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((RP with approved characters ONLY.))

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Vanna looked out the window of the bakery in boredom as the day was in between the times when those who woke up early to grab fresh bread before work had already gone and the after school rush where mothers grabbed bread for dinner had yet to come. Her dark auburn brown hair was tied up in a ponytail, though strands had come loose around her ears that she kept tucking back. The other bakers, two older woman were taking their breaks, leaving Vanna in charge of the front shop. Most of everything had been baked or had already been prepared and would be baked soon enough. So now, in her boredom, Vanna absently wiped the counter in front of her and the register, looking outside but not truly seeing. If she had paid attention, she might have noticed the touch of flour at her right temple, but Vanna was particularly tired this day. Her father was more difficult than usual after a night of drinking, leaving her to get him cleaned up and in bed, while also making sure he didn't choke on his own vomit. Giving a sigh, she began to turn to the back to check the list of what to do when suddenly she heard the bell at the door jingle.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Sipping coffee he'd picked up earlier Thomas stood in the shadow of a light post watching the bakery. He'd been watching her a great deal lately. He always waited to go into the bakery until after the morning rush preferring to see her alone. As he stood in wait the other bakers retired to the back of the shop. He watched her cleaning the counter and noticed she looked tired today. He wondered if she'd been out all night with that damn wanna be King. He thought about the king with no country and no job as a sneer crossed his face. Yes the adversary had at least done one good thing he thought to himself, he'd put that king in his place.

Putting a charming smile on his face Thomas strode across the street and into the shop, "Good morning beautiful," he said noticing she had flour on her temple. Before looking at what was available to purchase, he studied the pastries with the full knowledge he'd leave with the same thing he always did, they were her specialty and no one else in New York made them like she did. Grinning at her, he asked casually, "So did you have a fight with the flour today or are we using a new beauty product?" She was so pretty sometimes he forgot that she was only an means to an end, and today was no different. In order to regain his focus he reminded himself how disgusted that smile would be if she was looking at his true form rather than this form he wore to fit in. His composure again established he smiled at her full of charm and with an air of arrogance said, "What do you recommend Vanna dear?" He always pretended not to know the girl beyond the bakery and although glad she didn't know him outside of a customer he occasionally wished she saw past the facade.

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Turning around, Vanna recognized the customer and let a small smile come to her face as she shook her head to herself. "Good morning to you as well, Mr. Rayner," she replied. She always thought he was teasing or perhaps he simply called every girl beautiful and similar words. Still, he was a well-known face and the man before her was a better distraction than cleaning. At first she frowned in confusion at his teasing comment. Then she gave herself a quick once over until she saw her reflection in the glass of the displays and the flour smudge.

Laughing brightly, Vanna sighed and rubbed the flour off. "Yes, it seems flour is in. Didn't you know that, Mr. Rayner?" she asked jokingly, making sure the labels were in their proper places before she stepped out from behind the counter to stand in front of the glass displays that showed a few rows of different pastries.

Mainly the pastries were kept by the counter while a shelf nearby held the french bread, baguettes, and other simple loafs. Glancing over at him at his question, Vanna wondered why he bothered with the ruse of thinking he might buy something other than the usual. Still, she played along as it was her job to do so. "Well, I have freshly made eclairs. Oh, and here's something new I tried making." An excited light entered her eyes and she bent down a little bit to point, not caring she smudged the glass with her fingerprints. "I've made cheesecakes at home, but now my recipe is being used here. It's a white chocolate cheesecake with salted caramel sauce and shavings of dark chocolate. Early for dessert I know, but it's definitely something you should try out."

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Thomas smiled charmingly at the lovely brunette, that greeted him. Shaking his head gently while giving her a slight frown he said, "Now, now, I do believe I've said you should call me Thomas." He loved teasing her she blushed easily and was even more beautiful when she did. Watching her cheeks turn pink he considered brushing the flour off himself but kept his hand casually at his side. Touching her at this point might unsettled him and he had plans, those plans did not include the feelings he had for her he reminded himself as he held his hand steady. He knew she was only being respectful of his status, that made him love it all the more when she called him Mr. Raynor, it made him feel important and it also helped him maintain the distance he needed to maintain.

