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Hi everyone. My name is Karly, and Im the Deputy Moderator for this group. This here is my journal.
Basically, this journal will consist of things that are on my mind, many photos and gifs that I can relate to, or I just purely love, and events that go on in my life. I would really appreciate it if no one commented here, as I want to keep it consistent, and if you have any burning questions, head Here to ask, and learn a little bit more about me.
Overtime in the journal, you will probably get to know the person I am, and my interests and hobbies. Enjoy.

Karly xoxo

Update: I actually don't mind people commenting in my journal, that is fine, but after a while, their comments will be deleted, so it stays organised, but feel free to comment anyway ^-^

Double Update: As well as this, I would really appreciate if any of you guys could either comment here or Pm me on any of my posts that you especially enjoy, and want me to do more of, or any requests you have for me. I would most definitely appreciate it!

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Alright, I eventually had to share this. As many of my friends will know, Im a HUGE fan to the hit TV show Teen wolf
And I though I might share one of my favourite and most emotional scene with you.
Click Here to watch a partial bit of the scene.

In this scene, Scott's, Stiles, Lydia's and Allison's bus breaks down, so they have to stop at a neighbouring motel. The only problem here, is that the motel is known for is ability to meddle with peoples minds. In this part of the scene, Scott pours gasoline all over himself, and holds a flare in one hand, ready to light himself on fire. (Quick note, the four of them believe that another character, Derek, is dead at the moment) It gets emotional, this is how it plays out:

Allison: "Scott? Scott?"
Scott: "Theres no hope."
Allison: "What do you mean Scott? Theres always hope"
Scott: "Not for me. Not for Derek"
Allison: "Derek wasn't your fault. You know Derek wasn't your fault"
Scott: "Every time I try to fight back, it just gets worse. People keep getting hurt, People keep getting killed."
Stiles: "Scott, listen to me, okay? This isn't you. Alright, this is someone inside your head, telling you to do this. Okay?"
Scott: "What if it isn't? What if it is just me? What if doing this is actually the best think I can do for everyone else. It all started that night. The night I got bitten. Do you remember the way it was before that Stiles? You and me?
Stiles: *nods*
Scott: "We were nothing. We weren't popular, we weren't good at lacrosse. We weren't important. We were no one. Maybe I should just be no one again. No one at all."
Stiles: "Scott just listen to me. You're not no one. Okay, you're someone. Your...Scott, you're my best friend. Okay, and I need you.
Scott, you're my brother.
Alright so...*Steps on gasoline puddle*...So if were going to do this, then, *grabs flare* You're just going to have to take me with you then.
Lydia: *Looks shocked*
Alison: *Silently cries*
Stiles: *Takes flare completely from Scotts hand, and throws it away*
Scott: *Cries, while staring at Stiles*
Stiles: *Cries as well*
*Flare rolls with the wind, and touches the gasoline*
Lydia: "No!" *Runs and pushes Stiles and Scott away from the gasoline, and the puddle lights on fire.*
(But its okay, they're safe)

So yeah. Every time I watch that scene, my heart fills up with sadness, even though I know what going to happen.

(I had to share this with someone ^-^, I'll do more of my favourite scenes in the future)

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Ive seen many other people do this, where they have a journal of their OC warrior cats, and they basically write skits and stuff to go along with them!
But wait a minute, lets back it up a little. I don't think many people on here know what the Warrior cats are! (Except for two braids)
The warrior cats is an amazing fanfic series, that follows the adventures of four Clans of wild cats—ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan—in their forest and lake homes. The cats fend for survival, and encounter many problems and prophecies that they must overcome. Its a book series, and its very addicting and interesting. Ask anyone!
Now onto the cats that will be featured in my skits!

List of my Warrior Cats!
- Karly (The twoleg me!) (view spoiler)
- Blazestar (view spoiler)
- Snowspots (view spoiler)
- Emberflame (view spoiler)
- Rosekit (view spoiler)
- Thistlestrike (view spoiler)
- Yellowpaw (view spoiler)
- Robinpaw (view spoiler)
- Echokit (view spoiler)
- Wolfclaw (view spoiler)

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Karly: "Hello everyone, and welcome to my first skit post about-"

EmFl: "Hey, whatd'ya doing?"

SnSp: "OMG Embeflame! Let Karly finish her introduction!"

WoCl: "I don't think anyone on this group particularly knows the warrior cats...0-0"

SnSp: *Puts paw to face* "Karly, please continue"

Karly: "As I was saying-"

RoKi: "Hello Everybody!"

SnSp: "Rosekit! Go away, this is for senior warriors only!"

RsKi: "But I want to be famous!"

WoCl: "I don't think you will, no one is going to read this"

EmFl: "You don't need to be so negative, Wolfclaw

WoCl: "Im not!"

EmFl: "Yes you are!"

WoCl: "No im not!"

RsKi: "I want to be famous!"


