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"I told you not to mess with him." Bradlee could be heard scolding his friend from across the room. Really though, Sage should've just left it alone and not taken on a guy twice his size. This wasn't high school, he couldn't just fight with people whenever he wanted. That and they were in an asylum. Bradlee could only pray he wasn't put on some sort of suspension or else he'd be all alone. Sure he could be socialiable, but how long was he going to be here? Ten or more years? To be honest after three days in this place he would much prefer a jail cell- though lord knows how many fights Sage would get to in one of those. The nurse came by with a warm smile. "Here you go, you're going to want to ice it for the next day or so, and that's really all we can do for that sweet heart. Unless you want some pain meds?" Her gaze traveled between the two- her eyes cautious. The red head easily understood her though. A lot of people in her were charged with taking their life and might have issues with substance abuse, sadly enough that wasn't their case. Instead they'd been pinned for two deaths in their small town. Well... Bradlee had, Sage just took the fall too. The boy on the cot slowly shook his head before looking up to his friend unsurely, not breaking eye contact as he spoke. "I-I'll be fine." As soon as he spoke the woman was off, going back to her post at her desk. Sighing Bradlee shifted in his jacket before holding the ice out towards him to place next to his newly formed black eye.

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He thought he'd get better here's instead, he's never felt more lonely in his life. True, he actually had access to other human beings around him but it still wasn't the same. He missed his sister. Ajax tried to think of other things but he failed miserably. Adrian, Ajax's worst nightmare, thought that Ajax would get better here and hopefully get back to work as soon as possible. Boy, was he wrong. It just seemed that Ajax was actually worse than he was when he first got here, which was last week. Overall, Ajax tried to commit suicide twice the entire week. Of course,he didn't actually plan on dying. But he wanted to get as close to death as he could get, where he could practically see hell in front of him. Ajax was on extreme supervision. He had some sort of bracket on him that he couldn't take off. It was a tracker, and it also tracked his pulse and heartbeats. Ajax didn't care though, he still knocked on deaths door often.

Ajax hums a happy little tune as he walks down the hallway to the infirmary. Simon was with him, holding his hand. Ajax frowns as he halts... What song was that? Bullet, yes, bullet by Hollywood Undead. It explained Ajax so much. Ajax shrugs innocently and smiles up at Simon," I forgot to take my pills today simon... But I won't actually take them" he whispers and giggles softly. Anyone who saw him would think he was talking to himself. But to Ajax, Simon was real.

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Bradlee slowly raked his fingers through his friends hair as they sat there in silence. What has he gotten them into? Why couldn't he have just gone to the police the first chance he got? 'Cause he was scared- that's why. Scared shitless with no one to talk to. Cursing himself softly he suddenly got to his feet which earn him a questioning glance from Sage. "I just need to move around a bit." He assured him with a small smile before he began to pace around the infirmary. God, this room was so small. The four never ending walls were beginning to suffocate him. While they were permitted to go outside it just wasn't the same. He couldn't enjoy the silly little flowers when there were clearly stone gates behind them. Somehow, though, he'd have to find hope their names would be cleared, or maybe there was a way out. He didn't want to be a runaway, but his patience was slowly slipping from him. He landed back in the chair, burying his face in his hands. Just then he heard a voice near the door and looked up to see a boy. The nurse didn't seem to acknowledge him though and he raised an eyebrow as he talked to himself again. "You okay?" He asked, his voice soft as he tried not to sound concerned. He'd learned from his friend's mistakes that people here could go from calm to raging mad in a matter of seconds if you asked the wrong questions.

Sage watched his friend in concern, resisting the urge to get up and help. It was best he dealt with it alone. While he felt no bitterness towards his friend for being here he knew Sully was bearing a lot of guilt. But out there- outside of this asylum he was no one without his best friend. He could barely talk on his own unless it was with someone he'd known for years, and even then he had a horrible stutter. When Bradlee sat back down he edged himself towards the end of the cot before running his hands slowly up and down his back in efforts to comfort him while he closed his eyes. Distantly he could hear as his friend sad something.