Thomas loved the way her eyes lit up when she talked about her newest creations and although he generally didn't eat sweets he loved her's they were an indulgence he allowed himself. As he watched her describe the new cheesecake dessert Thomas watched her delicate hands move with the words, and suddenly wondered what it would be like to have those hand gracefully feeding him one of her creations, wetting his lips without realizing it he imagined her fingers as sweet as her pastries sliding between his lips. Realizing he was staring at her Thomas quickly shoved those thoughts out of his head as he ordered his usual a little more curtly than he meant to, "I'll take the eclairs, three," realizing his tone he quickly checked it adding kindly, "They are always so wonderful, and if you would please package up the new cake as well." His charm rarely wavered even if his thoughts did. He needed her to want him, crave him, desire him so much that she'd agree to help him destroy Rafeal, no matter how much she loved him. She was sweet and kind, he knew his plans to hurt the former king would also cause her pain but he couldn't worry about that. Revenge was all that mattered Thomas reminded himself, he didn't care who got hurt in the process. As he watched her package his order he quietly asked, "So how's your father since his arrest? I haven't heard from him since we got the case against him thrown out of court."

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She didn't say anything as he again insisted on her using his first name. Though Vanna considered him a regular and they could be on friendly terms if they wanted to, she still thought it better to act professionally. So instead, she smiled and turned her face away to hide her embarrassment.

If she noticed him staring, Vanna didn't give any indication. However, it was most likely she was unaware as she always got a little too focused on work and tended to zone out everything else. Nodding as Mr. Rayner began his order, Vanna began getting a box ready when she paused, hearing him order the cake. "You're getting the cake? Wonderful! You must tell me how you like it." Quickly she grabbed the eclairs, assuring him that they were fresh as she placed them in a white cardboard box labelled with the name of the bakery written in swirly letters on top.

As she began tying the ribbon around it, her fingers paused and her face looked solemn for a few seconds before she smiled. "Oh, he's fine. Better, I think. His arrest gave him a good scare, or at least I hope it did." While she wouldn't share this information with normal customers, Vanna had asked for Mr. Rayner's help knowing he was a lawyer when she got news of her father's arrest.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Thomas laughed when she seemed genuinely shocked and equally pleased at his wanting the cake saying, "Well you did make it sound irresistible, how could I pass it up?" As she packed up his order and assured him of the freshness he smiled, "Everything is always perfect Vanna dear that's why I come back so often." As he watched her work Thomas wondered what it would be like to have a woman love him like she loved that wretched king, he wanted to ask her but he knew better than to betray his plans and even mentioning Rafeal would elicit a negative response in him. What did she see in him, why had she been so willing to pay the price his magic commanded for a man like that? She hadn't even asked what he wanted, now Thomas assumed she thought she was safe from the imp and thus could live her life as she chose and although some days he watched her and considered letting her out of the bargain he just couldn't do it. He told himself it was because he needed to own her to get his revenge, if anyone could see inside they would be shocked at the hatred he held in his heart, but when she smiled at him so innocent and sweet he occasionally forgot his motives and only wished for her love. Closing his eyes Thomas pinched the bridge of his nose pushing back the headache that was beginning to form, it always came when he struggled with his two very different emotions about this woman. The only thing that kept him in balance was both sides of his heart required him to own her body and soul, that goal was what he was working toward.

Thomas raised an eyebrow at her vague answer, worried her father was up to his old tricks. "Vanna," he said rather quietly so as not to be heard by anyone in the back of the shop, "Is he still drinking? He promised me he would stop when I made him aware of how much money his defense had cost you." In actuality he'd practically given her his services for free the only reason he hadn't was because she'd insisted on paying him. Thomas Rayner was one of the highest paid defense lawyers in all of New York he rarely actually had to take a case especially something so trivial, but Fables and their special issues were kind of his specialty and Vanna was special to him, as a means to hurt the king only of course, he would tell himself over and over. Looking for an excuse to stay longer Thomas noted the almost empty coffee pot and politely asked, "Do you possibly have more of that to make somewhere? I could use a good cup of coffee to get me through the rest of my day."

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When his order was all set, Vanna opened her mouth to tell him the cost when she noticed him pinching his brow. Her own brow wrinkled with concern. "Are you all right, Mr. Rayner?" she asked softly. But her question was forgotten as his tone dropped down and she leaned in closer to hear his question. Her mouth turned down, thinking the man might know the answer already. "Yes, he is still drinking. He's practically made of the stuff. Don't matter if it affects me or not," she said, a wry smile twisting her lips. Vanna was so used to her father's habits that it was almost unexpected to hear someone else concerned about his behavior. It made her feel somewhat happy to know that even Mr. Rayner was concerned about her father. Glancing over at the coffee mentioned, her mouth opened in a small "o" of surprise. "Goodness, that was supposed to have been done already. I guess I wasn't paying attention. I'll get you a cup right away." She flashed Mr. Rayner a grin. "I can put it on the house for you and you can just pay for the pastries."

