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Morgan | 94 comments

"Ƈαρтαιη"Ɛмσяу ƜιƖƖιαм ƬуηɗαƖƖ

▬▬ 30 ✗ Aᴘʀɪʟ ₃ʀᴅ ✗ La Fleur de la Mort
✗ Mᴀʟᴇ ✗ Bisexual ✗ Married ▬▬

✗ Jackson Rathbone ✗ 198 lbs ✗ 6'0" ✗

[E]mory's the kind of guy that most pirates would want as a captain. Brave, Considerate and Loyal he's a sure leader. The demons hiding behind his facade though are becoming a bigger problem, and they're only revealed when he has one too many bottles of rum. Not exactly a lightweight it takes a whole barrel full of alcohol for his temperamental side to show itself. The behavior that is shown on such occasions is likely due to his constant need to care for others, and never for himself. Due to his sure loyalty he's the kind of guy people can easily take advantage of which is why he has become more cautious of strangers, turning both to his first mate and wife for an official opinion. Holding these two above all others it's clear they are also another one of his weaknesses, but he's well aware they can both take care of themselves without help- and that's really the only thing he can be assured of as of late.

Born on the waters aboard La Fleur de la Mort Emory has never known anything other then the crash of the waves against the hilt, or charts of the unmapped waters. The seven seas have always been his home and he embraced the life he'd been given fully from a young age. It was obvious he was always his father's favorite... that was of course until his younger sister came along- she was truly the only one the man would probably ever claim to love. This never really bothered him though as he grew older. His father still favored him over his younger brother, which he realized was a horrible thing to be smug about when one day James suddenly disappeared. For a few days it seemed no one noticed until Emory told his father who simply shrugged his shoulders. "Good riddance" is all the man said. While he never really formed a true connection with the young boy he could hardly believe his father, he knew he was cold, but not so heartless. From that day he formed a closer connection with his younger sister and did his best to form a search party for his brother, but after a couple of months it was simply assumed he was dead, or maybe he didn't want to be found.

Arriving at the age of eighteen his father wasted no time in making Emory first mate. He was surprised by the action, and yet humbled. Maybe his father wasn't such a bad guy after all- that is until he found out what happened to the previous first mate after his refusal to step down and hand the position off to some boy. It's best to leave facts like that in the past though. While he was first mate his opinion was never taken into consideration which left Emory to turn to the crew. Often he would lend an ear to their problems and do his best to help them out with the powers he did hold. This made him much more favorable then his father. Approaching his mid-twenties the ship let their first woman on board that was not of the Tyndall line. His father claimed she was an asset and nothing more. At the same time Emory began talking with her-Arietta. They formed a sort of friendship that his father soon came to realize might just be an advantage. In a matter of days they were brought to land and married off. The ceremony was sort of hush-hush and not too many people are aware of their wedding. While Emory was told it was simply to "protect the lass" and give her a name he still couldn't help but to be resentful for it. In the first year of their marriage he become a bit of a recluse and stopped talking to everyone. It was a sudden change that confused many. Now married for five years he considers her his closest friend, but worries that it he ever did manage to fall in love it wouldn't be authentically verified, but he would hope that wouldn't be something that would bother them either. He's also had lover's over the last five years, but it's not the same. Just a few years ago he was appointed captain. While the title was already proclaimed to be his from an earlier age, the position was given to him suddenly. His father became ill, and a bit of a raving lunatic. That's not to say he was completely sane previously, but this time it was worse. Many pirates died in useless battles and he was making silly mistakes. When he began to see things that weren't there, though, Emory was voted captain. A much better leader then his father he rules the ship dutifully, but every once in a while he can't help but to wonder if perhaps there's more out there.

Mother: Matilda Tyndall
Father: Nathaniel Tyndall
Younger Brother: James
Younger Sister; First Mate:
Wife: Arietta Capulet-Tyndall
Friends: open
Enemies: open
Lover: open

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 188 comments Mod

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Morgan | 94 comments
Silas Goldman

If you don't wish to be forgotten, then make me remember you.

▬▬ 22 ✗ December 17th ✗ Port Royal ✗
✗ Male ✗ Bisexual ✗ Single ▬▬

Max Irons 187 lbs 6'0"

❧Silas isn't the easiest person to get along with, if you aren't there for his own pleasure then he essentially wants nothing to do with you. That said he can be rather stand-offish and he doesn't believe he has any friends. Believing that everything should be given to him with a simple snap of his fingers he's accounted for with tons of eye rolls throughout the day. Nobody takes him seriously, and sometimes he really wishes that would change. Like most to any men he loves control, and that can be seen in many of his relationships. Silas decides when to start them and when to end them, and with a face like his he's easily able to charm people. And yes, he does have quite the ego too.

Born into a high standing family Silas grew up with just about everything served to him on a golden platter. People began to call him "Prince", and while it was meant as an insult it kind of stuck, and sometimes he does prefer when people call him that do to the ring it has. Weakness was always a foreign concept to him until he developed an illness at the age of fifteen. For a couple of weeks it stopped him in his tracks. The symptoms were ugly enough that his parents bought a little cottage-estate for him so that he could go there when they hit hard. His skin would become splotchy, but instead of the average color of red it would be abnormal colors such as blue and pink- certainly nothing they wanted the public to see. Along with this came spouts of dizziness and disorientation. On occasion it gets so bad he forgets who he is for a few moments. Nonetheless he still makes himself look like the brat he was brought up to be. He doesn't want anyone's pity and he just wished he could control the unnamed disease like he could control every other aspect of his life.

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