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Ajax ignores Simon's disapproving look and turns to the voice that was talking to him," peachy" Ajax chirps and skips the rest of the way inside teh infirmary.he was used to people asking him if he was alright so he just grew numb to the anger and annoyance that he felt each time. The nurse smiles sweetly down at Ajax and takes out two pills from a a bottle with his last name on it," good morning, darling, open you mouth" she orders, holding the pills out. Ajax was about to open his mouth but then he frowns," those ones dissolve" he whispers in confusion.

The nurse warily nods and watches Ajax closely," you think I don't know you vomit these pills? So I made a special order to get you these ones" she tells him, keeping her voice even to not forgotten him. She knew Ajax was fragile." I know you don't like these Ajax but you need to get better, so you'd stop playing with death and you wouldn't see theses people"

Ajax's face turns red in moments and he glares up at the nurse, tears sliding down his cheeks even though he was furious. Ajax's borderline personality always got the better of him, no matter how much he fought to stay calm," Simon and Amy and Hunter are REAL" he screams, his tiny body shaking. The nurse pulls her hand away, and retrieves a cup of water. She knew to never talk or touch any of the patients when they're angry. Ajax was already in a bad mood from his earlier near death experience when he tries to see for how long he could go without air. But now he was just furious. His friends were real, and he loved them very much. They didn't abandon him like everyone else

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Bradlee simply shrugged at his reply, not really wanting to draw into it, but Sage being the completely nosy guy he was decided to listen in. Other' people's drama seemed to be the only form of entertainment he could get around here. An eyebrow of his raised slightly as he listened to the conversation that was being held. A part of him just felt a little bit more sane as he listened to them. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder from a fairly young age he always felt a bit weirder then the other kids around him. The pills he had to take for his heart defect either amplified the illness or just numbed him out all together. It seemed the only person that could stand it was Bradlee, and sometimes he worried that was the only reason they were friends. If Sage was to say he didn't want to be with him anymore would he just be dropped like that? He cringed to think about that. God, he'd probably be like that kid standing over by the counter, talking to himself and pretending the voices who were people were real. Nevertheless he had to remind himself not to judge. He was probably diagnosed with something too or suffered something that Sage clearly had no idea about.

Bradlee sat there for a few minutes in silence before finding himself back on his feet. "You ready to go?" He asked Sage softly. His friend repleid with a short nod before getting to his feet with a wince. Eying him curiously, he saw how he protectively curled around himself. Sighing he reached for the bottom of his shirt before pulling it up slightly. A large angry purple mark was in t he middle of his stomach. "And why did you say nothing about this?" He asked, trying not to sound too reprimanding. He would either get an angry reply or something borderline calm, he just wasn't ready for either. "I just didn't feel it till now." Sage replied with a simple shrug of his shoulders before moving around him.

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Ajax always experienced side effects from anger. He'd never stay angry for too long. Ajax sniffs, not bothering to waste his energy on wiping his energy. "I..I just.... I don't want to go back to him" Ajax whimpers and crumbles to the floor, hugging his knees to his chest.

"He's in jail, honey, he'll never get to you" The nurse assures him, crouching down next to him. In his fear, Ajax leans ways from here crawling closer to the strangers. He never liked the woman from the start. He'd rather take comfort in strangers than the woman who was insulting him and treating him like a sick puppy. Ajax believed he was fine. Ajax gasps as he sees Adrian's face flash in front of him, a vivid image, so clear it was as if he was actually here. Ajax squeaks and stands up, rushing behind Bradlee. He whimpers and presses his face to Bradlee's chest," make him go away" he whimpers

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Bradlee let it slide. He would make sure the bruise got better and keep a better eye on Sage for when he approached people. Before the boy crumpled on the floor he approached the nurse. "Can we take the ice with us?" He asked out of innocent curiosity. The woman shook her head firmly. "No, you can sign it out though." Her gaze remained firm and he motioned for his friend to go sign the papers. It was in that time that everything happened so quickly. Not as nosy as Sage, Bradlee did his best to ignore the scene before him. He did a good job of doing so until the stranger was suddenly flying into his chest, almost causing him to fall backwards. Unsure of what to do he kept his arms stiff by his sides. "Don't worry. Don't worry," he repeated himself unsurely. "He's gone." He wondered what the boy was talking about but decided that might make the situation worse.

