likes me. Why? Why do they all like everyone but me? Is there something wrong with me?

[Favorite Things:]

[History:] TBRP'd


{Other Details}

[Stability:] Well can differ from a 1 to 5
[Interesting Facts:] I could list so many that would save your life, however if I did then I would need some saving *Looks over shoulder to see Yanos and her "I'll kill you bitch glare*
[Friends:] Definitely open
[Enemies:] Too many to list.
[Family:] Either dead or being hunted by Yanos
x-Yanos hasn't sided with anyone. She is simply in the midst of conflict
x-She is an Otaku and Yandere to the bone

bye bye! Drop by sometime soon. And don't bring those toasters with you

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Loki Prime | 152 comments [Name:] Gamzee Makara

[Nickname:] Bard of Rage, Clown Friend

[Age:] 7.4 Alternian solar sweeps (16 earth years)

[Grade:] not in school

[Blood Type:] Unknown
[Star Sign:] Capricorn

[Date of Birth:] Unknown

[Favorite Color:] Purple


[Gender:] male

[Sexuality:] straight

[Relationship Status:] none yet

[Crush:} none yet

[Race:] Alternian

[Species:] Demon

(see profile picture)

[Hair:] Black, kinda wavy

[Eyes:] yellow with purple iris, black pupil

[Weight:] 174

[Height:] 6' 3"

[Scent:] none

[Scarring or Markings:] three long cut scars, goes down from top of eyebrow down past right side of chin

[Clothing Style:] (see profile pic)


[Description:] Gamzee seems like any other human guy, except for the horns, gray skin, and different colored eyes, but that all changes once he's sober, he becomes your worst nightmare, he's murderous, insane, and has an urge to kill every living thing. but there is hope, there is only one way to calm down this monster, pap his head, hug him, and shush him, follow these steps and you might not be killed

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] DON'T PISS HIM OFF, if you damage him enough, he becomes sober

[Flaws:] Enrages easily, very useful in combat

[Virtues:] very useful in combat when sober

[Favorite Things:] himself, the ones he holds dear

[History:] his father abandoned him when he was born, he was taken into an orphanage, when he was a grub(baby), he was the last to be chosen, his step father left him when he was five years old, so he basically raised himself. due to being alone, he became insane, but he found a drink called Faygo, which made him high, soon learning on how to make Sopor Pie(green slime pie), which also made him high

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] very little (1 to 3)

[Friends:] open to any he can make

[Enemies:] killed them all (none yet)

[Family:] unknown (presumed dead)

[Other:] 1.Gamzee curses a lot, curse even more when sober.
2.writes in ALL CAPS WHEN SOBER.
3.kinda flirtatious

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 ѕolanιne Agroi


[Name:] Agroi
[Nickname:] Argo
[Age:] 15
[Blood Type:] B
[Star Sign:] libra
[Date of Birth:] October 7
[Favorite Color:] Blue


[Gender:] Male
[Sexuality:] Straight
[Relationship Status:] open
[Species:] Demon


[Hair:] Crimson
[Eyes:] Blue
[Weight:] 143
[Wings] Bat
[Color] White
[Scent:] Cinnamon
[Scarring or Markings:] none
[Clothing Style:] shown in photo


[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] Has a weakness for humans.
[Flaws:] Prideful
[Virtues:] is a good fighter
[Favorite Things:] Winter, blue, apples.
[History:] When the demons took over he came to the over world with the other demons.

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] stable
[Friends:] not many
[Enemies:] lots
[Family:] none
[Other:] nope

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 ѕolanιne Is my character the only stable one...?

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 ѕolanιne Lol I hope not

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Scarlett | 134 comments Mod
Yeah kind of...but at least one of the demons isn't that crazy! XP

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 ѕolanιne Right

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 ѕolanιne Very

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 ѕolanιne Is your demon or human?

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 ѕolanιne Wow total opposites

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 ѕolanιne Lol the only thing that's the same is the sent

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 ѕolanιne *scent

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♀ѕαgιттαяιυѕ_яσѕє♀  (SagittariusRose) | 4 comments {Identity}

[Name:] Evelyn Lira Quafalia
[Nickname:] Evie
[Age:] unknown. Looks in 20
[Grade:] she would be in her last 2 years of college if she went to school
[Blood Type:] O+
[Star Sign:] unknown
[Date of Birth:] unknown
[Favorite Color:] scarlet, like her hair and black


[Gender:] female
[Sexuality:] hetero
[Relationship Status:] open ;)
[Crush:} none
[Race:] British
[Species:] demon angel


(Wings are black and red not white and red. This is the closest pic I could find though. :3)

[Hair:] scarlet red
[Eyes:] Amber
[Weight:] 104
[Height:] 6"
[Scent:] she smells faintly of cheeries and chocolate
[Scarring or Markings:] none out of the ordinary
[Clothing Style:]

Evie has a harsh personality and is very sarcastic. She has a soft spot, but it is surrounded by layers and layers of steel, iron bars, bullet proof glass, and venomous snakes coiled around it. She can be nice to younger kids, but she never turns down a reason to be rude to anyone her age. She isn't necessarily ruthless, but there is a little part of her that likes to see humans scream, writhe, and bleed. She tortures when she has too, but almost never does it for fun.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
She has a soft spot for kids and animals. But not bugs. She has a terrible fear of spiders.
Can be a total bitch sometimes
Has a soft spot for dogs especially
Hates spiders
She loves to be in love
Her beauty
Her demon dog
[Favorite Things:]
Making cherry chocolate chip cookies
{Other Details:}
She has a black dog named Py

Ranges from 2-6
Most demons are considered friends
Most humans

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Huntress Ackrano | 347 comments Mod

[Name:] Yang Yin
[Nickname:] Yun
[Age:] 3
[Blood Type:] AB+
[Star Sign:] Leo (July 23-August 22) Ruling, Warmth, Generosity, Faithful, Initiative
[Date of Birth:] 17th of August
[Favorite Color:] White


[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Straight
[Relationship Status:] Available
[Crush:} none
[Race:] Descent Demon
[Species:] Fallen Angel


