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Here we are!

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Awesome :)
What would you like to role-play about?

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First, what kind of rps do you like to do?

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Well I enjoy:
- Teen wolf
- Fantasy
- High school/normal
- Mystery and crime
- romance
- Hunger games
- Divergent
- Magic
- Warriors
- Action
- And almost anything I didn't write here!

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Wanna try a highschool one?

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Sure! I do a lot of those, so yeah.
Whats it going to be? MxF, or just friends, or doubles?

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Im thinking friends that soon end up more than friends

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Alright, so MxF? If so, can I be female?
And how detailed are you, just for me to know.
And you're fine with Character profiles?

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Sorry for all the questions :)

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Yes to all but the detailed. I can write two or three lines, but not like full paragraphs

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Thats fine :)
Alright give me a few minutes, ill work on a character profile, and you can work on yours.
Plus, what age do you want them to be?
Just do:

(And if you want, anything else)

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❚Name: ❚
Malia Treynote




Malia is a beautiful girl, with aqua eyes and perfect lips, as well as medium cut hair that hugs her face at the front and falls perfectly down her back. She is often wearing comfortable clothes.

Malia is a very smart girl, but is a bit shy for her type. She is then who is always been hit on my other guys, but doesn't feel very comfortable about it, due to their willingness to impress her too much. She is confident at talking to those that she knows well, but new people scare her.

Malia is currently living with her Aunt, as both her parents are overseas working. She is finding this hard, due to her disconnection with them. Her aunt doesn't eat her well at all, and she feels pressured by her at times.
(Rest is to be role-played)

Done :)

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Ill have to post it tomorrow. Im really tired. I about dozed off there lol. Ttyl. Night

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See ya! Night.

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Does the charries have to be detailed?

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Nah! Yours doesn't. I just like to make mine, because I'm quite experienced. Trust me, make yours as non detailed as you want. ^-^

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Ive rped for a while now. Im just on a phone atm. It takes longer lol

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Ohhh okay :) yeah, it can get annoying on decides. I very much prefer a computer.

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Ohhh okay :) yeah, it can get annoying on decides. I very much prefer a computer.

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I dont have one at the moment. Its on my to-do list lol.

Appearance:((will post later))

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Alright. You wanna start? You can do first post. Set the scene.

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We dont even have an idea lol.

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Didn't we say friends that end up just more than friends? Or do you want a more detailed idea?

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I had more of a detailed idea if youre interested

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Go ahead, I'm interested ;)

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Two friends. Theyve been through everything together. Since they were kids, they were practically inseperable. Then one day a fire starts in the school and the boy ends up saving her life, but pays dearly. His imjuries has left him unable to talk. Now its their senior year and he gets to return to the newly remodled school and struggles with his new life. But his best friend is willing to do anything in her power to help him

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Hmmm, interesting. I like it, but do you really want your character unable to talk, won't that be hard to roleplay with?
And sorry, I've gotta go.

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K seeya

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You on by some chance? And yes. I think it would be fun to try something like this.

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Sorry, I headed to a soccer match.
Alright, I do like the idea ;) just make your posts slightly more detailed, so I have something to work with ^-^
And you can make your charrie now ;)

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I did lol.

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You on?

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Im so sorry for not replying. I had so many notifications, and I've probably missed more than this.
Would you like to start now?

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Sure. Where would you like to start? Maybe like a week before the wreck?

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Sorry, I was writing a super long post. I didn't realise it took me half an hour!
Sure. You do first post, and set the scene. Two weeks sounds good.

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((Sorry, I've gotta go again, I'll post when I go back on))

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Derrick was sitting downstairs, finishing up what little homework he had before School started for the day. He always did his best in school. But its been a little harder for him since he lost his voice in the fire. He didnt regret it though. He saved his best friend. He always was a selfless person. After he finished his homework, he waited around for Malia to pick him up.

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Malia spotted Derrick sitting down, and without saying a word, went to sit down next to him. They didn't need to say much when they were with each other, because they had a special connection. "I just want to thank you, again" Malia said, looking over at him. "You know, for saving me, and sacrificing something so precious to you"

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((I'm going to be a little inactive for the next week or so. Just because I've got heaps on))

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Derrick looled up from his bookand smiled when he seen her. He then gently shook his head, signaling that it wasnt a big deal. He then pulled out a piece of paper and began writing, "I'm just glad you weren't hurt" he then mooved the paper over so she could read it.

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Malia smiled at Derrick, putting an arm around his shoulder. "An I'm glad that it wasn't any worse than what it is now," she leaned against his shoulder, and sighed, looking at the buzz of the school life. "Derrick, you're like a brother to me" she said, looking up at him.the amount of emotion that the two had gone through together, was tremendous.

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He let out a slight chuckle but didn't do anything else. He gently patted her shoulder and got out one of his books and began to read.

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Malia lay there for a while, looking at the buzz of the school life, and ignoring the stares from others. Some of her friends had even questioned her why she still hung out with a mute guy, but she didn't care. She still liked Derrick for who he was. She looked over, her head still on his shoulder. "What a re you reading?"

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He closed his book, leaving his thumb inside the book to hold his place. He then showed her the title. It was a book by James Dashner, which was one of his favorite authors. He then scratched his eyes. Sometimes they would water up from the healing scars. He then heard the bell ring and he knew he had to get to class

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Malia smiled when she saw the author. She too loved his utopian society based books, which took her to places she could only dream about. "You've got to love his books, am I right?" She said, giving him a small nudge. She sighed when the bell went. "I guess I will see you after school"

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He stood up before giving her a small waive. He then made his way to class. He ignored everyone that would look his way before whispering something offensive. Most days it wouldn't get to him, but today wasn't one of those days. He just stepped into class and already the teacher was saying things. He just shook his head and sat down in his seat

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((Time skip? To after class, or continue the RP though class?))

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((Yeah, maybe they could have lunch together.))

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You on?

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