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essïe | 1053 comments Hai (: any ideas?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments I do, but I'd love to hear yours first. Or read. Whatever.

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essïe | 1053 comments Not any at the top of my head. I'm open to yours (:

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments French Revolution times:
Assassins and Templars have been going horn to horn ever since civilization began. Dude's bloodline belonged to the Assassins. Dudette's bloodline belonged to the Templars. When they were mere children, they met at a palace. Dude was told to stay put and not go anywhere as his father went to run some "errands", but Dudette was left to do whatever she wanted while her own father went and did some of his own tasks. Dudette then found Dude sitting idly, and invited him to steal an apple. Of course, Dude went along. After playing for an hour or so, both of then returned to their respective fathers who were oblivious to their time spent together.

From there, we can branch out into a few possibilities:
1) Generally, they then met again and again as they grew up, the two of them harassing and causing trouble as children and even in their early teens. In their late teens, they started falling for one another, but also learned the dirty truth about what was expected of them. They both began to learn about their secret society. Thing is, both of them were so close to the point they shared their secret. They both found out that they were supposed to be enemies by nature, and...

2) They don't meet up and play as children. Instead, only after they learned their true bloodline's obligations did they meet coincidentally. They vaguely recognised each other when they were wandering around, and reintroduced each other. Of course, they kept their little secret to themselves. They started seeing each other more and more often, at first simply to pass either boring times or to distract them from their creeds and societies. But it started to turn out as something a bit more meaningful, a bit more... romantic. It was at the peak of this relationship when their duties called. Dude was called to investigate the recent activities of Templars and purge it the area of it, and Dudette vice versa. That was when they discovered the truth about each other, and...

3)They dont meet up after their little play session. They didnt accidentally bump into each other. They worked hard and long for their respective societies, aiming for Mentor Assassin and Grand Master Templar respectively, the highest posts one could get. But when Dudette was sent to kill Dude, she hesitated. She knew the boy. She just couldn't quite place her finger on it, so Dudette went up and talked to Dude. Turned out, they were the same two who played together when they were young. The thought of killing a childhood friend, or even acquaintance didnt sit right in her stomach. Her Order then expelled her. She confided with Dude as to what happened, and Dude tried to invite her into the Creed. But when the council found out she was an ex-templar, they ordered him to execute her personally and immediately. Unable to kill someone who was willing to give up her job for the sake of old times, he helped her escape, and ended up needing am escape himself. Word has gotten around, and both societies couldnt stand them being friends. Now, both the Assassins and Templars are out for their blood, and they're forced to fight together, with the assistance of Napoleon very much later.

4) I have the vague idea of them both already Mentor and Grand Master, and somehow getting together. I just can't make out a plausible story for it.



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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Dude is a human, stuck on a spaceship after the attack from Lord Zinu (Yes, scientology). Although his team was able to defeat the alien lord, their planet was still damaged beyond repair. One of their team members stole a spirit board from the lord's collection and decided to play it with his friends. Part of the team gathered and played, asking the board questions. One of them spoke of hell, and after a few questions of it, that fella got sucked into a portal that sent him to none other than hell. Dude, pissed at the situation, forced the spirit board to reopen the portal in order for him to be able to chase after his friend and perform a rescue mission.

Disoriented, he stumbled through hell to look for something, anything to start him off. Nothing was familiar, and he didnt even know where he was. That was when he saw dudette, a colleague waiting for him in what looked like an office building. She briefed him on what was happening, and revealed that his friend was to marry Satan's daughter because his sins outweigh all of human history by a long shot. Dudette then explained that she was willing to help him because then she'd earn more money thru some mathemagical theory and calculation.

Dudette sent him on his way with one last parting gift, Lucifer's cracker halo. She understood that with the demons and husks roaming around, a mere mortal has no way to defend himself. Now, Dude is out to save his friend. He caused mayhem to hell's already chaotic situation, pissing Mr S.A. Tan off and drawing him out.

His daughter saw this mess, and took the opportunity to try and revel against her father. She didn't want to have an arranged marriage. She wanted to find love. So, she went out, seeking for this man who seems to prove his capability of rebelling against her father and intending to form an allegiance with Dude.



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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Another one I'm doing with Rossa involves three different intelligent species. If you're interested, look up our thread and see what we have discussed.

Another one with another person involves time travel. Look up my thread with Eva's.

I've got other ideas, but I'm really busy handling my school's editorial board work. Unless u got ur own? =)

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essïe | 1053 comments The first idea seems pretty legit. Still debating between how they meet up. Either 2 or choose.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Hey don't pass the dilemma to me!