[Hair:] white hair, short at the front and tied into a Long ponytail at back.
[Eyes:] eyes are a light grey and always seem to have a sense of sorrow about them.
[Weight:] 105lb
[Height:] 4'9"
[Scent:] Snow drops under the patter of Rain
[Scarring or Markings:] she has a rune circle on the center of her back.
[Clothing Style:] normally a long white dress as seen in picture


[Description:] she is Basically a shy and often nervous girl, especially around men. she dislikes fighting and loves animals, however she is often silent about her opinion and quietly shoulders all of her burdens.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] she has an alter ego named Yin who lives to fight, Yin comes out when Yang experiences negative emotions or is wounded and changes the dress color to Red along with her eyes.
[Flaws:] she is silent and indecisive, unable to fight for herself and often doesn't until the last moment and Yin comes out.
[Virtues:] she is kind, generous, friendly and rarely goes against the will of others.
[Favorite Things:] rabbits, snow, friends, the color white.
shortly after birth Her Parents were killed and she had to run for her life, finding refuge with what seemed to be a peaceful Demon but truth be see was weak bodied. During Yang's nap this seemingly friendly Demon silently went to Yang and drew a Runes spell circle on her back, allowing her to occupy the same body as Yang and declaring herself Yin. Yin had wanted the entire body for herself but was only allowed half but that was okay in her opinion. since Yang was a Fallen angel she was the embodiment of the Light in her, Yin had now come and took the Reins of the Dormant Darkness within Yang and uses it for combat.

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] she has a semi-sane state of mind due to Yin.
[Friends:] very few since she fit's in with neither her Demon brethren nor her Human adversaries.
[Enemies:] many demons and Humans
[Family:] none-her parents were killed for having child with their polar opposite race.
not only does Yin change her color but the wings expand and the weapons 'Ragnarok' and 'Oblivion' enter her hands as the Hair is let loose.

There is also a third Personality to keep order and piece between the other two, since Yang and Yin have such conflicting personalities and energies Yun was then created to prevent either one taking full control of the body. she is the only one of the three capable of drawing out the power of 'Genisis'

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Gamzee Makara wrote: "[Name:] Gamzee Makara

[Nickname:] Bard of Rage, Clown Friend

[Age:] 7.4 Alternian solar sweeps (16 earth years)

[Grade:] not in school

[Blood Type:] Unknown
[Star Sign:] Capricorn

[Date of Bir..."


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Scarlett | 134 comments Mod
Both accepted!

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Scarlett | 134 comments Mod

[Name:] William Bones
[Nickname:] None
[Age:] Looks 17. Actual age unknnown
[Blood Type:] O+
[Star Sign:] Unknown
[Date of Birth:] Unknown, presumably sometime in October
[Favorite Color:] The color of blood


[Gender:] Male
[Sexuality:] Bisexual
[Relationship Status:] Open
[Crush:} None
[Species:] Fallen Angel


[Weight:] 129
[Height:] 6'1"
[Scent:] Blood and Steel
[Scarring or Markings:] A black pentagram on his back.
[Clothing Style:] A black long sleeve shirt and black jeans. With a weapons belt and black combat boots.


[Description:] He is a morbid person. The sounds of peoples screams is his idea of a perfect lullaby. He loves making his deaths painful and unbearable, so usually the king gets angry at him for taking so long. He likes to hang out with the demon king and the demon king likes him so they're usually at each others sides.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] He still has some goodness in him, but keeps it hidden.
[Flaws:] His goodness, his failing at guns,
[Virtues:] His efficient killing,
[Favorite Things:] Killing, the demon king, blood, screams of humans, weapons
[History:] He was an angel before he listened to the one part in his soul untouched by God's hands. He got up one night and tried to murder god. So god banished him to the depths of hell, never to return. While there he learned the ways of demons, eventually transforming into one himself.

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 9/10
[Friends:] The Demon King, Other Demon Guards,
[Enemies:] God, Humans,
[Family:] None

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"When you trust someone and get to know them, you eventually learn about their wounds as well"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Name Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Full Name- Mei Tachibana

First Name-Mei (pronounced as May)-Name Meaning-(view spoiler)
Middle Name-Haruka-Name Meaning-(view spoiler)
Last Name-Tachibana-Name Meaning-(view spoiler)

Nickname- Just Mei

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Age Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Age Appearance- 13
Real Age- Unknown
Date Of Birth- December 25th
Place Of Birth- Unknown
Time Of Birth- 4:00 am
Zodiac Sign- Capricorn (view spoiler)
Birth Stone- Turquoise Zircon or Lapis lazuli
Birth Flower- Narcissus or Poinsettia

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Biography Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Heterosexual
Species Half Demon
What they look for in a boy- Mei doesn't want anyone pushy or possessive. She wants to be able to both give and receive trust. She wants someone who is straightforward and can understand her feeling well. She is a quiet person, independent and headstrong person, so don't expect her to make the first move.
Relationship Status- Single
Powers/Magical abilities
Control over darkness and shadows
Shadow magic
Dark spell-casting
Voodoo magic
Darkness Creation & Control
Transformational magic and spells
Being able to communicate with those on the 'other side'
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Physical Appearance Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
(view spoiler)

Full Physical Description-
Mei is a young teenage girl with fair skin, brown hair and brown eyes. She is pretty in a cute, petite, mousy and adorable way. She is quite thin and appears to slump over slightly. Mei rarely smiles. Her hair is short with a hime hairstyle, but she sometimes allowes it to grow out to the point where it's slightly shoulder length.
Mei is usually seen wearing her school uniform, but when hanging out with her friends or working at the bakery, she has some casual clothes she wears as well

"You got a death wish, pal?"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Personality Traits ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘

◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Relationship Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Father- Kuro Tachibana
Mother- Sakura Tachibana
Siblings- None
Allies- Open
Enemies- Many, both dead, alive and somewhere in the middle
Friends- Open, though it's hard to earn this title
Pets- Marshmallow, her cat (view spoiler)
"Shut up and go away. I don't like you. You simply have something I want"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Preference Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Being alone
Being with her cat
Working at the bakery
Her family