Sage's hand shook slightly as he scrawled his name down on a neon paper. The color of orange had him squinting slightly as he fought the urge to slam the pen down and throw the clip-board across the room. What was the god damn point of signing himself out for an ice pack? Instead he focussed using all his patience to spell out his last name. Breathing heavily he set down the pen before seeing the guy that was clinging to Sully. His Sully. About to say something he bit his tongue only when he got a warning look from the red head.

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Ajax couldn't hear anything around him. It was as if he was sucked in a world of oblivion where he could only see the four walls that closed in on him for two years. Images of Adrian, his clients, his punishments would flash in front of his mind like a slide show. Ajax went through this type of thing often, where he wasn't aware of the world he was in, but instead sucked into a different world inside his messed up head. Ajax cries and clutches Bradlee's shirt, unaware of what he was doing. He sobs uncontrollably, feeling actual pain when Adrian's whip went down on him. After this, Ajax would probably feel defeated, vulnerable, and he'd want to die. He'd probably try. First he'll harm himself, try to get some emotion to enter the numbness he'd feel. Then with no success, he'd commit suicide with empty eyes and a hallowed mind.

The nurse moves toward Ajax to get him off of Bradlee, knowing he was going through a PTSD attack. He wouldn't budge but after a while of crying, his shoulders sag in depression, Ajax opens his eyes, nothing going through his mind but a recap of what he saw. Ajax sniffs and rests his forehead against Bradlee's chest, unmoving. He needed to end all things tonight. Ajax couldn't handle any more of this. He didn't have real friends, he was used carelessly by his parents and Adrian, and he just couldn't go on anymore with everyone thinking he was crazy.

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Bradlee remained there, awkwardly casting glances at Sage and the nurse who looked a bit concerned, but also uncertain. Was it not her job to know what to do in these situations. When the stranger clutched at his shirt he hesitantly patted his shoulder. Though it was supposed to be a comforting gesture he could not shake off the strangeness of the situation. Slowly the crying began to slow down and his hand fell back towards his side.

"Are you all right?" Bradlee asked, peering down at the head full of blue hair the rested against him. The boy seemed defeated which made his sympathetic side show itself. He didn't like seeing people so much as upset, and this was far worse. "Do you need anything?" He asked calmly, while looking once more towards the nurse.

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With determination, Ajax shakes his head, his eyes already dilated and crazy looking. He masks off his emotions and looks away from Bradlee, letting go of him. " I'll be fine" Ajax whispers as he backs away, but not towards the door. He backs away to the cabinets, masking his face into fear do the nurse wouldn't be suspicious. " I'm okay.... It's just in my head" he repeats to himself three times as picks up a random bottle of pills,hiding it in his back pocket as he lowers his oversized jacket over it. " I should go." He breathes out in a rush and hurries away. Ajax whimpers slightly, knowing that the nurse would certainly be suspicious of him now, but he had to get out quickly. Ajax couldn't waste any more time. His sister was t coming for him, he wasn't getting better, and Adrian haunted him even though the man was locked up.

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Bradlee narrowed his eyes slightly. The way he repeated the words wasn't at all convincing. It sounded more like a mantra that had been forced into him. Figuring the nurse would take care of it he moved towards Sage, wrapping his arm around his shoulders before moving towards the exit. Sage stayed in place, his anger slowly dissolving as he watched the boy walk towards the cabinet. His rushed actions made him a little skeptical and he quickly followed with Bradlee on his heels. Out of the nurses hearing range he muttered something under his breath. He wasn't too much of a confrontional person unless someone made him angry, and really he didn't prefer to talk to people who were more of a basket case then him. Strangely enough though he found himself speaking. "what'd you take?" He asked, his words just loud enough for Bradlee and the boy to hear. His usual stutter wasn't there as he voiced the question and he looked at the blue-haired boy with a curious expression.

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" n-n-nothing....." Ajax stutters, cursing himself. Ajax had a mild stutter but it wasn't bad. But it was triggered when he was nervous or scared. Ajax let's out a whimper as he hurries away from the boys, just wanting to get the job done. He pouts and stomps his feet a bit in annoyance as his short frame only got him far just a bit. The guys were like giants compared to him, and he was very scared of them. Ajax looks around, confused as to why Simon wasn't there. He was almost always there. Ajax frowns and traces his finger over the outline of the bottle just to make sure they were still there.

