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Sage raised an eyebrow when Ajax suddenly became solemn. He'd already seen afraid, confused and denial, but this was different, and not exactly something he enjoyed. Shrugging his shoulders he looked back over at his friend before continuing on over towards the lunch room. It wasn't his favorite place at all. In fact the food here kind of reminded him of the food he'd gotten from the cafeteria's at school. Of course those were free due to state rules and his aunt's lack of income- whereas here it went on his tab. Still the food was horrible and it was a rarity that he'd eat something. Luckily Sully's mother was an absolute saint and sent over home-baked goods and almost every other food you could name every week or so. That couples with the fact they were able to pull a few strings and get a mini-fridge and microwave in their room made the possibility of being here forever not such a bad thing. He knew his friend didn't see it that way and he wanted their names cleared right away, but nonetheless the asylum wasn't horrible. Humming softly he rolled his tongue over his lips, ignoring the hollow feeling inside of him when he once again realized his lip ring wasn't there. It was still another one of those things he had to adjust to. Realizing Bradlee was being slow he reached for his hand to drag him into the lunch room.

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Ajax bites his lower lip, slowly peeling the skin there until he was bleeding. He wasn't aware of it,of course, it was just a habit that he did all the time. Including biting his nails, pinching his skin, cracking his fingers and neck, all habits he did. Ajax wrings his hands nervously before clutching the hem of his shirt. He looks down as he walks, pulling out stray thread from his jacket and shirt. Ajax didn't want to eat but his stomach growled in protest. Ajax pouts and looks around, wanting to find something that might kill his appetite. A smelly trays can or a kind of food that he hated but then he spotted sushi rolls and Ajax let's out a groan. Such I was Ajax's weakness so his stomach grumbles louder. Ajax spotted a stack of greed apples and he remind himself to eat that and a bottle of zero calorie greet tea. Ajax skips a few steps as he tries to catch up with Bradlee and Sage. The cafeteria was filled and a bead of sweat rolls down Ajax's forehead. He runs up to Bradlee and clutches the back of his shirt in his tiny fist," don't leave... Please" he whispers to them and walks faster so he wouldn't get left behind again.

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Bradlee shrugs and allows himself to be tugged forwards at his friends insistence. For a moment he even forgot Ajax was following behind him until he felt something clutch at the back of his shirt. He smiled slightly down at the blue-haired boy before shaking his head. "We aren't going anywhere." He promised, reminding himself not to get used to being depended on. They'd likely never talk after this. Sage was the one who needed him, and he'd always be the supporter. "Sage is just impatient." He told him with a soft smile, taking Ajax's free hand in his own before leading him towards the line. Sully ordered for him and his friend before turning back. "What do you want Jax?" He asked with a raised eyebrow as he let go of his hand at the same time.

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" just an apple" Ajax chirps, his mood strangely cheerful. He was always cheerful when he planned things ahead. Ajax looks around the cafeteria. Deciding that he'd drink the tea later. After lunch, he'd go for a run around the field behind the asylum's building. It was a perfect plan, simple, yet it pleased Ajax. He just hoped it wouldn't rain, since he saw dark clouds outside.... Or thunder.... He hoped it didn't thunder. Ajax was dead terrified of thunder and loud noises like that. But if Abella was with him, she'd comfort him for the entire night. She wouldn't let him have another panic attack. Ajax shakes his head as he looks up at Bradlee, his thoughts were consuming him again. He must have been thinking for ten minutes straight. Ajax knew that he would sometimes appear like he was out if the world or something of the sort. It was all because of his thoughts. They would sidetrack him and he'd go from one idea to another, one memory to another. He sometimes finds himself laying in his bed, thinking then he'd blink and realize he missed breakfast and lunch and the sun would have already set. Ajax let's out a noise of frustration and he scowls at the floor. He was doing it again.n

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Bradlee found the sudden shift in his mood a bit frightening. He had to remind himself it was only moments ago that he'd been freaking out about voices and handing over the pills. Had he slipped something while they weren't looking? His eyes fell down toward Sage's pocket where he could see his friend playing with something. Rolling his eyes he knew he would later have to confiscate them from him as well. They went for the sandwiches, knowing they were probably the only safe bet on the menu... and even that was questionable. He also order an apple, before deciding he needed more then that so he got Ajax a sandwich as well. Turning back to him he raised an eyebrow at the frustrated noise. "You okay?" He asked as Sage nudged them in the direction of one of the tables towards the corner.

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" peachy" Ajax replies with a whisper, the same adjective he used the first time Bradlee asked him if he was okay. People seemed to do that a lot, always asking him if he was fine. he clearly was not, which just wasted their breathes. Ajax shrugs and picks up the third sandwich, placing it back on the counter. He silently takes the apple and takes a bite. He also grabs Sage's hand and walks toward an empty table near the window, the one that Sage pointed to. He found it better that he'd move and eat, burn the calories as he'd go. Ajax silently sits down and looks toward the window, his mood shifting again, he was aware of the consequences of not taking his medicine for so long. He'd have trouble sleeping, he'd be paranoid, he'd have dangerous shifts in his mood. But Ajax just had to ignore that nagging feeling that he was doing something wrong by not taking the pills. Because he wasn't, he was actually helping himself.