People with no respect for a girl's personal space
Intrusive people
People who try to be her friend

"Isn't the sunset pretty? I love watching it dip below the horizon"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Strengths/Weakness Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Being straight to the point
Telling the truth
Sure of herself
High self esteem
Doesn't care for labels or discrimination

Extremely flustered when it comes to love
Can't lie
Comes under pressure form the people she admires extremely easily
Too quiet and reserved and when she does come out of her shell she's too straight to the point and gets angered easily

"I don't care what they say. So long as I appear decent in the eyes of those I admire"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Personality ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Mei is someone who has learnt that some people can be quick to betray you and that you're better off without anyone. She seems to distance herself among everyone else, so she won't get hurt. Overall, she does get embarrassed easily, however can be extremely assertive when she wants to. Her personality began to change ever since she moved from the local middle school to the high school for VIPs. She became more cautious and distant from the people around her, which gave her a shy and easy-to-push-around aura. However she has proved to be the opposite as many people who have crossed her path know. Despite this change in her personality, Mei continues to be as clumsy, observant and honest as she was in the beginning. Mei helps people who are in situations similar to the ones she has experienced and tries to give out advice every now and then. She is extremely confident and is willing to express what she has to say without any fear of labelling or discrimination.

"I hate this class. Everyone's so stuck up. Why can't they just leave me alone?"
◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ History ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Mei is the adopted daughter of a humble bakery store owner and hairdresser. When she was a child, her mother had discarded her. Her adoptive father, who ran the family bakery, died when Mei was but a child. Ever since then, Mei and her adoptive mother had learned to hold their own, even though it proved difficult. When Mei neared the start of school, her mother fell in a deep hole of debt. In order to pay them as well as pay for Mie's schooling, they were forced to sell the family bakery and move to a small appartment. Mei was an extremely quiet girl who never socialized with anyone in her school. She seemed to separate herself among others, since most people find her rather freakishly gloomy and the silent type, her voice was never heard by anyone, or some have been told. When Mei was little she had friends who she trusted. However, when the classroom pet died, her 'friends' turned against her. They blamed her for the pet's death, but Mei was not the one responsible and the true culprits were her 'friends.' This experience greatly impacted Mei's life as she learned that people turn against each other, and therefore she learned its better not to trust anyone at all. She carried on this behaviour through elementary and middle school. She was an extremely bright kid, as her teachers knew all too well, and they all wanted the best for Mei. She, however, couldn't care less. She would walk home alone all every afternoon, and she would usually stop at the witch doctor's shop for a cup of tea and a chat with the local with doctor. For some reason, she always felt an attraction to dark, mystical and mysterious things like witch doctor and fortune telling. No sooner after that was her world turned around.The Demon king brought his reign of terror and their world was plunged in chaos. The bakery was destroyed and they then had no source of income. So Mei resorted to their last option. She took up the profession of witch doctory.


◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘ Other Information ◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘•◘
Special object- An amulet from her father
Adoptive parent's company/career-Hairdresser

"You have to let your burdens go once in a while. Let your tears stream. No one but you knows how hard it is. Everyone else thinks you're fine. Let them think that. They don't deserve to know how you really feel"

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Loki Prime | 152 comments ☤ Mɪᴋᴀsᴀ ᴀᴄᴋᴇrᴍᴀɴ ☤ ƬĪƬΛИ SĿΛYƐŔ ☤ GuMɪ ☤ IvE-aLways-BeeN-PatchEd-Up-AnD-CRAZY ((or just Rin Sonami Inkouji.....whatever you prefer)) wrote: "Gamzee Makara wrote: "[Name:] Gamzee Makara

[Nickname:] Bard of Rage, Clown Friend

[Age:] 7.4 Alternian solar sweeps (16 earth years)

[Grade:] not in school

[Blood Type:] Unknown
[Star Sign:] C..."

HoNk :o)

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Scarlett | 134 comments Mod
☤ Mɪᴋᴀsᴀ ᴀᴄᴋᴇrᴍᴀɴ ☤ ƬĪƬΛИ SĿΛYƐŔ ☤ GuMɪ ☤ IvE-aLways-BeeN-PatchEd-Up-AnD-CRAZY ((or just Rin Sonami Inkouji.....whatever you prefer)) wrote: "
"When you trust someone and get to know them, you eventually learn about their wounds as well"
Name Information
Full Name- Mei Tachibana

First Name-Mei (pronounced..."

It's accepted.

♀ѕαgιттαяιυѕ_яσѕє♀  (SagittariusRose) | 4 comments Winter wrote: "Because if all the demons were really crazy that would be bad, and really crazy." Lol, mine isn't insane

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Name: Asuramaru
Aşura Ţepeş (Birth Name)
Kanji: 阿修羅丸

Vital Statistics
Race: Demon
Vampire (Formerly)
Gender: Male

Professional Status
Affiliation: Rebellion
Master: Shigure Yukimi
Mahiru Hīragi (Formerly)
Rank: Black Demon Series

Personal Status
Status: Cursed
Relatives: Krul Tepes (Sister)


Asuramaru appears as an androgynous adolescent male with hair that appears to go beyond his feet. Bangs cover his left eye. As a vampire-gone-demon, he has red eyes, fangs, and pointed ears.
He wears a headband formed of two parallel golden strips that match the horns piercing through his hair from the edge of his hairline. The horns grow larger once Shigure loosens the curse restraining him.

He wears a sleeveless open-back dress with a collar covering his throat. The chest piece is black while the rest of the dress is white. The gown splits open at his outer thighs, freeing his legs for movement. He wears black sleeves separated from the gown that reach his mid-upper arms and come down to his arms to his middle fingers, where each sleeve is attached to a ring. He is barefoot.

As Asuramaru exists as a mental concept, he can appear as anyone within Shigure's memories he chooses. He chooses his forms depending on what he believes will be best for breaking Shigure's will. However he can manifest in physical form for only a short amount of time (2 years at the max)


Asuramaru is a blood-thirsty demon who was originally a vampire. He delights in drinking Shigure's blood and goes into a giddy high after she feeds it to him for the first time. As a possession-type demon, he is described as particularly nasty and aggressive.
Like all demons, he is manipulative and uses nightmares to consume the one he possesses in order to take over his host's body. At the beginning of the series, he interrupts his host's dreams every night, making Shigure tired during the day. After all, the only reason he allows her to borrow his power is for the future opportunity to take over his body.