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Thomas frowned, he'd been extremely stern with the selfish man. It's no wonder, he thought, she's in love with Rafeal, he represents a sort of freedom to her. Thomas considered his plans and wondered if somewhere in there he could include a different chance at freedom one that would prevent her from falling into the hands of that pig of a king. "I'm very sorry to hear that Vannna, shall I discuss with him again how very close he was to spending time at The Farm? I can if it would help." Thomas did not like the sorrow in her eyes, she was the one bright spot in his very dark world and he wanted to keep it that way as long as possible. Smiling at her concern over the coffee he laughed a soft quiet laugh and said simply, "No hurry love, I have time to kill before my next meeting. In fact," he paused before adding, "You, I am sure, have not yet taken a break from the morning's business. I would very much like you to join me," he gestured toward a nearby table, "At this table while I wait for the coffee to brew." Looking at her most charmingly he smiled "I'd love the time to chat, and I will be paying for the coffee, I'll take two one for my guest as well."

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"Oh, that's not necessary," she said over her shoulder, setting the pot for the coffee in the machine. She had to admit, her father did adhere to Mr. Rayner's warning for a time, he always slipped eventually. Vanna nodded as she listened to him, but paused as she got out a mug for the coffee. Her eyes landed on him and there was a hint of a smile touching her lips but a crinkle in her brow as well. "Oh, you don't have to. I mean, I'd love to chat, but who knows? A customer may come."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments "So you cannot sit down for a spell while the bakery is empty for fear someone will come in? Or is it rather the company you object to Vanna?" He asked working hard to keep his tone even and uninterested. In truth he was rather upset by her denial, he'd made himself more important than that insipid king and yet she was still unwilling to share a table with him. How could she still love the disgusting man after everything he'd done. He wondered briefly if she knew his true identity, if he saw into his black soul. With a deep breath and a dark look he offered "If you prefer you can make the coffee to go."

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Her mouth opened in surprise and for a second she didn't say anything before a blush bloomed across her cheeks. "Not at all, Mr. Rayner. I wouldn't think of that. After what you've done for my father, I could say that you're the best company I know." She smiled sweetly and once the coffee was ready to brew, she moved towards the counter. "The other bakers are too old and grumpy, so you're the only person I see eye to eye, I guess," Vanna explained.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Thomas smiled at her, maybe she didn't suspect who he was. he hoped it could stay that way for as long as possible. When she found out his secret he knew she'd be disgusted with him and he'd never see that smile again. "Then please Miss Vanna can't you find time to keep a man company while he drinks his coffee?" He'd said in his most pleasant and unassuming tone. As she mentioned the other bakers, all proficient in their trade he had to agree with her. "Yes" he laughed, "They are good at their jobs but not the friendliest bunch. Sometimes I wonder how you work with them, deal with your father, and still keep such a positive attitude."

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Glancing out the window, Vanna hesitated again, but then slowly she nodded. "All right. I suppose I can sit down for a few minutes." She looked over to the coffee machine to make sure all was well before she walked out from behind the counter. Picking a table, she gestured for him to sit across from her, laughing softly along with him. "I never really thought it was that much to deal with, in the first place. But I guess I've just been brought up taking care of my father so from there, everything is easy."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Thomas grinned as she conceded to his wishes. "That's my girl," he said with a mischievous wink, as he watched her gracefully walk around the counter and sat down at the table with him. Thomas quietly considered what she said, did she really think her life purpose was solely to take care of others? "Have you ever considered chucking him out? You know tough love, or maybe a live in treatment facility? It might give you time to concentrate on you, and him time to heal." Her dedication to her father sometimes surprised Thomas, he'd watched her care for the man no matter his state and it made him both angry and hopeful.