Ajax was so glad and thankful to whatever god was out there that his nurse ignored his medication and didn't sedate him after the anxiety attack. Everyone in here was dangerous after anxiety attacks but the nurse just didn't do her job right most times. She didn't even check if the three stole anything. Ajax wanted to laugh but he didn't find it appropriate for the situation.

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Bradlee nudged his friend in the side. "Come on, he'll be fine." He murmured under his breath. There was no doubt he was concerned for the boy, but he hadn't seen him take anything as he was still confused up until the point they left, but Sage seemed convinced. It was only when the kid started to run that he raised an eyebrow in interest. They both remained standing there just watching- unsure if he knew that he wasn't making it very far. It looked like he was putting in some serious effort, but he's barely made it down the corridor. Sighing heavily Bradlee shifted in his hoodie. Okay, maybe the guy has taken something. The sudden stutter and the way he made an attempt at running seemed to point to a sign of clear guilt. They caught up to him easily and Bradlee took control of the situation, not wanting Sage to just randomly lose his shit. Judging by his actions earlier in the day this wasn't one of his "numb" pills- and this one brought out his mood swings. Reaching forwards with quick reflexes he grabbed the boys arm, being gentle as he stood in front of him. "Was it needles? Pills?" He had no idea what the nurse could've possibly had out on the counters, but due to the way she was doing her job before he was sure she was careless with what she left out.

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Ajax tried, but he just wants the athletic type. He gasps as he spins around and faces the guy with the red hair. Ajax gulps in fear and pales slightly, more than ever. He looks down out of reflex and shakes his head," i-it was no-nothing " he whimpers and backs away slightly, trying to escape from Bradlee's grip, failing. Ajax tugged hard on his arm, wincing when he felt fresh scars reopen. Ajax looks up at him, having to tilt up his head a bit and he pouts up at him," l-leave me alone....I'm tired" he whispers weakly. It was somewhat true, Ajax was tired, but not in the way many would think. He doesn't want to go bed and rest, he was tired of living. He was tired of waking up every morning without anyone but his friend simon and being haunted by Adrian and his parents constantly.

" please, just let me go" Ajax whispers in defeat, no emotion in his tone. He made himself numb to things around him. He didn't want to go back on his decision. Ajax looks up at Bradlee then at Sage pleadingly," it'll all be okay after tonight" Ajax whispers, more to himself than to them.

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Bradlee didn't want to scare or frighten him, but he couldn't just let him go. All the whispered comments and the echo of his emotionless voice told him the boy needed help. Just then he felt something wet seeping into his fingers and he looked down at the fresh scars that had opened on the boys wrist. He mentally cursed himself for not letting go the first chance he had when he saw a bit of blood. Immediately he dropped his hand before stopping. "No it won't be okay after tonight." He kept the desperation out of his voice- he needed to be the voice of reason, but he didn't know how. "Just tell us... It'll be okay, we won't hurt you." He murmured trying his best to make his voice sound soft and comforting.

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" you're lying" Ajax whispers fearfully, Hoping it wasn't true. He's been alone for so long that he just craved the attention and comfort of another person. He still didn't allow himself to trust anyone fully though. Ajax bites his plump lower lip and looks up at Bradlee through his long lashes. He didn't know what else to say. The man was a stranger yet Ajax felt like he could tell him anything. But he ignored that feeling and turned his head away, wiping away stray tears," I wanna go" Ajax tells him, a smile playing on his lip," fly" he whispers,looking up at Sage then Bradlee. They'll think he's a freak, then they'll leave him. He'd take those pill, numb himself and climb up to the roof of the asylum. He wouldn't jump, he'd already taken those pills, but he just wanted his death to take place under a Sky, not a dull gray roof. Ajax could practically taste death on his tongue as he imagined how the night would play out. He would finally be free to fly

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Sage watched all of this play out, glancing at Bradlee in concern. Would this be what his own life would be like if he didn't have his friend? Hell, he'd almost completely lost it in those months of silence that transpired between them. For days at a time he would shut down, but he still didn't give up on the possibility of Sully opening up to him again. And he was lucky for that. He wondered if the boy in front of them had anyone in his life other then the people he had previously claimed were real to the nurse.
"I'm not lying." Bradlee said softly, his voice barely more then a whisper.
He looked back down at him, reaching for his face to wipe away the tears when he turned away. The gesture was done out of instinct though before he continued. "You can't go. You just need to give us whatever you took- sleep it off. Everything will be fine." Saying the last part felt like a lie, but he also knew he was running out of words.