After Shigure loosens the curse on him and the two battle for dominance, Asuramaru eventually gives in to Shigure's compassion and submits to him. He also stops giving her nightmares.

Even so, Asuramaru thinks of humans as vile greedy creatures and says they are even worse than vampires. He considers them to be taboo-breakers who will destroy the world. Although he is fully aware of Shigure going insane on the battlefield and of the experimentation done on him, Asuramaru does not reveal any of these vital secrets to his host. Asuramaru is more of a trusted enemy rather than a friend or ally.

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Scarlett | 134 comments Mod

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Huntress Ackrano | 347 comments Mod
Life hurts much more, than Death ever could
[Name:]Mortal(deadly) Sombra(Shadow) Calle(Caller)
[Nickname:] Vari
[Age:] Look's early 20's, Real age un-recorded (10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000-ish)
[Blood Type:] o-
[Star Sign:]
mar 21-apr 20

Adventurous and energetic
Pioneering and courageous
Enthusiastic and confident
Dynamic and quick-witted

Selfish and quick-tempered
Impulsive and impatient
Foolhardy and daredevil
[Date of Birth:] Before written Records
[Favorite Color:] Grey
When i die, Bury me upside-down. that way the World can KISS MY ARSE

[Gender:] Male
[Sexuality:] Bi-sexual
[Relationship Status:] Taken
[Crush:} A Girl he's known for a long time.
[Race:] Southern Spirit
[Species:] Shadow Reaper


[Hair:] Short greyish/white hair
[Eyes:] Transparent Turquoise
[Weight:] 190lb
[Height:] 6'02"
[Scent:] soot around a newly bloomed Daisy
[Scarring or Markings:] none
[Clothing Style:] normally wearing long pants loose around the ankle but tight around his waist, a small shirt with an overlaying layer of light armor and a long black cloak because cloaks are awesome.
Don't find someone worth dying for, find someone worth Living for!
Mortal use to be a prick but now he's a generally nice and considerate person, helping people when he is able to and often protecting others before protecting himself. he likes reading and often has the newest edition of the dictionary as he looks for spelling mistakes in it, and almost always attends any Family gatherings of his very extended family.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
[Flaws:] is too merciful to people, often going easy on everyone and making sure he only just wins.
[Virtues:] he always fights on equal terms e.g. sword to sword or gun to gun. he hates to see people in pain and helps out when he can.
[Favorite Things:] duels(friendly of course) and Wolves
Boy, when you're dead, they really fix you up. I hope to hell when I do die somebody has sense enough to just dump me in the river or something. Anything except sticking me in a goddamn cemetery. People coming and putting a bunch of flowers on your stomach on Sunday, and all that crap. Who wants flowers when you're dead? Nobody!
Mortal was not always his name but he refuses to admit it, his life began as a regular Reaper but he found that life to be bland. he began tricking many people and causing them to do horrible things that not only gave him entertainment but even more souls to collect. there was one plan that went hazardously wrong.

his chosen victim was Yun, unaware of who Yun actually was, and things 'developed' in an unexpected manner. because of this, Mortal decided it was best to deal with Yun as soon as possible so he called for help from his friend Eros-The Dragon Tamer. together they planned a raid on the Village of Desires with just the two of them, Mortal not aware that Yun had been Eaves Dropping.

they began the attack but the Village was prepared and several things occurred. first off several Citizens placed seals on Eros's power, placing it under several activation codes before wiping his memory as well which caused him to be incapacitated. second occurrence was that a recent resident had returned from a long quest and immediately began activating her magic, Yun used his abilities to Copy Eros's now sealed power and used it to cast a reversal spell in the form of a sword strike as the Resident activated an eternal Slumber(Death) spell.

as the two forms of magic collided Mortal died and also didn't die, being sent to deaths row as Death rode by. death informed Mortal that he was unable to take Mortal's soul due to the problems cast by those two spells and was sent back to his body as a soul of Sorrow, just in time to see Eros awake once more and destroying the village.

Eros however no longer recognized Mortal and attempted to kill him using a strange spear coated in time but due to the lingering effects of Yun's Reversal spell the three surviving victims were sent spiraling through the ages with most of their memories lost.

Mortal however did not catch a ride on this trip and spent his immortal days searching and becoming stronger, watching civilizations rise and fall until he was once again able to find and kill those three to end his curse of immortality. however when he found them he had discovered Immortality not to be such a bad thing and ended becoming their friends.

he continued to Live as they Died at the hands of Demons and has come to hate them, now helping the Humans vanquish Demons as long as Mortal was pardoned for the fact he himself was born of Demon descent.

"Because I could not stop for Death—
He kindly stopped for me—
The Carriage held but just Ourselves—
And Immortality...."

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] Mortal is mainly sane but always on the brink of insanity
[Friends:] the girl he loves and the few Humans who aren't afraid of him
[Enemies:] Demon Scum
[Family:] on his person he has a book with every member of his Family listed and the longer he lives the longer the book get's.
[Other:] he is a pain to kill, that is all.
Death is a debt, we all must pay....

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Demon Dragon wrote: "{Identity}

[Name:] Adrian Magus
[Age:] appears 17, real age unknown
[Blood Type:] unknown
[Star Sign:]....Ares
[Date of Birth:] June 21st
[Favorite Color:] black


[Gender:] male

Your'e missing a lot, or my computer is messed up. Once you fix these things then I'll check it...:)
Huntress wrote: "Huntress wrote: "{Identity}

Life hurts much more, than Death ever could

[Name:]Mortal(deadly) Sombra(Shadow) Calle(Caller)
[Nickname:] Vari
[Age:] Look's early 20's, Real age un-recorded (10,0..."