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Vanna shrugged as she tugged a lock of hair behind her ear absently. "I suppose I could do that, but it takes money, doesn't it? Then again, I guess it would be better for him to clean up." She looked thoughtful as if it never crossed her mind to hand over the responsibility of taking care of her father to someone else. Blinking, she rubbed her temple. "I don't know, I just feel like it's better I know what's going on with him than someone else. I mean, I have no other plans for myself so it isn't much trouble."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Thomas watched her delicate hand as she tucked her hair behind her ear, again reminding himself this was business. He was glad he'd chosen someone so pretty glad the king at least had good taste in women. He'd hate to be stuck romancing some boring plain woman just to hurt the king. Smiling thoughtfully at her he asked, "If your life was yours to live, no one depending on you but yourself, what would you be doing right now Vanna?"

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Shaking her head, she opened her mouth to respond, but nothing came out. Then Vanna shook her head, looking down at her clasped hands. "The same thing, I guess. I've never given that much thought." Her eyes wandered up to his and she gave him a brief smile. She looked like she was about to say something else, but her eyes widened as she remembered the coffee brewing. Knowing it should be ready, she briefly excused herself, gesturing for him that it was okay to continue talking to her despite her leaving. She grabbed two mugs, only last minute remembering he invited her to get some herself and in fact paid for it, then she began pouring the hot liquid.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Thomas watched her thought process, she really had no idea what she was capable of did she, he thought to himself. He'd given her a wonderful gift, one that would eliminate the need for her to work yet she slaved away everyday at this bakery. He wanted desperately to ask her why she never used the gift but he knew that would give him away so he chose instead to just smile as he said to her, "Perhaps my dear Vanna, that is the problem. You spend so much time worrying about everyone else and you never worry about you." When she smiled it almost melted the ice around where his heart should be, almost. Thomas waited as she considered her words, before she jumped up and went for coffee. He waited and watched, it was difficult to keep his eyes off of her sometimes, she was just so sweet. He smiled broadly when she poured two mugs of coffee, she listened well, that made him very happy.

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"I don't really see that as a problem, but I guess it's wise to always shoot for some goal. I guess for me, I just feel happy baking here." Once the mugs were filled, she glanced over her shoulder, a brow raised questioningly. "What do you like in your coffee? Whip cream? Sugar? Milk?"

For herself, Vanna put in three spoons of sugar and she swirled a bit of whip cream on top. She liked contrasting the bitterness of coffee with some sweetness. It always made things feel more complete in her opinion, more balanced.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Watching her work, Thomas was happy to hear her finally admit to liking something just for herself, and he began to think of ways to help her with that, turn it into a dream. As he looked at her he found himself yet again lost in thought. When she asked how he liked his coffee he snapped out of his reverie and reminded himself that if she knew who he was she would not be so kind before saying politely, "I prefer mine black, thank you. Simple, easy, and straightforward." With a wink he added, "Just like me."

When she returned with the coffee he thanked her with a smile and waited for her to sit back down. Once they were again at the table he offered, "You know, Vanna, If you really like baking here, if it makes you happy, maybe you should consider a future in what you love. You are certainly good at it, how much formal training do you have?" He smiled at her as he spread his arms out as if to point out the whole place, "Is it this place you are attached to or the job you do here? These are important questions to ask yourself if you want to make a go of this."

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Vanna gave a small giggle. "I should have known." Though she only knew Mr. Rayner in these short meetings, somehow she got a vibe off of him like she'd known him longer. Tilting her head as she listened to him, she then gave a shrug and shook her head. "No, I haven't had any formal training. And to me, I'm attached because I guess it's all I've done is baking. I've baked ever since I lived on a mill in the Homeland."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments He smiled at her and said, "Just keeping it simple love." What kind of a favorite customer would I be if I was difficult and whiney? Thomas waited for her to return to the table just watching her and contemplating her answer. He was a little concerned when she mentioned the Homeland but quietly brushed it off reminding himself he was in a Fabletown bakery therefore she would assume he was a fable even if she didn't realize which one.

When she'd rejoined him at the table he looked at her thoughtfully. "Have you ever considered culinary school Vanna? There are some fine pastry schools in New York City. Someone as talented as you should have no trouble getting into one." Pausing he added, "Not that you need it, you are extremely talented all by yourself. But if you wanted professional training and a degree so people took your more seriously in your endeavors, it might be a good idea." Smiling at her he hoped he hadn't sounded as if she was no good or in need of further training, his goal was to help the girl not discourage her, for his own selfish means of course he reminded himself.

