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Jacci Turner’s novella – Cracker

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D.M. Stoddard Review by D.M. Stoddard

Cracker is an examination of cultural prejudice through a twist in history that reverses roles in common acts of discrimination. Jack Turner seeks to awaken emotional awareness to a number of social issues by stepping through key points, highlighted by each chapter.

The story is about Ann, a homeschooled youth, who is returning to public school in face of sure discrimination. She encounters some stereotypical discrimination through personal experience and through friends who face other challenges in what reminds me of the 1960’s social mentality. Set in a more current alternate atmosphere, their efforts to band together in order to ward off oppression go awry, ending in tragedy, but from that tragedy other events are set in motion, both good and bad.

This insightful novella is well written and presents many of the challenges facing racial boundaries and cross-race alternative lifestyle. The characters are well thought out and true to their nature. The ending should leave thoughtful readers in an enlightened position to ponder the fundamental question, how to relate to others in our community who may be different than ourselves?

Jacci Turner is the Amazon bestselling author of the young adult novel, The Cage, and author of the Birthright and Finding Home series. Cracker is scheduled for release August 10, 2015, on

Jacci Thanks D.M.! You are awesome! JT

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