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♚ || ♛╠ What's 'hurt'? Do wounds hurt? Is hurt the same as pain? What's pain? I don't understand. ╣♚ || ♛

[First Name:]Rin (R-in)
[Middle Name:] Matsu (Mat-sue)
[Last Name:]Nakamura (Nah-Kah-moo-ra)
[Nick Name:]Rin is usually called Nakamura by other demons as well as humans, and there are times when she's called Nakamura-san as well or Nakamura-kun. She's called Rin by people close to her, or anyone she's familiar with. There are times when she may be called nicknames, the most common being shorty and Akari, which means light. It was originally given to her as a nickname by her older sister and friend, and it was supposed to mean 'Red ri" Ri being a short version for her name.
[Meaning of Name:]{Rin: Dignified, Severe, Cold} {Nakamura: Middle City} {Akari: Light; Red Ri}

♚ || ♛╠ What does pain feel like? I've never been hurt before so I don't know. Is it fun? Am I bad for not knowing what it means? ╣♚ || ♛

[Birthday:] December 8
[Birth Time:]8:27 PM
[Zodiac Sign:]Virgo
[Age:] 9
Blood type/Color:]Her blood type is O-, but her blood color is dark black.

♚ || ♛╠ This is human blood? It tastes like metal. ╣♚ || ♛

Height:45 inches
Weight:35 lbs
Stature:Rin is extremely short for her age, being about the same height as a female at age 5. She's thin and skinny, and doesn't weigh alot. Her body isn't very feminine nor muscular.

♚ || ♛╠ Do you hate me? Am i a bad person? ╣♚ || ♛

History: Rin was born to a poor family, and lived a difficult life. The money they had was tight, and they had so much people in the family. By age 5, Rin was able to get a little money by doing a job, but was fired pretty quickly because of her age. Her mom and dad couldn't afford feeding everyone, so they took their eldest son and another son, and tried to leave. But they got caught in a mudslide on the way. The parents were killed along with the eldest brother. The other son survived, but was taken to an unknown hospital and is in comma. pretty soon there were just 6. But the house burned down the next day, and Rin lost 1 of her siblings. However, the other 3 managed to escape, but disappeared. Rin left her town with her only remaining sibilings, her sister and brother, hoping to find her missing family members.
Personality: Rin completely lacks any common sense. She is almost completely devoid of emotion, typically wearing a blank expression and speaking in a dreary manner. Having a soft voice, Rin is a girl of few words, since at times, she herself is unsure of what to say, let alone think. She is eccentric, as if living in her own world. As a result, she typically reacts to situations in an unconventional manner and operates on very different morals from others. She doesn't understand most of the things in her world, and almost always needs someone looking after her.

♚ || ♛╠ I don't understand, I can't understand. Why does everyone know so much while i know so little? It's not fair. Why can't i understand? ╣♚ || ♛

Dressing Style: Rin is usually seen wearing a large red scarf, which is much too big for her. It's a memento from her mother, so she never takes it off. She also usually wearing a thin jacket, since she tends to get cold alot. She mostly wears whatever clothes she can find.
Family: Parents and older brother are dead. One son missing. Sister dead, 2 brothers and 2 sister missing. Her only remaining siblings are older sis and bro. Mother(dead): Fujiko Nakamura: http://statici.behindthevoiceactors.c... Father(dead): Leon Nakamura Older brother: Kirk Nakamura(dead)
Son(comma): Kyoya Nakamura Sister(dead): Leena Nakamura Brother: Jean Nakamura (missing): Brother: Neji Nakamura(missing): Haruna Nakamura (missing): Sister: Minene Nakamura (missing):

Pets:She has a pet cat named Rei that she takes everywhere. (Rei: )
Crush: None

~Caps (the hat)
~Large animals
~Talking about her past
-Big animals
-Fear of blood

Abilities:Has an extremely dangerous demon side that reacts with her emotions. It is really powerful and has many attacks that are pretty dangerous. It can be quite obvious when Rin is about to transform, many signs appear. Usually when she's about to transform her eyes become abnormally big, and they star flashing too. Her skin also starts jumping and turning black, the most obvious sign. The demon either takes the form of a solid monster or a black spirit.

-Can seep into humans and control their actions and thought, however she can't do so for other demons. If she enters a human, then the human won't die no matter what happens, however they do die when she leaves.
-She can bring humans as well as demons back to life, although the process may take hours or even days.
-She has healing powers.
-Can shoot out highly explosive attacks from demon's mouth, as well as other minor attacks.

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 ѕolanιne {Identity}
[Name:] Amira
[Nickname:] Ami
[Age:] 17. Stopped aging.
[Blood Type:] B-
[Star Sign:] Gemini
[Date of Birth:]
[Favorite Color:] Violet


[Gender:] female
[Sexuality:] heterosexual
[Relationship Status:] open
[Crush:} nope
[Race:] American
[Species:] Winged demon


[Hair:] Black
[Eyes:] violet
[Weight:] 145
[Height:] 5"5
[Scent:] roses
[Scarring or Markings:]two identical scars on her shoulder blades
[Clothing Style:] shown in photo


[Description:] Amira is kind to her fellow demons and cruel to humans.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] She trusted a human male once.
[Flaws:] she sometimes forgets that she has no wings and try's to fly.
[Virtues:] her hatred makes her vicious and strong in a fight.
[Favorite Things:]
Cool Fall nights, her own kind (demons), being with other demons.
She trusted a male human once. He grew afraid and while she was sleeping one night he cut her wings off in the middle of the night then fled with them to a place that Amira would not find him and still hasn't.
{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 9/10
[Friends:] demons
[Enemies:] humans
[Family:] none
[Other:] nope

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 64 comments {Identity}

[Name:] Adrian Magus
[Age:] 17
[Blood Type:] unknown
[Star Sign:]....Ares
[Date of Birth:] June 21st
[Favorite Color:] black


[Gender:] male
[Sexuality:] straight
[Relationship Status:] single but looking
[Crush:} open
[Race:] white american
[Species:] quarter human, angel, dragon, and demon


[Hair:] long, iridescent black
[Eyes:] purple
[Weight:] about average
[Height:] 7ft
[Scent:] a mixture of demon, angel, and dragon (so basically really weird and very familiar).
[Scarring or Markings:] upon his chest are several runes ,demonic and angelic, both meaning Abomination
[Clothing Style:] leather duster, a cowboy hat, and black shirt, jeans, and boots.
[Dragon Appearance:] 150ft of solid muscle and power. covered in iridescent black scales with purple eyes.
[True Appearance:] mixture of angel, demon, dragon and human (basically imagine a very unique hybrid). covered in iridescent black scales, as long iridescent black hair, and large pair of demonic horns, a massive pair of black angelic wings, and a long barb-tipped tail. size ranges from 9ft all the way to 150ft high.


