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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Bye.

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Lol, so have any ideas?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Weren't u going?

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Huh? No, Ciao means Hello in Italian and it also means Bye, but it actually just means Hello

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments wut

Okay so any ideas?

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Hmm, yeah, but it depends on the genre of our rp, what's the genre of the rp?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments action, adventure, scifi, drama, and romance as a plus.

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Okay how about Fallen Angel x Angel Hunter?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Can u blossom ur idea a bit more?

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Okay yeah, give me five minutes fo come up with a plot.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Zombie wrote: "Okay yeah, give me five minutes fo come up with a plot."

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So sorry, I've been super busy.

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Okay so maybe Girl A is an Angel Hunter, and Guy A is an Fallen Angel, Girl A has her own Cult, and she is team leader, owner of thirteen dogs and the adopted sister of ten brothers, Girl A has become so much stronger then the average Angel Hunter. Guy A is an Fallen Angel, possibly the last of his kind, he lives in a small town outside of (insert State Name here), he has been rejected so many times. Girl A is searching an city when she ends up in a bar and she starts talking to this Guy, Guy A, as they talk, Guy A begins to like her, even though he has no clue as to who Girl A really is. Girl A begins to like Guy A as they talk, even having no clue as to what Guy A really is. It's when they both have a one night stand two weeks after they meet, Girl A finally figured out what Guy A really is, her instincts take over and she almost kills Guy A, Guy A finally figured out what Girl A is and he ends up almost gettin killed, but love finds its way through the problem, and solves it. But what happens when Girl As cult gets closer to Guy A, will she be able to save him, or will they both die an painful death?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Okay I have a slight problem with your grammar and the structure of your sentences. But otherwise, that's generally fine.

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Okay, first explain your problem and I can solve it, and two okay, so can I be the female Angel Hunter?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Yeah u can. I kinda already explained it so...

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Uh not really, you just said you had a problem with my grammar and structure of my sentences, but that doesn't tell me anything.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments ???

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Blah, you know what, let's just Roleplay, so characters?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments sure

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Okay I'll post mine first

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Name: Mason Abby Jones
Nicknames: May, MAJ, MJ
Gender: Female
Age: 19


Profession: Fallen Angel/Angel Hunter

Personality: Mason is quite intelligent, she is the team leader in her cult to hunt fallen angels/Angels. She is also very, very techie and strong, she will not rest until an fallen angel is caught. Mason is always restless and will never rest until an fallen angel is caught.

History: At the age of three, Masons mom just gave her up for adoption, it was weeks before Mason was adopted by male homosexuals, she grew up learning how to hunt Angels, fallen or holy, her fathers both never even stopped training her, yes they treated her like a normal kid, birthdays, sleepovers, phases of life and all, but they have never stopped. Mason grew up with ten older brothers, now nineteen, Masons brothers are all 24, they're all apart of her cult. Mason has exactly Thirteen Pitbulls who listen to her without question.


Mother: Caralee Nelther
Father: Marcus Jones
Father 2: Liam Jones
Brother 1: Harry Jones
Brother 2: John Jones
Brother 3: Benny Jones
Brother 4: Nelson Jones
Brother 5: Gregory Jones
Brother 6: Samuel Jones
Brother 7: Mikey Jones
Brother 8: Ryan Jones
Brother 9: Neddy Jones
Brother 10: Frank Jones



Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: Open

Other: N/A

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Wow... Can I make mine much more brief?

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Sure, I don't really care about details

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Name: Arthur McOwen
Age: 22

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Okay, so shall we start the rp?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Yeap. Ladies first. =)

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Why thank you:)

So I shall start at the bar............