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Vanna looked down and sipped her coffee quietly, testing it first in case it was too hot before she took another sip. She didn't want to really talk about herself, it somehow made her feel as if she was missing on something. It was something she noticed back in the Homeland, when she was locked in that tower, trying to find a way to make straw into gold. What it was, she wasn't sure yet, but she felt some of it in that time before she had to leave and end up in Fabletown. A small scoff escaped her before she realized it and she looked at Mr. Rayner with wide eyes. "Sorry, I didn't mean for that to sound rude. I was just thinking, I haven't even really had proper schooling to even make me eligible for culinary school. I didn't graduate high school and I don't think culinary school is good. My father would need me too much."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Thomas didn't want to push too far this visit, he wanted her to think about things, to come to her conclusions and decisions on her own. Only offering, "Before the fall and our forced departure I too had no education, this new land is brimming with opportunities, all you have to do is grab one. In the short years we've been here I managed to fast track myself from barely educated to a highly paid defense attorney. You just need connections and desire. I have connections when you find the desire." Then smiling he quietly sipped his coffee.

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"You really can do that, Thomas?" In her disbelief at his kind offer, Vanna didn't realize she spoke his first name. She didn't really think about it, going up further from where she was. The only time she saw she might be up higher than she really was was when the king asked her to marry him. Of course, there was no time to complete the ceremony as they fled from the Adversary, but there might be still some possibility for her to move up. Vanna paused in her thoughts. Relying on the king for getting up in the food chain though wasn't something she would like. Doing things on her own has always been her life and she didn't want to change that now. Perhaps culinary school might be something she should go for.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments When Thomas peeked her interest he smiled, "Of course I can Vanna dear, how do you think I got where I am so quickly in this world we've found ourselves in?" Searching his head for a believable lie he chose, "I was a farmers son, although I could read and write and had a knack for mathematics I was uneducated I had to work. When we came here I happened into the right acquaintance quickly and worked hard. He would gladly help you as well if you are interested." He failed to mention the man who helped him, his mentor was compelled to do so she didn't need to know how often he'd used his magic to get where he was, hell she didn't need to know he was magical at all, it was actually much better that way, at least until her was ready to share his plans with her. When they'd first fled the Adversary he'd been so upset, on the verge of the king's wedding to a girl who owed him everything it was perfectly set up for his revenge, but as he'd watched Vanna rebuild her life here in the new world, he'd seen her strength and kindness and was very glad that awful man had never gotten his hands on her completely. He found himself hoping against hope that she had kept her virtue for their wedding night, the very idea of the king touching her perfection made him ill. Rolling his neck lightly Thomas reminded himself again to get his head in the game and stop fantasizing about the girl in front of him, If she knew who you really were, he told himself, she would be disgusted and repulsed remember that. No he would use her he would have his revenge but he respected her too much to compel her he would use charm, wit, romance, and money if need be but not magic.

"So think about it Vanna, think about what you want. Arrangements can be made if you chose to move forward. If you are happy as you are, I will never push you or mention it again."

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She took a sip of her coffee, then thoughtfully traced the mug's handle. If anything, Vanna would be able to at least support her father more if she had proper schooling and perhaps become head baker instead of just lowest on the totem pole. Her eyes came to rest on his hands and Vanna briefly wondered at how gentle and kind he has been towards her. He grew up on a farm, so he could relate to her life on the mill. Looking up, her dark brown eyes met his. "You know, perhaps you're right. I wouldn't mind at least getting high school finished," she said, her voice warm and soft and a smile graced her lips.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Smiling Thomas said, "That's my girl." He loved that smile, it almost made his heart of stone melt when he saw it. "I'll have my secretary send over the paperwork this afternoon. Fill out the forms and take the placement test, a tutor will call you within 48 hours with a lesson plan for you to complete. You will be finished with high school shortly and we will work towards more. I expect to hear of your progress when I come in for my mid morning pastries." He loved it when she smiled like that forgetting again that this was all a means to an end just enjoying her happiness. Thomas momentarily wondered again what she'd think if she knew who he really was, shrugging off the discomfort at knowing just how disgusted she'd be. Thomas kept up his smile Pushing the thought out of his mind. "Someday maybe you won't just be head baker maybe you will own this place."