[Description:] in a word....messed up. most people have to deal with nasty thoughts or simply resisting the urge to kick someone, he has to fight constantly not to burn the world. within him lies three powerful personalities, each one wanting to dominate him, and his human self is caught right in the middle. the demon part of him is constantly urging him to do bad, the angel part of him urges him to be a self-righteous dick, and the dragon part of him makes every emotion a hundred times stronger. but the human part of him just wants to find the right person, who'll accept him, and live as normal a life as possible.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] pretty much everyone fears him, all the power he has hidden within, so they keep wanting to kill him.
[Flaws:] despite everything he tries, he does have a slight temper.
[Virtues:] always tries to help those in need. accepting of the weird, wacky, and odd.
[Favorite Things:] reading, music.
[History:] the day he was born was the day the moon turned red. his parents, unable to take care of him, gave him to a loving family and left him there, hoping he would never become like them. he was 12 when their worst fears came true. he and his adoptive family were sitting at the table when the demons attacked. the Davidsons were killed instantly, the demons killing them brutally in front of him. their deaths triggered something in him, a deep unspeakable wrath, and he slaughter them were they stood.
not knowing what he was he wandered, killing demons and helping when he could, for about 2 years. then he met Malnax and his crew. Malnax was a powerful hybrid, one who knew a great deal, and showed Adrian how to control his powers. Adrian has so far learned to keep himself under control.....until he sees something that causes him to snap.

{Other Details:}

[Stability:]....maybe a 7/10
[Friends:] Malnax, Marcus, Alexander, Fenrir
[Enemies:] a whole lot.
[Family:] none alive.

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All are accepted! XD

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"For the last time, I'm not reading your childish notes"


[Name:] Kurisu Tachibana
[Nickname:] Kuri
[Age] 16
[Blood Type:] O
[Star Sign:] Capricorn
[Favourite colour] Red. In any form or shape
[Date of Birth:] January 18
[Theme Song:] Romeo and Cinderella by Hatsune Miku
Regret Message by Kagamine Rin

"Why on earth are you poking my cheek?!"


[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Heterosexual
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Crush:] None
[Race:] European/Japanese
[Religion] Cares not for a certain religion, however still believes in the prospect of god and the devil
[Species:] A fallen angel

"No problem's to big to overcome. Logic and common sense always prevail"


Human Form
(view spoiler)

Fallen Form (view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
[Hair:] waist-length, reddish hair; her hair ranges in ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. She prefers to let her hair hang loose.
[Eyes:] dull blue to violet eyes
[Weight:] 45kg
[Height:] 160cm
[Scent:] New books and subtle hints of lavender perfume
[Scarring or Markings:] A rose tattoo on the small of her back
[Clothing Style:]
She has an unusual fashion statement, with her outfit being composed of a white long-sleeved blue-rimmed dress shirt. Her shirt is tucked into a pair of black shorts on top of black tights, held up by a white belt with a gold buckle. Her red tie hangs loosely around her collar, and she wears a loose khaki jacket that covers her upper thighs, and has black and white straps at the end of both sleeves and the rim which are used to keep the entire jacket on her arms. She also wears a pair of black boots which are partially unzipped and folded down.
"If this is meant to be apple juice, then why does it taste like water?"


Unlike people of her age, Kurisu has shown a more mature attitude, usually calm and collected even when someone is acting tense in front of her. However, she can also show a much more timid side at times. She has been described as a tsundere by many of her close colleagues time and time again. She has proven to be greatly annoyed by their paranoid tendencies. Her accomplishments in spite of her youth have exposed Kurisu to the jealousy of those who consider themselves her betters. As a result, she has adopted an acerbic attitude that functions to hide her vulnerabilities. At heart, Kurisu is a very curious girl who loves science and can't resist an interesting experiment. She occasionally makes statements - for example, that data collection should be considered before a subject's privacy - that have led people to dub her a fellow mad scientist. Kurisu does not approve.
Though she's hesitant to admit it, she's a frequent user of the text board @Channel, donning the identity "KuriGohan and Kamehameha". Rintarou likes to trick her into admitting this habit, much to her chagrin. When posting on @channel her personality is noticeably different, as she often uses Netspeak or emoticons to communicate and her posts are generally much less mature than her usual dialogue.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] She is extremely observant and knows pretty much everything about everyone. It makes it hard to keep secrets from her. And she despises liars
-Too truthful
-Takes her work extremely seriously
-Hates people who aren't straight to the point
-Has a bit of a humanitarian approach to life
-Hates being the creature she is

+Extremely knowledgeable
+She knows what she'd talking about
+Plays along with situations extremely well
+Takes negative criticism as a positive
+Loves to debate her point in a good mannered and for-fun-and-advancement swing
[Favorite Things:]
-Listening to Vocaloids and spending time on her computer
-Sitting in the garden in fresh air
-Being in the fresh air observing things

Kurisu was an angel for as long as she could remember. Back then she had been a bounty hunter. However she, like a few others, tried to lead a normal human life as well. She attended a primary school and achieved greatly, both academically and extra-curicularily. She had achieved greatly, and due to how advanced she was compared to the rest of her classmates, she was moved up a grade. Obviously, she was bullied for this, all the other students took up calling her 'big brains' and such childish nicknames. Most other students would have found it depressing. Curious, however, took this as a compliment. It meant that she was someone who shamed and bettered children two years older than her. A thing she was proud of. She continued to stride up the academic ladder and soon became a junior scientist in one of the best laboratory in Japan. It was there she met a man named Okabe, the one who turned her life upside down. He was a contract demon. Kurisu, however, was unaware of this and soon grew close to hm, as they both shared the same interests and goals. Little did she know that she would one day get an offer to kill him. She had already grown extremely attached to him. When he said that he would let her kill him, she grew even more conflicted. He gave her a kiss farewell and committed an extreme sin. Establishing a love bond between angel and demon. For this, she became a fallen angel herself. When she had completely lost her purity, Okabe offered her a home with him, Kurisu, however, refused. It was not only because of him, but also because his brash aura affected her every time she was near him, that made her the dark creature she was know. She completely cut all connections she had with him and simply left.

