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Sade talking with his mom
Cathy Knuth Cathy Aug 08, 2015 04:56AM
I love these snippets, it gives me a look into how much Sade & his mom missed in his younger years and how much his mom actually "knows" him. Nothing like a mothers love to cut through so much!

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She placed the tray on a small table before a pair of white rocking chairs then sat in one and patted the other. Sade took another breath as he sat, dreading what she might manage to drag out of him. She handed him his toast and coffee with a smile, like she’d dreamed of doing that, then drew her feet up, getting comfortable. “Mmmm,” she said, embracing her cup in both hands while sipping. “Look at this place, what a view, baby, right?”

He gazed out at the ocean that had called to him this morning. Like it had secrets to share with him. “It is. Very.” He slid his gaze along the softly breathing giant, the blanket of diamonds on its surface nearly blinding in the first sunlight.

“Okay spill it, what’s bothering you?”

God, he didn’t want to do this with her. Not his mother. He just wanted to have nice moments with her. Hadn’t they had enough shit together? Sade set his toast down.

“Ohh,” she muttered. “So bad you lose your appetite? That’s no good!”

He stared into his cup of coffee now, still debating on escape tactics.

“You think everybody doesn’t see it?”

He looked at her, panic hitting his stomach.

“All the stress you’re under? Come on, what’s wrong, we’re at this island, everything is beautiful, you have the woman you love?”

Sade slid his jaw to the right at that, nodding absently in the deafening silence that ensued.

“Oh come on, you’re not going to sit there and act like you don’t love Mercy, are you?”

He snorted a little and shrugged, looking out. “Love,” he muttered.

“Yes, love,” she repeated, sounding concerned. “I know you probably didn’t think you’d ever experience it, but I always knew you would, sweetie.”

He scanned the empty beach again.

“What?” she pried.

“I don’t know,” he muttered. “I just…” he shook his head and slid his finger over the rim of his cup. “How would I even know what that is?”

She set her coffee down and leaned over, grabbing his wrist firmly. “You listen to me young man. Look at me.”

Sade couldn’t deny her that much and met her clear, silver gaze.

“I am your mother and I know some things. I know some things about you, young man. You do know what love is. Oh my God,” she wailed softly then. “You, mister, have a very big heart.”

The absurdity of that nearly made him laugh, but the longing for her to be the slightest bit right, stole his voice. He wasn’t sure what fantasy drug she was taking, but that wasn't the reality.

“Don’t shake your head at me, I’m not crazy here. You listen to me, you know what love is, you have a huge heart. Oh my God, stop snorting!” she shrilled lightly. “Do you remember how you used to rescue those nasty little earth worms? In your pocket?” She giggled. “And those pennies you’d find on the ground and say it had fallen from Heaven? You’d always put them in your little jar,” she said dreamily.

He did remember that. “To buy you that stairway to heaven.” That never existed. He wasn’t happy that she let him believe in such a thing when she knew it didn’t really exist. Not something he’d held nearly sacred at the time. But he allowed for the fact that she probably needed to have something nice to pretend about.

And yet she gasped, “Yes!” sounding so happy about it still. “And what about how you used to cry over dead animals on the side of the road, or-or avoid every crack not to break your mother’s back!” She gave in to silent giggles.

A sudden sadness hit him, adding to the other bullshit inside. His childhood ignorance had fought so valiantly against the cruel realities of life, and lost.

“And those angel pictures you drew for me and put under my pillow to protect me. And how you dressed in a super hero costume to fight the bad guys?”

Sade’s stomach knotted with the other stuff that came with those memories. There had been too many bad guys. But how did she still not get the punch line? The joke was on them, on him. All his trying to protect, believe, overcome… all blown to hell. And yet she sat there and talked like they’d escaped it and lived happily ever fucking after.

“And how you held my hand when I cried? Remember that day I was going to work? You tried to stop me, you gave me all your saved pennies so that I didn’t have to…”

Sade’s chest tightened with fury at hearing her on the verge of crying. Just what he fucking couldn’t take right now. Why was she doing this?

She shook her head roughly and wiped her eyes. “Oh honey, you—are a very good boy, Johnny, do you hear me? Look at me.” He cringed at the name, wishing she wouldn’t call him that ever again. He hated that he didn’t like his own mother using it. If anybody deserved to call him that name, it was her. He took her hand when she reached for him, unable to resist kissing it. “Only people who love, do those things. That was all you, you did all that because that’s who you are inside.”

He pulled his hand away now. “Was, maybe.”

“No, are!”

Growing more annoyed, he raked all his fingers through his hair. “Things changed mom,” he muttered, hoping she’d realize the outcome of that story and end their trip down nightmare lane, littered with blood, suffering and cute angel pictures drawn by a little boy who cried himself to sleep every fucking night. Just like her.

“Listen, we endured a lot of shit baby, I give you that. But we didn’t let it change us.”

Jesus fucking Christ. “How can you even say that, you know what happened, you know what I do for the man.”

“Did, Johnny! And you did what you had to until you could do something else, you were planning a way out.” She shot a finger at him. “You hadn’t given him everything, you hadn’t and you know it.”

He stood and faced the ocean, ready to jump out of his skin. “I don’t want to talk about this. Not with you.”

“Then talk to Mercy, but talk to somebody!”
“Especially not her. Not about this.”
“Why not!” she gasped.

Why not? Why not? He searched himself for that answer, realizing he didn’t really have an answer to that. But he would. He’d have that answer and he’d give it to Mercy. And she’d leave him. She’d leave him like all good things did. Like he fucking deserved because that’s the product, the sum, the quotient, the difference in his life. Good always equaled gone.

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