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The ending of the last book, was it satisfying?

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E.L. Mendell I know most people will read the Inkheart trilogy when they're younger because it is a book for younger people, but I really enjoyed the first book, and the second was entertaining. However, as much as I loved Inkdeath I felt the ending was too abrupt. Does anyone else feel the ending of Inkdeath was missing something?

Ruby I liked the ending and didn't think it was out of nowhere, but I would have liked some things to have been resolved beforehand...such as how Meggie's relationships go from here, how Fenoglio comes to terms with his vanity, things like that. I wanted to know what life was like after the climax. What would gave been good would be to do a Harry Potter-ish kind of epilogue where we get a glimpse of really how things turned out.

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E.L. Mendell Yeah, I would have liked that too. Just a little more than a recap of everything that happened and instead a chapter where we see it happen. The poetic-ish ending was okay. It was such a great book series and so I guess I set my expectations too high? The third book was filled with so much, like the whole "after-life" thing we witnessed, and Resa and her son turning into sparrows at night; It was like another story could have been made of all that was added into the plot. I guess I thought the story was left with an incomplete feeling...

Ruby It had a climax, and it had a conclusion. What it lacked was a falling-action part bridging the climax to the conclusion.

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E.L. Mendell Yeah. It kind of weakened in its decent to ending... Oh well. It was a great story either way. I just wondered if I was alone in my thought that the ending was somewhat hollow for such a great series.

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Xavier i wish meggie would have stayed with farid

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