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"Oh, well, sure." A noise of disbelief escaped her, but there was a happy note in her voice. She didn't expect him to be ready to help her right now. Vanna leaned in conspiratorially, as if she was telling him a secret. "Well, I'll make sure to tell you then, Mr. Rayner, whenever I see you here." Then she let out a small laugh and noting that their mugs were empty, she silently asked whether he wanted a refill by tapping his mug. "I'm not sure if I'd own my own place yet, but maybe that would be a good direction to head towards," she said as she decided to fill her own mug as well, rising to her feet.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments "I get the feeling you don't believe this could be real, Miss Vanna, trust me the offer is very real." Then smiling at her when she said, "Well, I'll make sure to tell you then, Mr. Rayner, whenever I see you here." Thomas said, "I will count on it." He nodded his head in assent when she offered more coffee and smiled at her was she walked away. He could watch this woman for hours, to be honest he did watch her much more than he should, much more than she might be comfortable with, he couldn't help it. He swore to himself over and over it had nothing to do with her only her part in his revenge but he was lying to himself and he knew it. When she found out who and what he was and turned her back on him in disgust he'd deserve the pain, it was his own fault he'd allowed his heart to wander. As she filled the mugs she talked of not being ready to own the place and he smiled at her as she admitted it might be a positive direction to go into. "It would make you independent, no longer reliant on anyone but yourself. Just be sure that you have the right contracts and protections in place so your father can't take it and lose it. I'll help you with that part when you are ready."

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Vanna poured their drinks quickly, forgoing the whip cream on hers this time since she felt the urge that she was taking too much time. It was as if the longer she spoke with Mr. Rayner, the more reluctant she was to work. She might have questioned this if she didn't hear his last words and she gave a nod in agreement. "Yes, it would be wiser at that time to make sure it is mine. And I will get the chance to try even more recipes you would get to try as well."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments As he poured them each coffee Thomas began to work out a business plan in his mind. He may be in the process of using her but when he was finished he wanted to leave her with something worthwhile, something to make her hate him just a little bit less after she learned the truth about him and who he was. For now he was going to enjoy the time he had with her. He smiled at her when she began to really consider her opportunities, "That's right, you could try anything you wanted, you have a knack for the baking and presentation already, with the right business plan and financial backing this place could be the most popular bakery in Fabletown, we... or rather you could even open a secondary location in Manhattan, I know it would do well everyone at the office loves anything I bring in from here."

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Vanna couldn't believe that Mr. Rayner was willing to go so far for her, especially after her father's arrest. Did the man ever do anything for himself? She listened on with amusement, trying to imagine the scenario herself. It almost seemed too much to think about. But she could almost see herself with a bakery that made everyone happy and feel at home. Like the small memories she had of when she was very little and her mother was alive. Her mother baked little treats for her. Those were just faint memories, though. Her eyebrows rose in surprise as she drifted up from her thoughts."You're mentioning a second location already?" she asked teasingly.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments He smiled to himself as he watched the ideas begin to form in her mind, he could almost see the happier thoughts dancing in her mind, wishing he could see what she was thinking about, he considered using his magic to find out but he wanted her to tell him her innermost thoughts, without coercion, without him reading them against her knowledge or will, he wanted her to share them openly, and he would find a way to get to that point. Right now she needed to believe in herself. Raising an eyebrow he laughed when she said, "You're mentioning a second location already?" and answered her with, "Well if you are going to dream, dream big right?"

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Her head bobbed slightly in a nod of agreement, making her ponytail sway. The light made her dark hair appear more reddish, off setting her pale skin. "I suppose. That's what I've heard many do here, in this place. Called the American Dream, am I right?" Vanna again was ready to speak more when the bell rang with the entrance of a customer. Immediately, Vanna was on her feet and on the way to the counter, casting Mr. Rayner an apologetic look as she did so.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Enjoying his visit with Vanna Thomas had allowed himself to completely lose track of time. He smiled at her knowingly when she mentioned the American Dream. "That is exactly what it's called, and you can dream anything, especially when you have connections, and you my dear have connections." They chatted on as they drank their coffee Thomas loved how easily they could fall into conversation, he had no shortage of women vying for his attention but she was the only one who held his, sometimes he wished he could tell her that but he knew the end result would always be the same. She was in love with that foul king and would never consider him especially if she ever found out who he really was. So content to enjoy what time he could he smiled and talked with her until the bell sounded. Vanna got up immediately to greet her new customer and Thomas intended to wait for her to return. Glancing up he noted who had walked in the door, as their eyes met they shared a curt nod and Thomas was soon glaring daggers into the smug bastards back. Seeing Vanna smile so brightly at him made Thomas feel ill and he decided it was time to leave. Getting up he tossed a tip on the table and picked up his packages to leave, looking toward the counter he briefly tried to make eye contact with her but she was busy with her lover so he headed out the door slightly put out and disgusted with himself for his silly fantasies.