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" I never believed t-the first p-people who told me that, w-why should I-I believe y-you" he whimpers and leans toward Bradlee's touch, without really meaning to. Ajax's eyes widen and he pulls back, blushing deeply. Ajax hated that feeling. It was foreign to him and it made him all weird inside. Ajax pouts childishly and looks over at Sage, biting his lower lip," I'm just so tired" Ajax whispers weakly and leans toward Bradlee, not thinking he'd be able to lift his own light weight any longer. He only weighed 98 lbs but he was also really weak.

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Bradlee was was at a loss on how to answer his question, but felt slightly encouraged when the boy leaned into his touch. Maybe getting through to him wouldn't be such a difficult process. Sage tried his best to avoid eye contact, but every time the blue hairs boy glanced over at him their eyes seemed to meet. He took a step closer, his grip tightening slightly on the ice pack as he rested his other hand on Bradlee's back. "Why are you tired?" Sage asked hesitantly, biting his own lower lip hoping he wouldn't be asking one of those wrong questions as he'd done so earlier.

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Ajax let's out a soft laugh. Other people, probably those outside the asylum, would say he was possessed if they heard him laugh at something like this." It takes too much effort to wake up every day" Ajax whispers sadly and looks down at the ground, mainly at his torn up shoes. He need to ask the staff for new ones. Ajax plays with the hem of his giant jacket and he finally looks up, his head turning to the side. There were a few windows littering the hallway, but this was the only hallway with unlocked windows, mainly because it was on a lower floor. Ajax breathes in a deep breath of the winter air and he watches the partly cloudy sky. A little bit of weak sunlight shone in his eyes and he flinches back slightly

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Sage was able to relate about the bit he said about the effort it took to wake up every day. For a time he had felt the same. But now he was better. Or so he convinced himself. Truth was he was scared that Sully was going to leave him again, which was why a small sliver of himself couldn't help but to be glad they were set up in here. It wasn't like either of their blood relatives actually cared anyways. Bradlee let one hand fall to his side, still cradling the boys face with his other hand as he nodded. "But it'll get better. Eventually, not right away, but eventually." He spoke reassuringly, hoping his voice was a distraction enough as he reached into the pocket or his jacket and his fingers wrapped around the pills.

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" promise?" Ajax looks up at him with his bottom lip sticking out. He was almost as innocent et as a child at times. Ajax leans in toward Bradlee even closer until their chests were centimeters from touching. For two years, he's never been hugged, held, to used in any way that wasn't sexual. And it honestly felt nice. Even though these guys were strangers, yet he felt as if they may know eachother, genuinely. Everyone in here, in this place, they are all messed up in the head someway.

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"Pinky promise." He replied a bit of a playful tone in his voice. Easily he slid the pills away from the jacket before handing them discretely to Sage who pocketed them away. After that he felt his shoulders lose some of their tension and he wrapped an arm around him, unable to help but notice how small he was. The jacket made him look a bit bulkier, but his waist was absolutely tiny. Bradlee could probably wrap his arms around it twice if he tried.

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Ajax looks up at him, his eyes wide and he allows himself to smile faintly," I know it's not actually true but I can't help but believe you" Ajax whisper,so looking down. Ajax places his hands in his back pocket, checking if it was still there. He might need to use the pills later," y-you took it" Ajax whispers, tears springing into his eyes," give it back" he whimpers, his hands skimming over Bradlee's pockets as he looks for his pills.