"And in those 5 seconds, my life changed. For the better or worse...I can't say"

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 10
[Friends:] All of her colleagues
[Enemies:] Too many to list.
[Family:] None


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[Name:] Gumi Hearth
[Nickname:] Gumi thank you, nicknames are quite peevish
[Age] 16
[Blood Type:] O
[Star Sign:] Aquarius
[Date of Birth:] January 20th
[Theme Song:] Tokio Funka by GUMI



[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Heterosexual
[Relationship Status:] Single (personality will explain why)
[Crush:] None
[Race:] Unknown, however is believed to be Oriental
[Religion] Religion is binding, in her opinion, and she hates people pressing it on her
[Species:] Demon Neko
[Released form]

(view spoiler)
[Hair:] Short and wild green locks that seen to have a life of their own. She has a hard time 'taming' them to look presentable
[Eyes:] luminous green that have been reported to, supposedly, glow in the dark. Gumi wouldn't know. She can't exactly see her eyes in the dark. They are said to change with her mood, like, for example, if she's down they would tinge slightly blue. If she was angry, they would tinge slightly red, etc.
[Weight:] 45kg
[Height:] 155cm
[Scent:] Paint and new paper
[Scarring or Markings:] a tattoo on her left shoulder
[Clothing Style:]
At school

Out of uniform
(view spoiler)


Gumi appears to be an attractive, funny and smart young adolescent and very few men don't turn to stare after her and even fewer stick around once they get to know her. She can be extremely unpredictable and she knows it. She simply likes 'tickling' peoples brains and seeing them confused. She is extremely complicated and this is most of the reason she hardly has any permanent relationship bond with people. They usually get frustrated with her and give up. She can be bold and outgoing. She's bubbly and can be quite chatty when she's in a good mood. She can be extremely 'strange' at times and weird. She is extremely extroverted and loved to express this through her actions, words, and apparel. She loves bright, noisy and constantly moving environments. So it confuses people when she is said to be somewhat timid and prone mistakes when under stressful situations. She is rather simple-minded and eccentric, but, surprisingly, her intuition is very sharp, surprisingly courageous, and she has been considered a wise judge of circumstances and danger.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
- Is extremely ticklish
- Loves people playing with her hair
- She quietly purrs in her sleep

- Can sometimes be too happy
- Extremely innocent and sometimes doesn't know mature things (view spoiler)
- Extremely stubborn
- Can sometimes be too kind for her own good

+ An optimist
+ Excellent strategist
+ Smart both academically, philosophically, and contextually
+ Bright and colourful
+ Can cheer even the most evil, gloomy and cold people with simply a smile

[Favorite Things:] (view spoiler)
+ Green and neon orange
+ Hugs (she considers herself a pro
+ Carrots
+ Paint
+ Smiling
+ Steampunk

Gumi was born to a half neko father and a human mother. She grew up alongside the others in her litter. She was always teased by them for being different. Their hair was brown, blonde and blue, while hers was a bright green. Their eyes were brown, blue and grey while hers were glow-in-the-dark green. But her mother never discriminated her. Gumi loved her for that. Her mother inspired her to achieve high and prove others wrong. Prove them wrong about her being dumb. Prove them that she wasn't a freak or mistake. She loved her mother. And she was always happy. Till the humans happened. They slaughtered her mother and her family were taken into prison.

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 7/10
[Friends:] Many, however none that are close or permanent
[Enemies:] Not many
[Family:] Penelope Foxx ~ Mother
Yuma Hearth ~ Father

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 64 comments [Name:] Malnax
[Nickname:] the Balancer
[Age:] very old
[Blood Type:] unknown
[Star Sign:] born before star signs!
[Date of Birth:] April 2nd
[Favorite Color:] black


[Gender:] male
[Relationship Status:] single
[Crush:} open
[Race:] unique (doesn't really look like anything you'd see now a days)
[Species:] half human, quarter angel, quarter demon


[Hair:] long and silver
[Eyes:] bright metallic silver
[Weight:] about average
[Height:] 7ft
[Scent:] a odd mixture of angel and demon.
[Scarring or Markings:] upon his chest is the angelic and demonic runes for "Outcast"
[Clothing Style:] tends to wear just pants, hates shirts and shoes.


[Description:] mostly calm and knowing, very wise....also a wiseass. tends to put people through the worst but always trying to make them stronger.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] he is the Balancer, basically he keeps the angels and demons in line and make sure they stick to the rules.
[Flaws:] can be quite arrogant.
[Virtues:] can be quite nice.
[Favorite Things:] killing idiots.
[History:] Malnax was born during an age when man, angel, and demon lived side-by-side. unfortunately this produced many powerful hybrids, Malnax being so powerful he rivaled both his grandfathers, and this caused the demons and angels to panic and start slaughtering the hybrids. most were killed but some survived, Malnax among them. he went to the very Heavens, demanded the power to avenge his fallen brethren, and he got it. he became the being that, for a long time, kept everyone in check. until recently anyway. now he's gathering whatever help he can and trying to keep the world intact enough to save it.

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 9/10
[Friends:] Marcus, Fenrir, Alexander, and Adrian
[Enemies:] a lot
Grandfathers: Lucifer and Michael.


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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 64 comments is he approved?