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"Just peachy." Bradlee muttered under his breath, his voice low enough that Ajax wasn't able to hear. He frowned as he saw him place the sandwich back down on the counter. Instead of calling him out on it he just grabbed it along with the rest of his own food and he followed over towards the corner table. Sage tenses slightly when he feels to boys smaller hand in his. It feels foreign, not at all like Sully's rough callused hands. Of course his first instinct is to pull away, but instead he remains ridged for a few moments before he begins to make himself relax. Before sitting down he set his stuff down and awkwardly let go of his hand. Bradlee sat across from him, brushing his knee against Sage's before he began eating it what could be considered silence.

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" what exactly are you two doing here?" Ajax asks them quietly, his head down. He didn't want to ask them a question as personal as this one, suspecting it might raise some unwanted emotions. Ajax learned that the hard way. Ajax was next to Sage, across from Bradlee. He keeps his gaze toward the window, looking through the lines outside the glass. It appeared to be bulletproof. Figures...Ajax shrugs and mentally reminds himself that he needs to eat, he doesn't want to get hooked up to an IV again and forced to eat. He takes another bites, chews twenty times, swallows, count to five, bites, chew, swallow, then repeat it all. He was done through half the apple already.

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"Just serving our time for a few dead bodies we were collecting in our basement." Bradlee started with a half grin that could only be considered teasing. Nevertheless Sage kicked him in the shins before shaking his head. "We were just... we were just framed." It was odd for him to think when he asked someone else the question he'd gotten into a fist fight, but when Ajax asked they were just letting it slide. Perhaps his temper wasn't as bad as everyone thought. Idly he poked at his sandwich before making a face at Bradlee. This did not look like a quality lunch. Hell the only nutrients it had was in its lettuce, and that could barely count as anything. He'd wait for them to go back to the dorm and veg out on food that he could actually appreciate.
Bradlee had no such qualms though as he took a bite from his sandwich. It was also at that same exact time that he noticed a pattern in the way the blue-haired boy was eating.

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Ajax repeats the pattern of his usual eating style until he was finished with the entire apple. He looks around the room until he find a trash can near him, which was a few tables away. He tries to basket into the trash can but pouts when he doesn't make it. Ajax huffs once he sits back down and scowls at himself for missing that. It was pathetic and he hated how he was unskilled at everything. Ajax pulls his knees up and hugs them to his chest. He paid no mind to what Bradlee said, everyone was in here for a reason. He looks up at Sage and bites his lower lip," why?" He asks quietly. Ajax was like a curious toddler, questioning sometimes got him a few slaps and hard kicks from Adrian

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"None of your business why." Sage said with a short-lived growl. Okay, scratch what he was thinking earlier. Clearly he was still on edge. With his disorder it was hard to tell what he'd be like one second compared to the next. But he soon relaxed before spotting the extra sandwich. "Here, why don't you eat this. Has to be better then that apple." The lie fell from Sage's lips easily before he continued. "And it will fill you up just a bit more." He added with a small smile. Ajax was so tiny. Sage was rather on the small side himself, but nothing compared to the boy sitting next to him.

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Ajax flinches, unaware of the outburst and surprised by it. He shouldn't have been though, Ajax has had the vibe that Sage was the mysterious type of guy, almost like batman. Even the thought if batman couldn't comfort him now. Ajax whimpers and looks down," I'm sorry" he whispers, he hated when people would get mad at him. He hated it when people would raise their voices at him. It just reminded him of Adrian and the thought of him Made Ajax shudder. Ajax didn't me at to anger or upset Sage, he was just curious. He clearly shouldn't have pried in on Sage's personal life. Ajax looks down sadly and shakes his head at Sage's offer," no thanks" he mutters weakly.

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Bradlee just shook his head at his friend as he ate his sandwich quietly. Seeing Ajax curl into himself he frowned before dragging his seat over to their side of the table and resting his arm across the back of Ajax's chair. "Why don't you want to eat the sandwich?" He asked, doing his own personal best not to pry. While he could certainly be nosey at the worst of times, he wanted to return to a neutral level of peace.

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" I'm full" Ajax whispers quietly, looking down at the floor, The boys were on either side of him now so he had no choice but to look down. It wasn't true at all, of course. He was starving. But he didn't want to eat, especially the cafeteria food, that is probably all given steroids to grow. Ajax looks up at Sage and bites his lips in nervousness," I-I'm s-sorry, Sage, I-I d-d-did it meant a-angering you" he tells him quietly, not having the nervy to talk anymore. Great, his stutter was back. Ajax scowls at the floor, angry at himself yet again. If only he still had the pills.

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