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 Noah slowly openedthe door to the surgery room and walked in, letting it shut after him with a gental push. He didnt think he was supposed to be in their, but honestlyhe could care less. He just needed some time out, some where where he could be alone. No one would be in a dirty and somewhat dark place they call surgery room, right? Etheir way he would have went for a run but he already did that it didnt help. He couldnt sleep since his dreams would only make mayter worse. So why not come to a creepy place like this where he was surrounded by sharp objects. It was just a good thing doctors dont operate with guns.

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Dominik was hidden in a corner, his wrists were bleeding heavily, thanks to the sharp object in his right hand, he didn't whimper nor do anything, it almost seemed like he was unconscious or something. Dominik was breathing yes, was he alive? Yes, did he hate it here? Yes, he didn't want to be here, but after his last suicide attempt, he was thrown in here by his dumb parents who just hated him for sure.

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Noah stood in the middle of the room and ranked his fingers through his broam hair wirh a tired sigh. He decided to look around more now that he was here and he had nothing to do. Just as his brown eyes scanned the place he stoped at what seemed to be a slugged figure in the corner. Is he dead? But soon enough Naoh caught the movemnt of his chest meanig he was still breathing. His eyes Quickly scand his body he caught sitw of the sharp object and his wrist. "What the hell!" Noah mummbled as he rushed forward. He kneeled before him and snatched the object from him and threw it behind him. "What were you think?"

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" First tell me who the hell are you and why do you really care what I'm doing?" Dominik murmured, he didn't look up, his wrist was bleeding badly, he didn't want to be in this god forsaken place, there was nothing to do, nothing. Dominik heaved a breath as he shifted on the ground, his eyes finally opened up and they looked at Noah.

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Noah did expect that from him. But it wasn't enough to get him away. "I'm a patient here" he starts off and gets up. Luckily since this was a surgery room he was able to find some bandages. He took them and went to kneel next to him again. "And I don't care about you" he finishes off. It was true, and that's what Noah did. Why would he tell him he cared when he really didn't. He just meat the guy. "But you shouldn't be doing this to yourself" he tells him and takes his wrist into his, not caring wife wants him to or not.

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" If you didn't care you'd leave my wrist and me alone, you wouldn't be caring about wether I should be doing this or not, if I didn't have a brain, I wouldn't be allowing you to do this right now," Dominik answered, he glanced at the guy. " So what are you here for?" Dominik asked trying to make small talk.

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"I don't care" he told the guy again. "But i don't believe in self harm ether" he adds. The thing was where he came from, and his religion, self harm is a sin. But he wouldn't want to talk about that so he just put it in a simple way as possible. He kept working on his wrist, cleaning it and wrapping it, not bothering to make eye contact. He pushed his hair out of his eyes a couple of times since his head was bent. "Personal reason" he answered him, nothing more.

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" Alright then, I can work with that, at least tell me your name," Dominik answers, he looked down at his wrists, he sighed and bit his lip, he didn't say another damn thing. Dominik began to think of how he even got to this place, he missed his love, she was basically his pride and joy, not his daughter, but more like his girlfriend, he missed her dearly.

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Noah stayed quite and just finished with his wrist. Even though he cleaned up all the blood and wrapped it up, the new bandages were already started to soak with blood. But he did enough. At lease they were tight enough so he wouldnt bleed to death. In the end he sat down and leaned against the wall with his head tilted up. "Noah" he said and closed his eyes.

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" Nice name," Dominik says, he looked brought his knees to his chest and he shifted away from the dude, he didn't say anything else, he just glanced around the room.

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After a few seconds of silence, Noah spoke. "What about you?" He still kept his eyes closed. Having them closed made it feel like everything was a dream. The guy, the place, killing his father. Maybe he would just wake up to his room where his mother would be, brushing his hair out of his face.

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" Dominik, Dominik Santorski," Dominik answered, he looked at his wrist and he sighed, he didn't move or anything, he then looked up at the ceiling, he sighed and shook his head, he sighed a lot.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Finally opening his eyes, Noah he tilted his head to the side so he would get a better look at him. "So what bring you here?" He asked him. He was ready for him to reject him, almost like he did, but Dominick seemed like he would want someone asking him.

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" Multiple attempts of suicide," Dominik says, he sighed softly as he turned his head to look at Noah.

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Since he spoke about his, Noah only thought it was fair he did too. "Mines a bit complicate, but to sum it up I killed my father." That should be enough, right? He shouldn't say too much. He just wasn't the one to give in to all the rambling and stuff. "Care to talk about your multiple suicide attempts? " he asked him. Even though he said he didn't care about him, it's what he was supposed to ask.

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" Nope, I don't want to ever talk about them again, I promised my lady friend that I would never talk about them again," Dominik says, he sighed and looked away from Noah.

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"A lady friend? " he spoke, less of a question and more of a statement. He thought it was cool that he didn't want to speak about it. He would probably do the same thing. But the reason was because of a lady friend. "Who is this lady friend? You mean your girlfriend? "

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" Nah, she's a girl that's my best friend, but if I said girl friend, you might've gotten the wrong idea, I am bisexual, but I lean more towards men," Dominik replied.

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Noah didn't know if he should be uncomfortable with the idea of being with someone who's bisexual but leans towards mean. Noah was straight, but that didn't mean he would hook up with any girl here since that was against his religion.

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" She was the one friend that really got me, yah know? I mean she's the only one I will trust with my life and everything," Dominik murmurs.

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At his description, only one person came to his mind. His mother. He loved her and she loved him. She meant the world to him. Of course everyone should feel that way about his mother, but he really did care about her. Maybe it was because she died and he misses her badly. "Yah... I know" he mumbled and looked away from him.

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" Thought I could trust my parents with my life, but turns out I was wrong, completely wrong," Dominik says softly, he didn't look at Noah.

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felt the same way about his father, that was after he married his step mother of course. "did they try to kill you or something? " he guessed. The way he said it only made him think that way.

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" Nah, they just treated me like shit and they were never home, I barely even knew them, the only people I really knew was Jamie and her family," Dominik murmurs.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) "Sorry to hear that" he said. That's what he's supposed to say right? Noah didn't like talking much. But he also didn't like the awkward silence. But for now he decided to stay quote with his eyes closed. He came here to think, like he said he would.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ((Sorry I've been busy. I'm not sure how long I'll be busy for so if u want to end it so u can rp with others that's okay))

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" Yeah, yeah, that's what everyone says," Dominik mutters, he glanced at the only window in the surgery room, it was super glued shut so that no patients could get out or sneak out.

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