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essïe | 1053 comments Meh cheeky bastard. Mmmmm 2 I like that idea! Your ideas are crazily detailed. I like it, dude.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments When my gears spin, they really spin. Thx =)

So, how shall we go abt this? Charries? Dont bother making one too awesome. I love getting to know charries in the rp itself. Makes it all the more real.

message 11: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments I say the same thing but in reality I just hate the whole idea of making a long charrie sheet ^^ so age name and appearance will do?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Sure.

message 13: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Age range?

message 14: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Early 20s?

message 15: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Yeah okay one sec

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Many minutes have passed.

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essïe | 1053 comments celeѕтe lyla мerrywнeaтнer

Sorry man all you get is a link. Pretty late over here so I might knock out soon ^^

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essïe | 1053 comments Well geez don't see your charrie up do we smart one?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments I didn't promise it to be in a sec =P

Arthur McOwen
You don't get a link.

message 20: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Ouch. Going for the mysterious thing or something?

message 21: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments No. I'm too busy crying over Chuck's death in Maze Runner.

Actually I just dont know where to find a possible picture to portray his appearance. Sorry. I mean, really.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Okay I have something to confess. I just looked him up in Google as "Young French Actor" and his face appeared. XD

message 23: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Well thank you for taking your time ^^ and yeah who didn't cry in Chucks death? You wanna start? I might head off to bed. It pretty late here

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Can you? If not u can start when u wake up.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Your Mom wrote: "Can you? If not u can start when u wake up."

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essïe | 1053 comments Celeste had been awake for about twenty minuets, looking up at the ceiling in pure boredom. Her father had gone out for a couple days, on some kind of mission that he refused to let Celeste know about. Sighing the girl got up and made her way to the shower, taking her precious time. That's one thing Celeste had, time. Her father had promised to take her with him but this one was 'confidential'. Whatever that meant. Once Celeste was out she threw on some jeans and a tank top. Lacing up her boots Celeste then began to braid her hair tightly.

Going into the back the girl began to warm up by doing a good couple push ups and a couple drills. The least she could do was stay active while waiting on..well nothing. After breaking a sweat Celeste made her way to the punching bag, bare hands. She never understood the purpose of mitts, they weren't going to use them out on the battlefield so why gets use to them? After a while Celeste let out a few raged breaths and held on to the bag, looking over the field. It was completely silent. She was alone.

(( hope this is okay...))

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments ((I don't think they had tank tops and jeans in the french revolution... Wanna change it to modern times?))

message 28: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments (( i'll change it once I get to a computer. Go ahead and post ))

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments "I'll have your neck for it!"

"I'm simply reclaiming what is mine," Arthur cheekily shouted back over his shoulder as he attempted to lose his pursuer, pushing through columns of sweaty body in the morning sun. He was starting to grow weary after a full 10 minutes sprint. Luckily for him, not only was his pursuer slow, but lacked the stamina by a long shot.

Turning a corner, he pressed his back against the wall and breathed heavily. He looked down at what he had 'reclaimed' and ran his thumb across the smooth surface of the stopwatch's cover, memories of his father surging through his mind. It's design was intricate, ancient even. He breathed a sigh of relief as he pocketed the item, before pushing himself off the wall and began the short walk to the morning market.

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essïe | 1053 comments After a good couple of drills the girl went out onto the field, finding it rather peculiar how silent it was. Resting her head against the grass she waited for some kind of sound, anything. Sitting up the girl gave up, not before seeing rocks bounce from side to side against the road towards town. Horse men. She watched as at least three men on horses made their way to town, in uniform. Biting her lip she watched as they rode away into the distance, confused to why they were headed in that direction. Shaking her head Celeste walked back into her house, washing up once more.

Once Celeste looked somewhat presentable the girl found a little emergency change then locked up. She didn't intend to be locked up in the house all day, knowing her boredom would consume her. Taking the road towards town the girl began to kick up her feet in a child like manner. If she was a kid she'd probably have a better imagination and be less bored. Pursing her lips Celeste kept her eyes on the road.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments The glorious blast of morning dew against his face was soon accompanied by the smells of freshly baked bread wafting through his nose as he neared the market. He quickly combed his hair sideways with his right hand, making him more presentable for the near future's business and trades. Pulling up his sleeves, he went over to his contact with a pouch of coins in hand.

"Mister Rovenof," he greeted as he approached the elderly man who was leaning against a wall at the edge of the market, a cigar sprouting from his lips. "I suspect you have the package as always?" The man nodded silently, nodding towards a crate to his right. Arthur was about to reach for it when the trader stopped him by grabbing his upper arm. Arthur frowned at him, showing his annoyance although he was of a much younger age. The man held out his hand, eyeing the pouch in Arthur's hand. Rolling his eyes, he shoved it into the man's chest before taking what was his. Hefting the crate up, they both parted ways without another word.

((Is it fine if he already has a gf? Like adds the drama and all))

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