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Please follow the Template

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Name: Ezra Hunter
Gender: Malé
District- 9
His eyes....

About Ezra:
Fun has never been something he had ever been good at and when his mother took ill at his age of twelve, he had to start looking out from his small box, becoming mature. Being familiar to the cruel world at a very young age. He does not interact much, he prefers keeping to himself. His darks past shaped a lot of his personality, he is often viewed as rude, arrogant and impossible which he was and accepted wholeheartedly without a blink. He is the breaker of many hearts and does not give a shit or awareness of it. He is also sweet, caring and confident does not do much in way to change what people think about him.
He is cold and detached.
He became the man of his house when his cowardly father ran away without another word. Only his father last act of charity for them gave them a shelter but not the money to constantly keep his sick mother well-cared and his education on the top. He had to look for a job, he had to work hard, fast and smart. As smart as he was that wasn’t enough to get him a suitable paid job to provide the required care his mother needed. It was hard and slow going, his mothers life depended on his ability to provide money fast enough to continue her progress in the care. Until he met her.


Self Conscious

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Two different models again.

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oops im going to change it now

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