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Vanna found Thomas' words encouraging and they lingered in her mind when she automatically greeted the man that entered the bakery before she recognized him. Letting out a small gasp in surprise, she put on a nice smile. "Hello, Mr. Anselm. I didn't expect to see you here. I, um, what can I get you?" Glancing back at Thomas, she frowned when it seemed like he disappeared into thin air and then her gaze darted to the window. She just caught sight of him leaving. Vanna held up a finger to tell the former king to wait as she moved around the counter and jogged out the door. For a moment, looking up and down the street, she thought she missed him. Then she saw Thomas' retreating form and she called out, "Thomas! Is everything all right?"

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Walking away from the shop deep in thought he stopped cold when he heard her voice, for a moment thinking it was in his head. He slowly turned around and knowing he wouldn't see her but hoping just the same. When she came into view looking slightly flushed and curious, he smiled at her. "Everything is fine love, I just realized I was late for an appointment, you go tend to Mr. Anselm." He replied trying to sound lighter than he felt. He hated that man with such passion, hated how he acted, how he treated Vanna, and how she loved the man.

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"Oh, sorry. Goodness, if I'd known, I wouldn't have babbled on for so long." She looked up at him sheepishly, her cheeks slightly red and her eyes bright. Spontaneity wasn't Vanna's strong suit, but for some reason, Thomas pulled out that part of her and made it seem fun. Perhaps she should try to take more chances. She felt slightly awkward, now, though and at a loss for words. Mainly she just wanted to say goodbye, but the words seemed stuck in her throat.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Thomas smiled at her she was so cute standing there in silence she looked like she wanted to say more but nothing came out. "Oh dear Vanna it's not your fault, your company is so delightful I lose track of time that's all." Suddenly without realizing what he was doing he reached up and twirled his finger in a loose strand of her dark hair before tucking it neatly behind her ear, "Tell you what, I'll come by after you close tonight, maybe we can go for a walk. There is a great deal to do at night in Manhattan." Glancing back toward the bakery he begrudgingly added, "Unless of course you already have plans with someone." He hated how put out he felt at the thought of her with Rafael as he tried to sound casual.

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A blush bloomed across her face and though she tried to hide it by looking away, she couldn't seem to take her eyes off of Thomas. Vanna thought he looked so kind when he smiled and she was glad that she cheered him up before he had to go back to work. She didn't seem to mind his touch, and instead, she smiled back at him. A confused look entered her face, wondering what he might be implying by his last comment. Giving a small shrug, she said slowly, "I shouldn't have any other plans unless you know something I don't. And I haven't been out much lately. When should I expect you?"

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments When she blushed it made Thomas smile. The color added to her innocence and beauty. She looked at him with so much trust, it made him feel guilty about his plans, but it couldn't be helped he reminded himself. Watching her as he mentioned other plans he momentarily wondered if she was just pretending to be innocent or if he honestly had no idea what he was implying. Looking back toward the shop again it struck him that she'd just walked away from her fiance to talk to him, a bubble of hope momentarily formed. What if she really didn't fancy Rafael, what if she would easily walk away from him like she'd done just now. Smiling at the thought he touched the end of her nose with his finger and said, "I guess that's a no, I'll be on that bench over there one hour after you close." As he pointed to the bench not to far off he added, "If that gives you enough time to close up and be ready to go of course."

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Her nose felt ticklish after his touch and she had to resist the urge to scrunch up her face as a reaction. Thomas seemed pleased that she had no plans, which made Vanna relax. It was almost as if she was holding her breath, unsure if he could meet her later that day. Waving her hand flippantly, Vanna said, "I'll definitely be ready. Week days usually aren't very busy later on. Plus the other ladies will be back from their break by then for sure."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Thomas smiled at her reaction. He still wondered what her current relationship status was with the king but he did not want to think about that now. Smiling at her he took her hand in his and kissing it he said, "I will see you tonight Vanna, until then ma belle chérie, I wish you a wonderful day." Dropping her hand he pointed at the bench he often used to watch her and said. I'll be right there when you are finished up. If you want to go home and change we can go there first. With that he turned and walked on, heading for the car he knew was waiting and his office where his secretary would be ready to quiz him about his obsession with this bakery that was so far from his home and office.