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"You should believe me 'cause it will get better." Bradlee said, wishing that he would believe him, or at least pretend to in order to give him a piece of mind. He was vaguely aware of the fact the kids hands were sliding back into his pockets and then there was a sudden shift of his behavior that almost made him glad he had taken them. If he hadn't there was still the possibility of him saving them for later or he was just lying through his teeth moments ago and waiting for them to leave in hopes they'd forget. Either way there was no way that Bradlee or Sage would give them back. Seeing the tears in his eyes tugged at Bradlee's heart and he shook his head. "You don't need them. You'll be fine without them." He said, trying to hug him once more, but the action was wasted as he began to search his front pockets- clearly in a mess.

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Ajax whimpers and his shoulders sag in defeat," I'm so lost" he whimpers and rests his forehead on Bradlee's chest. " I don't know what to do anymore" he whispers, looking up at him before moving in closer to him once more. Ajax had his entire night planned out. But since that plan was broken, he was just like a lost puppy, abandoned in the world with no directions. Ajax turns his head and looks up at Sage," I-I...." He stutters, not knowing what to say," I wish Simon was here" he whispers to himself before looking up at Bradlee. These two were probably the only two people who were genuinely concerned about him and it warmed Ajax's hallowed heart. Ajax sniffs and bites his lower lip in contemplation," I-I'm Ajax" he whisper, hoping they wouldn't laugh at him for his weird name. It was a really old school name, a name after a Greek hero who committed suicide. He almost wanted to laugh at the mention of that.

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Sage abenstmindedly played around with the cap of the pills in his pocket. Briefly he wondered what kind the boy had grabbed and if they would be useful to him, but he couldn't think about that now. Bradlee looked down at the broken person in front of him before wrapping an arm around his waist. His grip wasn't secure, but it seemed like it was enough. "Nobody does." He admitted with a small shrug. It was true. Who could honestly say they had their life planned out and they eventually lived it with no regrets? Sage looked back at the boy, removing his hand from Bradlee's back. "Who's Simon?" He asked curiously, raising an eyebrow in question before timidly smiling. "Ajax. Nice name." As soon as Sage started talking he always seemed to have a problem shutting up. "This is Bradlee, we sometimes call him Sully though 'cause of that big blue guy from Monster's Inc. and I'm Sage." He noted with a short nod of his head before bringing the ice back up to the eye and wincing slightly at the contact.

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Ajax nods in acknowledgment and shrugs," he's my friend. He's no where here though" he mumbles in confusion. Ajax turns to Sage and frowns, stepping away from Bradlee to examine his bruise. Ajax stands on his tiptoes and lifts the ice pack away from Sage's eye, not asking him for permission. He pouts and tenderly touches the bruise, carful to not hurt him. Ajax has had many bruises, and some that have t even healed for months. They were still on his back, a mess of black and blue." Out a heating pad on your eye tomorrow, it'll go away faster" Ajax tells him before handing him the ice pack," you shouldn't get in fights in here. Some are more messed up than me" Ajax whispers to him, looking up at him through his lashes.

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"You mean he's not in the building?" Bradlee asked, wondering if this was one of the friends the nurse had previously been talking about. Sage's grip tightened on the ice pack when Anax tried to pull it away before he let go. He blushed in confusion, not liking to be looked at so closely. When the boys small fingers brushed against his eyes it almost took all of his ask constraint not to push him away forcefully. Despite that he relaxed more so when he stopped and handed the ice back. "Thanks... Never heard of that before." Still Sage wondered if it would work on his eye. "I've learned that the hard way." He said with a bitter laugh, but if he knew himself as good as Bradlee knew him then that meant it likely wasn't going to be his last fight.

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Ajax turns to Bradlee and shakes his head," he is, just not around" Ajax shrugs. Ajax bites his lip as he stares at Sage, blushing slightly," you're mean" he whispers a bit playful and pats the pockets of his jacket. He takes out a little swirl lollipop and extends it to Sage, his eyes wide with a certain childlike expression to it," here" he whispers, adding a little awkward smile. Ajax honestly wanted to get to know these guys. They might actually become his friends. Ajax almost laughed. He could t even picture it. Real friends... That he'll be able to hug..... It was like heaven.