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 ѕolanιne {Identity}
[Name:] Keith Black
[Nickname:] None
[Age:] 18
[Blood Type:] B-
[Star Sign:] Gemini
[Date of Birth:] June, 9th
[Favorite Color:] Green


[Gender:] Male
[Sexuality:] hetero
[Relationship Status:] open
[Crush:} open
[Race:] American
[Species:] Fallen Angel

[Hair:] Silver
[Eyes:] Bright green yellow
[Height:] adv
[Scent:] Pine
[Scarring or Markings:]
[Clothing Style:] A white button up dress shirt, black pants, black over coat, and black boots


[Description:] Keith is a fallen angel so he carries with him some of heavens traits. He is loyal, faithful, kind, but also prideful.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] Keith has a dark side
[Flaws:] temper
[Virtues:] He fights well
[Favorite Things:] People, fall, the smell of other demons
[History:] Keith was an angel cast down from heaven for his pride and temper. Things angels should not have. When Keith fell he landed on top of a demon who became his friend. They went to the over world together and are friends still.

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 9/10
[Friends:] open (the one mentioned in history is open for creation pm me first)
[Enemies:] plenty
[Family:] none
[Other:] If you find Keith asleep then you will find him with a sword. He always sleeps with one it makes him feel safe.

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Love it!!! And accepted! XD

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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη | 227 comments [Template and creation by crimson]

• • Jack • • Birch • • Ashford • •

Well, there goes my intro!

━━━ 20 ×× M A L E ×× B I O S E X U A L ×× S I N G L E ━━━

▬▬▬▬"'Cause my echo is the only voice comming back."▬▬▬▬

▬▬▬▬"And my shadow is the only friend that I have."▬▬▬

Jack has brown hair and blue eyes. The white part around his eye can change on his command to black, though he tends not to do it. Its on command or when he's really mad, or very stressed. Jack has a crimson red hoodie on, with blue jeans. His skin is a little tanned. Is mother came from a high power, and his feather came from even a higher power than that so Jack is quite a powerful demon, although he dosen't like to show of all that much, but other time he loses himself and just goes for it.

>His powers are Psychokinesis meaning he can move objects that are not in one's line of sight, much stronger than telekinesis. He also has the power to Omnilingualism, witch is the ability to understand and speak any language without extensive training. He also has Light darts/shards, this means he is able to create small or large light darts or shards that burn the object within contact. He also has a forcefield, meaning a protective bubble goes around him. With a last power of teleportation. He can't teleport very far though, since he hasen't really practiced this move much. This as well has having the power of Dream Leaping - The ability to project into peoples dreams and manipulate them, and Deviation, which is the ability to return attacks back to where they came. Cryokinesis&Hydrokinesis The ability to create and manipulate water while having the same ability to create and/or manipulate ice and cold.

>He can get around people well

>Dosen't really like crowds
>Caring -in his books, this is a weakness for him-

>Being hurt, again

>Being cunning
>He uses everything to an advantage
>Being himself

>Having to do nothing for a long time
>Being hurt, again




"Light Demon"
(view spoiler)

▬▬▬▬"Why won't anyone save me from this?"▬▬▬▬

▬▬▬▬"Make it end!"▬▬▬

Jack can sometimes be a little shy, but not for long. He has problems, like Schizophrenia. But only a small case of Depression. Jack is normally loud which is why a lot of people don't expect him to be who it is, although he isn't frightened to be alone, and once or twice he talks to himself. Apart from all the crazyness, Jack can act like a normal person. He's also caring for people he knows and likes, which he dosen't like himself - Being able to care I mean - and can get away with a lot of things. He dose sometimes need help, but other than that Jack is an actual total sweetheart, hard to see at first, or the second time around, or even the third time around. He dose have a personality disorder, and can snap from one mood to a normal. Thats why he dosen't really go out much anymore.

Jack Birch Ashford was born on 1994, September 29th at 4:07am. Named after is unborn older brother, who died in birth. His older brother would be two years older than him if he lived. Jack's original name was Felix. After the birth of Jack Birch Ashford, he was said to have hole in his heart. By the age of two, the doctors fixed this and he was living a normal life. When Jack was around 5-6, he started getting odd dreams of his 'Brother'. There was no way he could know of this, since his parents didn't tell him and Jack was way to young to remember anything. Jack started saying this like, "He watches me when I sleep," and "Why dose he always crawl in the window?" These dreams stopped when he turned 8. Since he was a demon a had the advantage of learning much more. But he was picked on, and bullied. It got to a point where he murdered the other children. 6 Died and 27 where hurt. He was soon found out to have a disorder of Schizophrenia, and a eating disorder. Jack got away with almost anything. But he is very frightened of himself. Jack knows he can snap, as he also has a personality disorder. He regrets a lot of choices he dose due to this, and dosen't often go out much. Within the shell of Nightmares, he's an actual total sweetheart. He trys to do everything he can to better himself. Not being with the other demons, he gets along well with humans.

▬▬▬▬"Who should we kill now?"▬▬▬▬

▬▬▬▬"Enny, Meeny, Miney -- EVERYBODY!"▬▬▬

Jack dosen't have that many weapons. But he dose carry around a small dagger(view spoiler). The dagger its-self is made to deal more damage with every hit it takes. He has four other weapons where he lives although he dosen't really use them unless needed;(view spoiler)
May I also add at he dosent age every year, but every four years.

Your not safe here, not around me.

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Cassandra Stoneheart
Cassie or Cas

18 ; Stopped aging

Blood Type

Star Sign
Libra Zodiac Sign; Balanced, seeks beauty, sense of justice.

Date of Birth
September 23rd

Favorite Color



Relationship Status



Very long, and a bright blond

Bright blue with a spark of life


Clothing Style


A very beautiful girl, with a tall hour-glass figure. She isn't frightened to show of what she has. Cassandra is a respected girl, with a powerful personality. She dosen't like to be told what to do, and can get a point across well. Cassie dosen't like to fight, but is very good at it.

Favorite Things
Rain/storms, being right and having the freedom to do what she likes.



A few...


Mother - Meg / Deceased
Father - Dannie / Unknown Location

"For the love of a daughter"
"Running With the Wolves"

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You might want to change species from Angle to Angel but other than that.


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