*Exit Scene*

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The name of endearment was strange to Vanna along with the rather romantic gesture. Her mind almost froze as she tried to process what was going on. She'd only heard names of endearment when she was little, when her mother was alive. Her father only called her "girl" most of the time, usually associated with a curse word when drunk which was every time the man was awake. It made her feel welcomed and her hand felt warm from his touch and his kiss. Smiling faintly, she replied, "We'll come to that decision later. I'll see you later, then. Good day to you too!"

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Rafael stood irritated as she made him wait. Who did she think she was, did she not realize she belonged to him now. Just because the Adversary had taken over before the wedding could take place did not mean she could go off flirting with whomever she wanted she still belonged to him as did her glorious power, her power alone was what had brought him here today, penniless having drunk his way through every dime and in need of a cash influx he'd decided it was time to claim the plain silly little thing. He glared out the window as she fawned all over the man who'd just left. Suddenly realizing that was his Lawyer Thomas Rayner, He made a mental note to have a chat with the man about staying away from his property.

When she walked back toward the bakery a wistful look in her eyes the slightly drunken king nearly punched the wall in his anger but as she opened the door he knew what must be done and put a well manicured smile on his face as he greeted his fiance. "Vanna, my darling, it's been too long." He said embracing her after placing a kiss on her cheek, "I'm so sorry my love that I've not visited sooner, I've just been so busy, what with all the responsibilities of being King and such. So are you enjoying the little bakery game darling?" He had to work not to roll his eyes, why she worked in this worthless establishment was beyond him.

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Vanna gave a little extra wave to Thomas as she turned around and headed back towards the bakery. Barely after the bell rang from opening the door did she feel arms wrap her smaller body and a rather wet kiss on her cheek. It almost made her shiver and squeak in surprise, but she wrestled those feelings down in time to smile at the king. "No need to apologize. I know all of us are working since we've come to this place," she said, heading towards the counter with her back to him. In a subtle, quickly movement, she ran her hand over her cheek to wipe away the remainder of the kiss and switched the gesture to look as if she moved some hair away from her face. "And yes, I'm enjoying the 'game' of baking as you call it. I've grown quite skilled, I think."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 176 comments Irritated with the woman and his need for her Rafael figured he'd best just get this whole charade over with. He'd intended to keep his hands on her but she deftly turned out of his arms and put a counter between them. Dam woman was not making this easy Taking a deep breath to calm his growing anger with the girl he sauntered up to the counter muttering, "Yes Yes 'most' people have had to work since coming here." He looked at her pointedly especially when enunciated the most. Leaning casually on the wall near the counter's edge Rafael, king or not had to bite his tongue and behave something he'd never been good at. "SKilled have you he smirked, at baking?" Flipping his hand in the air he asked, "Whyever Vanna darling would you want to waste your time in this silly place? You are after all the future wife of a King. Don't you think something a bit less degrading would be more proper? I mean sure the little lady at home cooking is ok for normal people but I am a king and you will be my queen, we are not normal people now are we?" Suddenly Rafael had come behind the counter and placing his arm around her waist he pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, making a grand gesture through the air as if painting a picture above them, "Think about it darling, You and I King and Queen of New York, you won't have to work we can sit in our palace and order whatever you want. It's the love story of a lifetime," then pulling his arm back he took both of her hands in his and said "You, Me, and the magic in these two wonderful hands, We can make enough gold to own this state, this whole country if we want to, No one will tell us no, and then you can stop putting up with this disgusting little place and that irritating man who comes to see you and thinks he is so charming. In fact when you have filled my house, I mean of course our house, with gold, I will purchase his wretched firm and fire him." Spinning her around he pulled her into his arms again and simpered at her. "Doesn't it sound lovely?"

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Vanna thought it best to busy herself with cleaning the counter, even though she cleaned it not too long ago. She didn't want to face Rafael and his intense gaze. Why was it always like this with the man? In the Homeland, he came across as a lot kinder and more chivalrous, but it seems here he was obsessive and needy. Her brow furrowed as she questioned what he might be implying about her when he exaggerated his tone. But she kept silent as she listened.

Turning around, Vanna opened her mouth to talk out to him in defense of the bakery, but the words left her mouth as he held her. His hand felt like a hot iron through her shirt and she might have twisted away if she were not slightly caught up in the vision of Rafael's. Then her wide eyes hardened and she slipped her hands away from his. "If the only reputable and notable thing to you are my abilities, you'll have to try harder, Rafael. If you want this marriage to work, I will not have you deride this bakery nor my friendship with Thomas."

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