Mason worked as a bartender in a small town, it's not that she wanted too, it's that she had to, it was a cover for her as she lived and hunted inside the small town. Mason sighed as she worked the counter, her arms and eyes were tired as hell, she couldn't believe she had chosen such a low job, she couldn't believe she had to hunt in this godforsaken town.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments "Right. I'll call you back," he spoke into his phone, before hanging up and stuffing it into his pocket. With a grim grunt, he pushed open the door and entered a bar. It was night, and he had nothing else to do in this part of town. Nothing else to do but taste the divine liquor of fermented grape and alcohol. He didn't even know why he agreed to hold his company's meeting here. It was dull as dirt.

The moment Arthur stepped into the bar, though, all thoughts left his mind as a uncomfortable tingling sensation began to tickle at his skin. He knew what that meant. Someone in there had a holy aura. Not about to let it stop him from his thirst, he quickly masked his own aura and made his way to the bar counter. Of course, that didn't stop him from scanning the room for anyone who looked suspiciously supernatural. Even if someone, or something was to attack him, he walked with the comfort of knowing he can easily eradicate their folly.

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Mason kept her gaze on the counter and the customers at the counter, she sighed, she sat up from her spot as she felt a rush of burning sensation run through her veins. Her eyes scanned the entire bar, she groaned softly when she found nothing she then went back to serving the drunk and sober customers, she had a fake smile and she falsely flirted with some of the guys who flirted with her, she didn't exactly flirt with them though.

Masons gaze kept scanning the room every five minutes, even though he creature masked it's aurora, Mason still had this burning sensation, she focused on her job and she sighed as she began to think of many other things. She gripped the glass in her hand tightly, she didn't flinch when it broke in her hands, she didn't even wince as the shards of glass dug into her skin. Her fellow co-worker came over and helped her while one of her other co-workers picked up the glass, she waved the one who was helping her with her hand away, " I'm okay John, I promise, I can get the shards out my self," Mason says as she leaned on the counter, she began to easily pick out the shards of glass.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments ((Aurora lol XD I'll brb gtg eat dinner))

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(( whoops, stupid autocorrect, and ight ))

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Arthur had already sat down, and was contemplating on what to drink before something unnatural unfolded before his eyes. A glass cup shattered into pieces in a girl's hand. Thing was, she didn't even flinch. Arthur frowned at the scene, his suspicion rising. It wasn't human for a girl to be able to simply shatter glass just by holding it in one hand, especially the fact that she seemed to not even feel the pain that should have existed. His eyes narrowed further when she was actually able to nonchalantly pick out the shards that got stuck in her skin while leaning against the counter directly opposite him.

In that instant, he knew she was the one giving off the aura that he felt upon entering.

Of course, he was amused that she couldn't sense him, even with his current proximity. Intrigued, he decided he'd play it cool for now and continue with his act as a human being. "Wow..." was all he said, making sure he was loud enough so that she heard him. He acted amazed, which in a way, he was.

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Mason didn't look up, " It's a talent of mine, it's almost like a super power, I can't feel pain," Mason answered, she grinned on the inside as she was glad that her small plan worked, she detected the aura off him when he came closer. He may have masked it but he didn't mask if all the way, or so she thought.

Mason looked up for one minute, her hand was bleeding a little bit, but she didn't even care, " What can get yah hot stuff?" Mason asked nonchalantly, she didn't even smile, her eyes were dull, but not with pain, more like with disgust then anything else. Mason sighed as she served another customer while waiting for a answer.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments "Or maybe you just have congenital analgesia," he muttered under his breath at her smartass comment. He watched her for a moment, wondering what exactly he wanted. "Surprise me," he finally spoke up after a long silence between them. There, he thought. That should solve my dilemma.

While waiting for whatever she would offer, his curiosity got the better of him. "So, what are you doing out in this part of town?" he asked, attempting to start a conversation. Of course, he knew the answer. But he was amusing himself with her bullshit, seeing how far she can go with it. "You look like a college girl. Is this a part time job?"

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Mason ingnored his comment and she just grabbed an bottle of scotch, the best in the town, She sighed and then poured him a glass, " It's a full time job, I am here for my brothers, I'm visiting them for the year," Mason replied to both questions, and they weren't exactly lies, but they were however lies.