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Did that mean he was dead? One of his imaginary friends? Bradlee shook his head raking his fingers as relief flooded through him. For now it looked like Ajax was fine and he laughed softly as Sage cutely scrunched up his nose before accepting the candy. When he first heard him say he was mean his free hand clenched into a fist and he was about to make a fast-regrettable reply before he spoke again. He took the candy before handing it off the Bradlee. Sweets really messed with his head sometimes and 'caused more of an irregular heart beat then he already had. Bradlee quickly unwrapped it before shoving it into his mouth. "Delicious," he said, giving his friend a playful wink before turning back to Ajax. "So, where are you off to now?"

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Ajax frowns slightly when Sage didn't accept the treat. He looks down and shrugs his shoulders a bit, hoping he wouldn't cry over this. Sometimes, Ajax hated how over sensitive he was over the littlest if things. Ajax turn to Bradlee and shrugs, unsure of himself," I-I don't' know.... I don't want to go back to my room" he whispers, a shiver going down his spine. He licks his plump lip and crosses his arms, somehow cold even though he was wearing a jacket. Ajax sniffs slightly as he looks at Sage, seeing doubles. Black dots cloud his vision and Ajax runs his eyes, taking in deep breathes. After Ajax was sure he was fine, he looks back up at them as if nothing was wring with him.mAjax hadn't had anything but a cup of apple juice for two day and he was feeling a bit weak.

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Bradlee noticed the grown the kid gave Sage and to save him from his feelings he quickly spoke. "Sugar isn't good for him." He told him, short and simple. He didn't want to say it messed with his his heart and all that- it was usually something Sage didn't like anyone to know. The only reason Bradlee knew was an incident got ninth grade PE classes. Sage looked down at him seeing his iris's expand before they returned to normal. Had he slipped something into his system without them realizing, or was he about to faint? He reached out a hand to steady him before he was stabilized. "Do you need to sit down?" He asked softly as he met his gaze.

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Ajax looks up as he hears Sage's voice and he shakes his head rapidly. " I'm fine" Ajax whispers. Before Sage would touch him, he reaches out and takes Sage's hand in his own. Chills ran down his spine and he looks over his shoulder hesitantly," I'm scared" he whispers to the two boys, his voice hoarse. He had a feeling someone was following him. He's had that feeling for days but it was more intense now.

Ajax walks closer to Sage and whimpers, hiding his face in Sage's chest," I think someone was following me" he mumbles, afraid to look behind him. But since the boys knew he sees people that don't exist, he hoped they wouldn't think he was delusional on thinking someone was stalking him.

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Sage glanced down at his hand in confusion before just letting it go- knowing if he pulled away that might just 'cause a negative reaction. Instead he just stood there awkwardly for a moment unsure he if he should lead Ajax over somewhere to sit. "Scared of what?" Sage murmured softly as his eyes caught with Bradlee's and the red head moved closer to rub the boys back. Sage looked back unsurely before shaking his head. "No one's following you now." He promised, pursing his lips slightly as he kept his hands awkwardly at his side.

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Ajax shrugs his shoulder,a still unsure. He didn't fully trust Bradlee's answer but he'd have to go along with it," c-can I-I go w-with you g-guys?" He asks them nervously, his stutter triggered. Ajax could t shake off that haunted feeling he had. He looks up at Bradlee and pouts his plump lips," please?" He whimpers, hoping Bradlee wouldn't make him leave. Ajax didn't want to be alone again, not after he found two actually decent guys rant didn't try to rape him or kill him with a fruit knife.

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"Sure..." Bradlee trailed off as he looked back at his friend. Their original plan had been to go back to their room and pig out on their stash of food there, but now that didn't look like that was going to happen. "We've got to go to the lunch room now... Hopefully they're still serving food." He said with a playful glare over at Sage. The other boy simply shrugged, though. "It wasn't my fault." Of course the fight was his fault, but he wouldn't admit to it now. Still he was hungry and he hoped they hadn't missed out on dinner. Either way they had tons of snacks in their dorm that they'd manage to hide away like little squirrels.

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Ajax nods hesitantly, not enjoying the fact that he was going into the cafeteria. Ajax hasn't been there ever since he came here so he clutches his tiny hand on Bradlee's sleeve and looks ahead, slightly scared. " okay" he whispers and shuffles slightly behind Bradlee.

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