WoCl: *0-0*

RsKi: *cowers away*

SnSp: *Sigh* "Continue, Karly"

EmFl: "I think she left"

SnSp: *rolls eyes* "I wonder why"

End XD

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I wrote a poem for class the other day. I thought I might share it with you ^-^

Almost as if fate has taken me,
I engulf into the darkness.
Little do I know, of the world around me,
but just like a book, as every day goes,
there's a new story, awaiting my knowledge.
To be me, or to be someone else.
Or to keep the properties, but to sing along to a different melody of life.
For I must admit, I will never know the answer to.
Like a forthcoming wave of light, I am a drifting grain, following the path that we all take. Yet like the aftermath of a ripple of darkness, I move differently to everyone else.
I follow my own current, taking mr far, yet I frolic in the lands of others, influencing their decisions.
For we only follow one destined path.
And when we have finished,
we have reached the end of our Journey.

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I have a book, right next to me at this moment (a notebook) where I keep all my information about my current RP's on Goodreads. Yes guys, Goodreads is such a big part of my life, I need an actual book dedicated to it XD

In the book, I have anything I need to help me organise stuff. Whenever Im in bed, late at night, and I don't want to touch my phone, I jot down ideas for new characters in the book. I also have a list of possible FC for different types of characters with different personalities, which is helpful when I have zero inspiration.
I also have a page dedicated to each group I moderate, and RP in. I basically just keep track of every character in the group, and who they belong to. As well as this, Ive dedicated the back of the book for my current characters, so I can keep track of them as well.

*sigh* But even then, with my large amounts of organisation, I still manage to let many Rp's slip through my fingers. There's just not enough time in this world, does anyone else feel the same as me?


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Thanks ^-^ I just write whatever inspires me, or things that I love, simple :)

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Lol, so a few things are going on currently in my life:

Firstly, has anyone been thought that phase where they just can't find a perfect GR profile pic??? I think I'm in it now. But currently as I'm writing this, I found one of a girl with butterflies. Lets see how long it lasts shall we?
As for everyone, just a heads up, its not glorious summer here. Im freezing my fingers off right now, as its the complete and total opposite to summer (unfortunately) I actually want summer to come sooooo badly!
Time is absolutely slipping though my fingers. I have barely anytime for GR, and when I do, something else manages to pop up. I just wish I didn't get as tired as easily as I do. Then I would be able to stay up later and not worry about time at all.
Im starting to develop a love for running. Sure, I enjoy soccer and such, but I'm actually loving the adrenaline that comes with running, and I'm starting to wake up early and things to exercise.
Everything is just hectic now. Even with all the good things, life is short, despite it being the longest thing we will ever do.

Until next time,

~K xx

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Alright, update on my life:

- Current favourite song = "Fix you" (Coldplay)(view spoiler)

- Current favourite food = Ive been craving Avocado! On toast, for brekkie, everywhere!

If your interested in RP, then check out my newly made group:
(view spoiler)
Description to the groups plot ^^

Alright, I think we just need to take a brief moment to Part-ay, because...

((Can I get a whoop whoop?))

And OMG, Teen Wolf is going SOOO intense as season 4 goes along. I have, about 2 more episodes until season 4 is finished for me, but I'm not finding enough time. Got study and stuff which unfortunately comes first.

Me: "Its okay Parrish, your actually worth 5 million. Why, because your a Hellhound of course!" ((Lol, I'm not supposed to know that until season 5 XD))

Me: "Dayum, you go Mama Mc'Call!"

Aanaard thats all we've got time for today. See you later folks!

Karly is OUT xx

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((My new favourite collection of gifs XD))

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

((Oh, this one pretty funny as well XD))

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Wow, it's been 22 days since my last post. *sigh* I guess I should've given a warning to all of you guys. (Then again, I have no idea who takes the time to read my random journal)

Basically, I had to take a 4 week break off goodreads. Had study to do and lots of preparation for my major and minor testing. Basically, I finished about a week ago, and I now have about 5 weeks of nothing! So my time on goodreads is turning back from inactive to active. It's slowly getting there.

So, what's happening in my life? Well fi sided season 4 of teen wolf. Super duper intense! I'm going through season 5 now, but I'm also sad. It's slowly commingled to an end! (They are making the other half of season 5 now, and they've secured a season 6, so nothing too big to worry about now)

I've been full on in creating characters for roleplay groups. It's almost as if my study has opened up the creative side of my mind. I'm coming up with ideas out of thin air!

New favourite song, and possibly new favourite band: demons, by imagine dragons. They're. Amazing. To. The. Moon. And. Back. I'm non stop listening to there songs, and I spent about 4 hours straight teaching myself demons on the piano, with the help of a little sheet music.

That's basically it. Super tired after al of this is happening. I'm gonna go take a nap.

I'm out!

~K xoxo

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Charlie Wilcox | 3 comments I am teaching college English at MCC since I retired from Ashford in 2008. Also writing novels. If interested...At last my 3 novels are available at I assure you they are well written! Please check them out, hopefully buy them, REVIEW them, click like on good reviews, FORWARD TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! I write to be read and need to establish an audience of readers. My immediate goal is to get 100 reviews on each book on Amazon which moves me up in their algorithm when people search. Help me create a buzz! Not being a celebrity, I need all the help I can get. Anybody know Taylor Swift???

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Hey! How do you add the picture, like in your first one and others, please help me!!!

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