Mason was about to break another glass, but she stopped herself, she gave a fake smile as she served him. Masons mind started to whirl as she finally was able to think.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Arthur arched a brow as he took a sip. He enjoyed the warm feeling it gave him as it slipped down his esophagus. "This is good," he wondered aloud, before taking it all down in one go. "So, how many brothers do you have?" he asked absently, before pouting down at his empty little glass cup. "And can I have more of that Scotch?"

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Mason smiled a real smile, she looked at Arthur, " I have ten brothers," Mason answered, she grabbed the bottle of scotch and she poured him another glass, her hand had stopped throbbing and now it sat tingling. Mason flexed her hand to awaken it from its stiff position.

Her mind still raced with a story in her head in case he asked anymore questions, she hoped she didn't, but she still had to be ready no matter what, she was on a mission and she had to stay true to herself in order to complete it.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Arthur was holding the cup up to his lips when he faltered. "TEN?!" Holy shit. Her parents must have been either super bunnies, or they really wanted a second girl. Either way, her parents didn't seem quite so... sinless anymore. Calming himself, he let the all the Scotch in his glass cup flow through his throat in one go. "More please," he muttered. "How old are your brothers?" he pressed on. She wouldn't lie with such an absurd answer, so she was likely telling the truth. Then he realised he could just read her mind. Kicking himself mentally, he started searching her mind.

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Mason easily blocked him out, she smiled she pretended she wasn't doing anything, she then began to answer, " They're all twenty four, I was adopted by their dads when I was three," Mason replied, she fiddled with the bottle, she wanted to as so much take a drink of the bottle of scotch, but she couldn't.

Mason sighed she then unblocked him form her mind, wanting him to read her mind, but she was only thinking about her parents, and brothers, she didn't think about anything else except her family.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments Arthur had to refrain from frowning when he couldn't budge her mind. He knew she was a supernatural being, but he seldom encountered one who could overcome his telepathy. Of course, back on the surface, he was genuinely shocked. "All 24?! What, they're all from the same year? That's medically impossible. You've got to be kidding me."

Just then, he felt a blockade to her mind removed. Her thoughts immediately flowed into his head. Incredibly, she was telling the truth. How that was possible was the million dollar question.

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" Five are actual brothers to each other of course, they're my adopted brothers, the other five are step brothers to them, three of them have the same mom, and the other two are my real brothers, it's very complicated, but yes they're all twenty four," Mason says with a smile, she looked at Arthur.

She grins as she looked at him, " So what brings you to this place?" Mason asked, she looked around to find that some people were watching them, but she grins as she realized that they were her brothers, she didn't do a thing, she just looked back at Arthur.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments "Never heard of anything above quadruplets, though. Are your parents even human?" he asked jokingly with a forced laugh. He didn't know how else he could be more true with the question.

That was when he noticed about the way she was looking around the room. He tensed, at first thinking that someone was about to come up behind him and run a blessed dagger through him. Thanks to his mind reading powers, though, he found out it were simply her brothers. "Oh, I'm here on a business trip. And yes, I'm young," he answered the question before it even left her lips. He was already used to that line of questions.

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" Yes my dads are humans, they're mothers or my mother, we don't really know, we were all adopted by two homosexuals, who we love dearly and would do anything to protect, and by the way, i wasn't gonna say or ask anything about whatever you thought I was going to," Mason says.

Mason looked around the room again, she waved at her brothers with a grin, she smiled when they gave an embarrassed smile and then turned back around to they're dates or who ever they were with. Mason served another customer when they came up, she then walked back over too Artthur.

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(( Meep ))

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments ((Meow))

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(( It's your turn to respond ))

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 2560 comments ((Did u know we have another thread?))

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(( I'll try to find it, I haven't been able to these days ))

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