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claude (marypoppins917) Novel RPG

Started Quests

Two Empty Halves of Coconuts - Find all the items to receive your very first horse.
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Robbing Robin Hood - Provide 4 bat wings for leather and read a book with 6 or less characters in the title to provide a thin string of thread for sewing them all together. Receive 5 experience for re-hooding Mr. Robin.
4/4 Bat Wings

Sticks and Stones may Build a House - You get 2 experience for 4 steps completed, another 2 when 7 steps are completed and another 3 when all 10 are completed to build a house. Houses give you an excellent place to store things.
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claude (marypoppins917) To-do Quests

A Fairy Odd Path - Read 3 books that are in-between series numbers. Fairies are forgetful but always thankful and after you remind them they provide you a Heal Potion and 2 experience for the rescue.
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